Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I really wanna play BnS

There are many asian versions why not be specific? There is Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese.There is no south east asian version.Blade and Soul will be free to play with no IP plock except for Russia Blade & Soul Gold (CIS region). The game will go live on January 19th 2016.

You will have only two options. This is to play on the NA server or the EU sever. There is no plan at this stage to host a local server in your region. You will play with high latency, which makes it basically unplayable.  Its not worth gambling through transmutation to get a rare perm costume unless youre loaded with gold. Better off to buy costumes off from cash shop lol. how's the cash shop gonna be? Should we be worried? Does anyone know if there are game breaking features in the cash Shop/Premium sub?

On 19 jan the game gonna be free for all or its gonna be p2p ?& BNS Gold; I only want to know 1 thing , what will be the price of VIP for 30 days .  Probably $15 or so like most subscriptions. I might be wrong though.  Good evening B&S , to ask a question, when we opened the servers, will be free?  Hello Blade & Soul team. this is off topic but i did write on beta forums without any reply. Everytime i try download the client directly from the site or via email link it keeps telling me server not found. I had to remove launcher from computer as it kept failing to update. Been like this for about 3 weeks now. 

Hi i need upgrade my founder but website getting error always ?  excuse this game is free or how mucho i need to pay for play the wonderfull videogame.  I really wanna play BnS... ive watched plenty videos from youtube.. and this game rocks! hmm.... I have a question.. im from the phillipines.. can i download this game on january 19? is it free? (sorry for my english)  Is this game still not out yet? Lol going to be out dated by the time we get it.. play for a month then something better will come out. How long has this game been out for in the east? 4 years ?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

the launch of Heavensward was lackluster

I am not asking for the gear. If you actually took the time to understand the initial post and not think that every guy is on some gender-biased rampage, you would actually understand that what I'm saying is that there are plenty of gaping issues in the game that should be addressed. It would be a better use of development cheap Blade & Soul Gold and engineering hours to focus on those issues than to implement faulty new content.

I'm asking for a meaningful journey in the game and not rushed grind-fests (e.g., lights, mahatmas). And yes, I have two zetas. But again, I'm more concerned with thoughtful and engaging content and remedied issues.

I guess me telling you to reread my original post is also misogynistic...but when your initial comment to me is "how many dungeons do you need...for shits and giggles," I'm not quite sure that is completely polite and well-mannered. I treat people with respect when they've demonstrated it. You have not done so, pumpkin. I'm very FFXIV Gil proud of your i209. Maybe you should do some engaging content like savage or thordan, I'd be bored to death too if I was only restricted to daily roulette for eso farming.

I did not miss what you first posted. Your tone remains condescending. You will still be referred to as "pumpkin."

You're still missing the point. The request is for thoughtful and meaningful content. I did not mention easy. There are plenty of ways to make this content. I'm complaining because the patch that could have made a big impact on the state of the game from the launch of Heavensward was lackluster. You don't know me to where you can say what I will or will not think, so your argument is invalid.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

everyone will buy the founder pack

I fee like I'm throwing a message into the wind, but EU date? LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!!! CANT WAIT! Been playing the Jap version for over a year lol Don't whatever you do NCwest and keep level 50, warlock and the new KFM/FM hybrid class from us for longer than a month or 2... Korea is getting their 9th class in December!  Blade and Soul Gold Already have long waiting,I can not believe.

CANT FCKING WAIT!! I was unlucky couldnt get any keys cause of the capital controls in my country.. so I am forced to w8 till then.  I think everyone that buy the founder pack get to play early in December 2015 And open for everyone in 2016 make a big profit right there because everyone will buy the founder pack.  the CBT schedule goes till December 21st and they won't change it, so it's not possible to make the Head Start before that. Head start in December 2015 lol everyone will buy the founder pack. I think people's that buy founder pack should have One character to bring over. When the game releases. Kids would be like mommy is Christmas can Blade and Soul Buy Gold you pay is for me to become a platinum member . Parents willing to give money to children on Christmas.

No, released in December please December is day everyone have money!! To spend and kids out of school I am a business man so I know what I am talking about. is that lvl 45 max what i can reach ? if it's true what is make it different from special servers ? and what about Bsh & Po Dungeons ?  is it possible to add lvl 50 on the next update ? My cbt char have warlock weapon (drop weapon box). Well! When relase this class? how big is this game when you download it? So if the official launch is the 19th does that mean Head start is at the 16th? WHOOO HOOOO cant wait for it to go live, This is a fun and great game 3 years of waiting.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

EA is American company

EA know nothing about " football "! EA is American company so you expected to do the right thing about football? Actually usain bolt can run at speeds up to 45km an hour. Mesut Ozil the most clever midfielder in d world... Eriksen has more skill in his left foot than Ozil has in both put together... You gotta point actual what club were you buy Aion Kinah thinking?? How does it feel to be Tottenham? How does it feel to be small??! .sold rvp. Sold henry. Sold viera. Sold pieres. Sold fabregas. Sold nasri. Sold Cole... arsenal is a red spurs. N still spurs couldnt manage to finish higher than arsenal Aion Gold in last 20 years ! Yea, it's funny that bad spurs were out playing arsenal today..

Özil Will give THE assists and Sánchez will score THE goals. Eriksen will give THE assists and Bale will score THE goals uhm I mean Kane. Mistake. I think if Eriksen played for a better club his stats would be better. Arsenal have better players around Ozil to help him thrive. The numbers don't lie, just the bars... People need to read what it says it doesn't say who's a better player it says who has the biggest impact eriksen has the biggest impact because Ozil has a lot more greater players playing around him, for Tottenham there's only 2 worth mentioning eriksen and Kane so eriksen has the biggest impact.

If anyone with an IQ over 90 watched the game yesterday they'd easily agree that eriksen is a better footballer overall. Ozil is lazy off the ball and eriksen makes better space to receive passes and his distribution yesterday was world class! Ozil seems to play well only when sanchez and cazorla perform...yesterday sanchez and cazorla were awful so ozil was too... Unfair comparison. You should put up Ozil vs Eriksen/Lamela/Chadli/Dembele/Vertonghen/Defoe/Lennon/Kanoute/Ferdinand/Sheringham. Then it would at least be close.

Friday, November 6, 2015

FFXIV should stay it's own separate universe

Monks are meant to have fist like weapons...not glorified sharp weapons like a rogue...I felt like I was a ninja or something just not as stealthy...also cmon...that monk gear is terrible...monks get jibbed on how their gear looks.  lol my monk friend always shows off her clawed hands and I said "Enough kidding around with your gardening forks!" Ahh I really want to return, but it's been so I long the end game crowd will destroy me with my lack of prep. A full set of upgraded Law armor would get you into anything coming in 3.1 that isn't the new Minstrel's Ballad, and there's no cap on how much Law or Centurio Seals you can earn weekly. Cheap FFXIV Gil Normal Alex's weekly lockout will be removed with 3.1 too, making it even easier to gear up. I'd thought about just leveling one of my side jobs, or one of the newer ones, to get the swing of things again but even that seemed daunting from what I remember of the old environment.

David Kenyon Oh, really? They're removing CasuAlexander's loot restriction? Hmm. I suppose it'll be neat that alts can now choose between that and Void Ark for gearing up alts. Nicholas LaPrade How old are you talking are we talking about here? The leveling from 50-60 can easily be done in no time and with 3.1 the'll be making more and easier ways to gain EXP for 50+ content.

Do it xD people dont care as long as you tell em that youre still catching up Need to combine Vana'diel and Eorzea into the world. I would love to see what Vana'diel would look like in Eorzea's time frame, learn the lore of what happen between those times.
Maybe Jeuno is a big crater, Windy over ran by wildlife. Bastok in dusty ruins. Sandy would be the new Jeuno. Valkum Dunes turns into a resort. No thanks. We already get icons and characters from the other games mentioned, and outright showing up Buy FFXIV Gil in some curious sense of fanservice. FFXIV should stay it's own separate universe from the other games, as they all generally do. I am talking about a separate land, not icons and characters. It could double or even triple the size of the game. They have the blueprint of Vana'diel, why not use it?
Besides, if FFXIV was it's own game, then they should have made different races instead of changing the name of their races.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Just downloaded FFXIV for PS4

Don't waste your time with this stupid game. Good luck with your job and enjoy life ! Oh look, no new hairstyles for miquote... Again. Come on guys! Hmmm do you think that the mog station will sell this years halloween stuff for less than the sub? Goodbye world. Gotta start grinding esos for the Void Ark... Hi, i need some serious support. I don't have the token i used to, now i can't log into my account and deactivate or unlink my token, nor can i get the PlayOnline iD you request for asking for chat support. I'm a paying customer that needs support! Please help!

Took way too long to release. The amount of content released with 3.0 wasn't enough. buy Aion Kinah. repeated the same content over, and over,and over.
Shows how starved people are for content when everyone did the Halloween quest. They took a break because a tiny team had just pushed out a major expansion. They'll return to more frequent patches now. Do we have to buy this like Heavensward?  I got that unicorn but i saw the flying pegasus... I guess no one know yet? Maybe some of us alrdy read on blog somewhere about the release... Damn, any mention of when it's out? The hype is real. Oh damn was so into the trailer didn't even look at the post lol

Hey. Just downloaded FFXIV for PS4. But its stuck on a white screen. Anyone know what to do?  Now i have to buy heavensward and fo4 Also, what happened to the hairstyle that won the competition? Aion Gold Looks pretty cool. Though I thought there were 2 new raids not 1.

not impressed with the minion battle...frown emoticon actually im very disapointed from what i saw... i was really hoping it could of been on a simuler par to wow'w pet battles, that was enjoyable  , Why are people talking about Fallout 4 when it looks like it's a game that should have been released six years ago? Because it's the first Fallout game since 2010 (2008 if you count 3 instead of New Vegas) New Vegas wasn't a game, it was an expansion.Damnit square you alreday have my money so... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY SOUL.  Minstrels ballads is looking like my new favorite fight. Hoping from the scenes if the exploratory missions it insinuates that other mounts will be flyable in hw areas.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

buy houses and decorate final fantasy xiv

 I played FFXI for years, it made a huge impact on my life and I love it. FFXIV is a great game, it just isn't FFXI in any shape or form, especially not in the ways that made us love FFXI. Don't go into it expecting that it will be and I think you'll like it! Think I'm going to give it a whirl. I'm off work for 4 months this winter Buy FFXIV Gil . So... be able to put some crazy hours in.

Drops are just random..ugh lol and ninja is a dps on this game while war tank and they can do some good dps also. Oh and you can buy houses and decorate them and have exp buffs for jobs or craft jobs and other buffs you can buy with free company points also you mostly spend you Gil on teleporting most of the time ,I rarely bought gear unless it's was better than dungeon drop and I wanted to meld stuff to it but most of the time I just used dungeon gear from 15-50 anyways lol I had upgraded gear from 50-56ish so I never used gear from those dungeons but they still good just requires farming dungeons but least u get exp along the way lol oh and blm it's very fun might be disappointed of blm because is nothing like 11 blm..I miss 11 blm but after awhile I end up loving it lol. I can keep going xD but rather you give it a try and see for yourself FFXIV Gils.

adam don't listen to any of these players, they are not hardcore players of FF14, The game is amazing, with an amazing story, nothing compared to FFXI though, it's just a great mmo overall, grasps you in the Final fantasy experience.. How do you know if anyone is hard core player Joe Beltran lol plus no one is bashing the game at all...just telling the truth and stuff about the game. Also i done everything in game except for some of the savage fight on bahamuth coils cause saw it useless just for a title and showing other than that everything is not as bad I'll say T9 was hard cause need good group cordination but after many wipes you learn the fight that is if you didn't watched a video.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

FIFA 16 in Android right now India 22 September

I went to play store haven't seen any new version, when will Fifa new version appears. Whoever tells me I will tell how to increase coins or else...nothing.Game releases tomorrow FIFA 16 PC Coins , September 22nd in North America, 24th in Europe. By the way I don't care about coins because I play on career mode! Can't we play FIFA 15 anymore? Can you tell me ,why it send me play store ???my version already updated. yub me to update reguired. Don't worry bro it will get updated to fifa 16. I wanna know... I think tommorow. Where's cristian eriksen?! He doesn't get upgrade ... FIFA 16 in Android right now India 22 September why not game launch. Got hakan on 15, 80 ovr and 93 fk acc. Best penalty taker in history? Matt le tissier missed 1 in his career, rickie lambert has missed 0 in his career.

The best penalty taker In history .Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo: also known as penaldo by Messi fan boys. It's to easy to buy FIFA 16 coins be topscorer when you score many goals on penalty. But look at Messi. Missed one as soon as yesterday. Not the best FK taker, just the best footballer. Nah even we know he's not. Ronaldo has better positioning and is a more clinical finisher than Messi. Messi is a better dribbler and chance creator. EA access on XB1. I don't know man ...... I just bought it for 3 dollars ....

Hernanes of juve should be top 10. Fix fifa 15 android you EA bitches! 😬. Yeah but I wanna play FIFA 15. I can't take my players to FIFA 16. Buy FIFA 16 Global! Great price! Pre-order! Getadditional 5% discount using the coupon: HIVE. FIFA 16 is the worst... The server is very weak, I lost 5 matches due to unable to connect to ea server, the game keep disconnecting while playing online, im very frustrated.. in my country the seller will not wait for the official release day to sell it, i got it yesterday. Dude, ok, the servers are always lame but the official release hasn't gone out yet. Lets expect it to be better on the 22th, not before that. Are you sure your internet connection just isn't bad?  No Alex Marshall the connection is very good, maybe like Daniel Rigotti said after the official release it will be better. Because u dnt have it . Not out yet. Maybe ur just playing tge demo .. When fifa 16 come in android? Plz replied my comment. Lies on 24th sometimes due delays.  ronaldo and messi have both scored 8 goals from penalties yet messi took 3 more...
but ppl "messi fans" call ronaldo penaldo.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aion Punishing Earth spell for cleric

By the way there's a problem with Punishing Earth spell for cleric, it makes the game crash. I don't know if anyone has posted this already. It might be the blur effects or something I'm not sure. If u want to play for free only don't want to donate just a little for aion to build the game for us......go play at lol. Jeez ya grumpy people. Don't post at all if you're just gonna whine. I know you are but what am I? *slapity slap slap*. Clearly says write a comment. Positive or negative, does it bother you Aion eu Kinah ?

I really liked the Abyss because you can fly in it but at higher lvl there's nothing to do in the abyss only an instance. I think it would be cool if there was an island of lvl65 mobs at least so there's something to do in the abyss for 65s. When 4.9 goes live, there will be several changes to the abyss. Upper areas will have lvl 65 mobs and fortresses, and Divine and Asteria will be "destroyed", thus rendering them inaccessible. As to when 4.9 comes to NA, dates are still uncertain. a question.

This game has potential but NCstupid doesn't listen one bit. I think the Aion Kr is good, but NCNA is a soon of... John Hockett the page doesn't exsist and if there are people playing it like me then it will be always up and running.I heard the same for WoW and it is still going. The page linked does exist. #2 WoW is still in a pay to play model AND developed in a way that doesn't require 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to get end game gear. Just because they have some players Aion Kinah doesn't mean they have enough to pay the server bills. Aion NA will close, mark my words. Just don't know when, but I would bet sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Heavensward release

Still no point crying about it to be honest. would you rather they fixed thing's or just leave the game and patch's buggy. because guaranteed you would cry about that as well as i said it is a few hours if that and. come on you are bound to have more to do in your life for that few hours downtime  FFXIV gil . it's the fking summer holidays for Christs sake. they do all worlds maintenance so everybody gets back on at same time. why would they turn the servers off for one half and not the other when they could do everything they need to in 1 go.

This game is very good about maintenance and fixes. Heavensward release had hardly any issues, was amazing. Some people can't be pleased. Can we make the new EX Primal's Dungeon Finder compatible yet? like wtf? that wont happen untill we get another primal. thats how it works cheap FFXIV gil. well you never know they may do it in the big patch that will be due in about another month or 2.  Agree its stupid just put it in duty finder noone likes getting in party's in pf.extremes have never been put in the duty finder less than a month after they came out.

 Friends don't let friends Duty Finder raid content. I have a FC and a medium house. Only have 5 members. Most people already have an FC they are with. I wouldn't even want to attempt ravex with random DFs. You may need it for relic quest if the first relic quest is any hint at what this will be like. So yes, soon it'll soon have df.

 You must be a masochist if you wanna do Ravana EX in DF.  you really want to do these primals with a bunch of random people who dont care about each other? Even if you get a bunch of randoms in PF its better than DF....  I do my server pfg suck I have better odds are n df the pfg.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

EOS Whispering Dawn

Okay so I'm curious what everyone thinks. I've been given some hateful feedback about using Eos, but in all honesty I don't see anything wrong with using her. Her Whispering Dawn and Fey Illumination have helped out on numerous occasions and her Fey Covenant has saved my party's ass before I get that Selene can increase spell speed and skill speed, but if the dps buy FFXIV Gil need help then there is something wrong there. So tell me why it's bad to use her?

Eos is mainly for heavy healing parts of the fight. (adds of T11 &12, T13 while learning it) Selene helps push the phases with the speed boosts. Which helps out with less healing in pushing phases. Less healing is more MP. But when I see a sch use Eos, I only complain to myself and let them play their way. Cause I am only a black mage(Selene + Fey Glow= Love). I'll let people who actually play their job help others out. As long as people aren't dying you are doing your job.

If you're not comfortable using Selene then use Eos, however if your co-healer isn't too bad or you have confidence solo healing in dungeons she's a bit 'meh'. It's not that her skills aren't good but Eos isn't exactly FFXIV Gil helpful unless you are directly controlling her or the party is taking a shite load of damage. For example if i'm healing with a white mage i'm always going to use Selene. Eos's skills have a 2 minute CD and they don't stack together either. Her Whispering Dawn is only 1 minute long, however if it's popped at the wrong time it can be really annoying for tanks as it's the equivilent of a Medica II. I don't know your ilvl or your experience in the game so I can't judge it but unless your co-healer is really bad or you're in a low level (Selene's skills are useless unless your party is full casters til about 40, that spell speed buff isn't gonna do shit for a low level anyway) Eos isn't really going to help you. If you have double SCH, one of you has to use Eos or should rather because their buffs do not stack. Otherwise you should just use Selene most of the time to help the party kill things quicker.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

lowest DPS and OT on cannons

 I just want to see the CE pre-order on the PSN. That's the challenge I'm looking for.

probably wont see that til early june probably more likely a week b4 early access starts lol sony charges fees to have games on preorder longer its in the shop more fees SE has to pay lmao buy FFXIV Gil . Ravana should be interesting. FFXIV gil I want to see the Magus Sisters ingame next please! Steps ex would just be like it was before the last update considering how much it was nerfed probably lol.

 It's wasnt that hard if u were in a group who knew what to do.  It wasn't that hard if YOU knew what to do. Got tired of failing, went into one and told the group what to do. 95% fail the first time, breeze the second time finishing FFXIV Gil . Hint: lowest DPS and OT on cannons, only idiots put healer on a cannon. I went in with a raidgroup from my FC n they knew what to do ! So we wipe 1-2 times n than we killed it ! And bcs of the wipes wasnt bcs of any dps n stuff it was about the snares  we didnt use them in time so she dodge the attack from the tower.
Steps of faith ex = they'll take away the sides from The bridge, twintania randomly comes in to divebomb and suddenly rafflesia will spawn doing blighted bouquet x') without echo or the nerfs tongue emoticon to many would complain tho just look at latest nerfs for easy steps of faith P.

I dont want Echo in Fcob either !! buy FFXIV gil It should be hard thats why we have coils. My group beat steps by keeping 1 healer and both tanks at the very beginning. Dps just drained down the boss and the dragon killers for biggest damage. Didn't even need the cannons. Well i beat it the firdt Day it came out n we didnt know how to do it either than with the mechanics who are !

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

DFO gold trading

Why don't you guys just make only awakened classes can use ah so we don't have this time restriction any class that is awakened can freely use the ah but those that are not awakened will get some error message.

Pepi Oranski There are better methods that would leave the AH open but still prevent botting/gold buying. One problem with limiting the AH is limiting the money people can make which could potentially lead to someoen resorting to gold buying. There simply needs to be a better solution.  You guys are easily my favorite gaming company thus far.
You interact and take suggestions from your players.
You take drastic actions when needed.

The materials is the best part of this. That's 80% of the reason I ever came to the AH. The problem with what you guys are doing si you're trying to STOP DFO Gold sellers. Unfortunately, people are too greedy and manipulative. Every MMO I've been on with any kind of commerce or gold trading has ALWAYS had cheap DFO Gold sellers. Don't let them be the focus of your game. It's ok to slow them down but don't change your entire game just to focus on the group of negative people. Remember, your game won't be successful without a stream of new players along with the loyal fans.

 That's why I sent some suggestions to them including setting/capping prices for tiems based on the Korean version; I figure such a thing would stifle goldbots, help remove the need to buy gold, and not drive players off. Most people playing the market game don't know how bad their prices look towards the average player who either don't know or don't care to play the market.

Monday, May 4, 2015

FP battery/Growing FP

It wasn't improved though, it was here from the start.  Early nexon period didn't have it, I'm pretty sure. Let's just say it's less of a hassle than I remember . FP battery/Growing FP was a S3 addition, thus DFO Gold not in old DFO.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck and incompetence from Nexon America caused DFO’s potential lifespan to shorten. The only thing they missed are that your command keys as well as your skills are fully customizable. That's pretty important, and it's one of my favorite things about this game. It can be made to fit everyone's chosen playstyle.

 When will we get buy DFO Gold our next month AVAS!!! Mine expired. The game is amazing and everything but the FP system is a big turn off.. Lots of my friends exited the game cause they played for 30m and then they couldnt play until next day.. I´m not saying u guys should take it off but atleast make way more fp points avaible.

Monday, April 27, 2015

FFXIV DirectX 11

Idc what se says, ps4 does not look like pc on max settings. My pc is currently down so playing on ps4 atm and while ps4 does look very good its a little short in the AA shadow quality FFXIV gil  and draw distance.  The PC and PS4 are same quality on max. There have been tests to show it, and the FFXIV team themselves said it. I have seen the game on both with max settings. If your PS4 version looks worse, then it's your TV, so not everyone will get the same quality. Some HDTVs only go to 1080i, while FFXIV supports 1080p. There are other differences too from TV to TV, like your settings. The only thing better about the PC version currently is faster load times when entering duties, zones, etc. But with DirectX 11, the PC version will be graphically superior to PS4.

Did anyone else see the furby's around 4min mark, can't wait to kill them. Dang i wanna see that, stuck at work doe qq.  Foam exists in mouths of crazy people when excitement levels exceed maximum heights. I may be crazy right now...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

DFO weight system

I shall confess, in the previous era, I have considered a hacking tool to make weight meaningless so I can acquire the 10s of thousands of cokes someone sent. Alas, no program alone could help and the program found DFO Gold
did many things.

Not sure if it did what I wanted so decided not to bother with it and the mail with them cokes were on the verge of expiring. In the end, found a way and even used the repurchase feature as well. Good thing the character doesn't wear plate armor.

I'll never understand why this game even has a weight system, especially for a chest. You'd think it would fall through the floor which incase would require proper flooring. Especially considering dungeon fighters are very strong like a little girl (battle mage)cheap FFXIV gil flipping the Mecha Tau...

You guys might want to consider selecting the amount you want to take out of mail in the future to prevent this from happening and even wealthy folks from abusing this by clogging up the mail with bulk items and restore practice mode for dungeons...

Monday, April 20, 2015

collector's edition digital download for ps4

pld+war seems likely combo but best get all job lv30, which isn't that hard to do.& FFXIV Gil; Its a stand alone job... You'll be able to cross class skills but don't have to have another tank to get it. I'll come back for this get bored then wait for next best expansion.

Any info on how to pre order the collector's edition digital download for ps4? Cause it's not in the list of available pre orders!
Really want the flying mount! How about when it's a Triple Triad tournament you have a duty based player finder so you can't buy FFXIV Gil get declined constantly for not having faced anyone yet. How can you have more wins if no-one plays you?

Maybe I'm just missing it but I don't see any "details on the new jobs" just the same screenshots and a wall of text. I was hoping for a few actual job abilities to be listed not the same info but with updated visuals. Hopefully the expansion is more than that too.

You can make things look as pretty as you want but don't forget why XIV 1.0 failed so hard. Gameplay > Graphics

Sunday, April 12, 2015

open world dungeon

I don't think they will, cuz in order to get access to early access you need to buy FFXIV Gil it from the SE website.

Correct me if I'm wrong, btw.  You are wrong, as long as you PRE-ORDER FFXIV, you will get the early access code.saw people saying the heavensward expansion well have a bunch of places similar to open world dungeons or castles caves that kinda places to explore and quest anyone can confirm that? pretty much only thing missing for it to be a perfect game in my opinion。

Any chance you could make some 2560x1600 desktop wallpapers?  Booo! fix the mogstastion payment glitches! should update some of the older phone wallpapers to include sizes for the iphone 6!

 Hey, I just wanted to let you know to buy FFXIV Gil that I operate the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Official Ultros Server & people have been wondering our exact website address and since we don't have one I've been directing them to your website as I've been using it for a long time!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I don't mind the Fatigue Point system

I don't mind the Fatigue Point system. and I will buy avatars for DFO Gold every character i have to support your company. But can you guys keep the reset skill system? It's so nice, Since i can try new build every day. Anyone agree? Love that you are keeping the Fatigue System it stable the whole ingame economy out buy DFO Gold . It been so long since I have seen fair prices in the Auction house. I bought a +12 Level 50 Short Sword for 5 mil in Auction back when the old Dungeon Fighter Online was around +12 runs in the 20mil-30mil range. I bought Pink equipment and accessories set only spending 2mil life is good game is great keep up the good work.

 Personally I enjoy the FP system because it's easier than BP to burn off.  As if Blitz was the only other choice, they're doing a global publishing project so the least they could do is have a system that caters to the audience they're directing themselves at.

Not only that but you never needed to burn BP. If you miss out a day of playing with BP then you could still make up for that the next day, the same can't be said for FP where it's literally an obligation.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

FP is part of the DFO

FP is part of the DFO. Playing the game means accepting the game, all of it. You can't just pick and choose. You don't like FP? Then don't play. And if someone doesn't want to make an alt and be handicapped, its their own goddamn problem DFO Gold, you shouldn't force them to play in a certain way.

But it's not forcing them to play. They're eventually going to get frustrated and quit anyway. Complaining about the system doesn't do anything when buy DFO Gold there are so many ways to work around it. Rusty thats a shitty argument. I don't have to accept all of it. The game is not perfect and i wont treat it as such. If I have a problem then I will voice it. If you dont like it, then get off my comment.

Only ways I've seen are make more characters or quit. But you still aren't getting it. I should not be forced or told how I should play or how long by anyone but myself.

 For someone like me who works two jobs, it's actually a better system anyhow. I can exhaust my character and play them the next day. I wouldn't change a thing Mr. Lee, you and your team are doing a fantastic job.

Monday, April 6, 2015

XignCode recognizes as a potential threat

How do we get back our aplha based characters from our facebook accounts. i tried to link it to my facebook account and i still had to make one to play but it didn't pick up my old info from the alpha testing?

I use a Logitech USB controller when I play and I have no problems whatsoever. So is the only thing hardcore about hardcore mode that they start at level 1?? Like is that all that is? Hardcore mode characters start at level 1? Don't ALL characters start at level 1? Hardcore start at level 1 and get half exp.

My controllers work natively. I physically couldn't get joy2key or xpadder to work personally.  How Solve Error code 0xE019100B?

Error code 0xE019100B:
This error message can occur when there is another program running on your system that XignCode recognizes as a potential threat. These can be cheap DFO Gold virtual drive programs like Daemon Tools, but also browser extensions and toolbars. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exhaustive list of all programs that can cause this issue.

Users who experience this issue should try to close any programs (in the case of browser extensions, try closing your browser) that might be interfering with XignCode.

It is also possible that running the Dungeon Fighter Launcher DFO Gold/ Executable as administrator will resolve the issue.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

good Dragon Quest

 Is this the part where i ask people to throw money at Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires so DW Heroes can be on Steam?   I'll just import the PS3 version. Too bad you don't want to buy cheap FFXIV Gil build upon fan bases that already own previous gen consoles that you've unreleased titles for.... While we may not be getting the PS3 Version, at least this is a start. Thank you all the same, Square Enix.

 I had my doubts at first when I heard it would be made with Dynasty Warrior in mind, but after watching plenty of streams on Twitch and UStream, it does feel like a good Dragon Quest spinoff FFXIV Gil. I will get it, however I do hope that you will bring us Dragon Quest 7 3DS one day or at least put the old version "Dragon Warrior 7" on PSN someday. I'm pretty sure a lot of fans would agree with me that the PSone version deserves its spot in the classics section of the Sony Entertainment Network. Good afternoon guys, my question is , already has release date in North America? Pardon me Square Enix but why is there no PS3 version release of Dragon Quest Heroes can you tell me a very honest truth about it.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Heavensward and FFXIV

Letter from the Producer LIVE XX takes place on April 11! Submit your questions about Heavensward and FFXIV!  an we start with why the collectors edition is $129 or £129!!! $1 does not equal £1!!! I'm a huge fan but I feel so very ripped off.

Hahaha thats like 200+ american, you need like 6 months on the house with that bro.&FFXIV Gil; could be maybe it cost more to get it into your country? That's cute, John. You don't live in Australia. Our CE's are usually *more* than that. And we essentially get the UK version! But higher price. It's pretty much instantly $200 AUD, commonly.  I heard the games was being shipped from UK which made it even worse us being charged more.

 Im a tank, tankll run out of tp before party hopefully unless its pali then you already see his mp or major aggro generator. You shouldn't be running out of buy FFXIV Gil tp very often unless your a tank. Your doing something wrong. Will they increase the inventory in general? We are getting new classes so maybe the space we have left won't be enough. And the Master Rogue ring still won't go into the Armoire...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

useful macro commands to make the life easier for healer in FFXIV

What useful macro commands are there to make the life easier for healer?

I honestly use no macros as White Mage, except for a text alert macro on my Raise. There are some that exist, which basically involve copying an action with different targetting priorities (eg three lines of "\ac "Cure" <tt>", where the <tt> becomes <t> and <me> in subsequent lines, to buy FFXIV Gil help ensure the healing is targetting the tank where possible). But even those have downsides, and are certainly not necessary.

I do have one friend who has a Cleric Stance macro which automatically rotates one of their hotbars (I don't know the text) from healing to damage spells and vice versa on click.

I also don't have many macros for my White Mage buy cheap FFXIV Gil.

If I had to recommend any macros, I'd suggest <tt> (target of target) macros for your attack spells. When you hit 50 on WHM, usually your attacks will be your AoE which doesn't need a target. But having a target of target macro for your single target spells will allow you to hit what the tank is hitting without having to unselect him. Meaning you can heal him quickly if needed. I only have one macro for my WHM. It's just a combo of swiftcast and raise with a /p alert for other healers, so they don't burn swiftcast or stop to cast raise on the same person I'm casting on.

Everything else, I execute more more efficiently with my hotbars well arranged to my comfort.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

get 30 days and no limitations for FFXIV

If you buy the game you get 30 days and no limitations. that is why your friend hit 40. but if you get the 14 day free trial you get a level 20 cap. Can anyone tell me at what point in the video it shows the saucer exclusive mount FFXIV Gil prizes?  easier to go reddit n see since they normaly update and add all sections there. I cant since im on my phone its to slow lol but yeah adamantois e looks kinda lame running.. but fenrir looks awesome.  I'm going to try finding these now, I need to see them. Give me a pro and con to this game, super curious how a real mmo plays on a console.

 I played ps3 & ps4 version, ps4 is crazy good. Ps3 is about the same other than zones loading slower. ps3 has longer load times and during dungeons alot dont like to wait so u get locked out of boss fights alot.  If you have PS4 you can just buy cheap FFXIV Gil use mouse and keyboard.  I see heavansword is for sale on amazon already but where is the collectors edition?

Hope the Chocobo breeding and racing is user friendly. It was my fav part of ff7. Been saving up all my $ to blow on my chocobos breeding. Can someone tell me how to make 100% sure that my subscription is cancelled? The support page on this is really unhelpful and customer service were dreadful and refused to answer the question, they just kept referring me to the same support page that doesn't help.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

heavensward makes me wana quit FFXIV

This heavensward makes me wana quit that Europeans have to pay so much more and we do not even have European Servers but have to connect to Canada and since patch 2.5 Game has been a lagfast even with WTFast FFXIV gil.

I'm not understanding what Heavensward is. Is it a new game DLC that will exist on the current servers or is a game DLC that will only be available on new independent servers?Jessica,  buy cheap ffxiv gil did he bother to read the part where they are sending us the access codes in the mail prior to shipment? That's why we put our pre order codes into our current accounts so that it is set up....hence no refunds at that point.

 I'll stick with NOT buying it. Give me the regular version at a reasonable price or nothing at all. I have a job. I also have a mortgage, a family, and enough sense not to pay $130 for an expansion to a game that's already pay to play.