Thursday, August 1, 2013

RS3 world events feedback

Well you have made it so the side with the majority is going to win. Additionally you have not gave me a choice sell rs accounts of siding with neither and pitting the factions against one another equally as a Zarosian would do in this situation.

Additionally Zamorak doesn't even make sense it should have been Bandos.

Also you have the problem that the faction with the majority and therefore the win this time automatically will win all future events. Also we can't rely on other players making good decisions it's ridiculous. The 15% damage reduction is clearly the better option yet everybody just picks damage increase because yay damage. My experience not only is being affected by the incompetence of Jagex at representing other factions properly and Runescape accounts for sale forcing a choice for rewards but also from other people making stupid choices.

Also if you really want me to side with only 1 side give me all emotes from both sides after I unlock 1.

You need to do it in such a way that there is say 4 different objectives for each world event and you can speak to your emissary to see which 2 benefit your side. Say the first option was to save civilians and that benefited Zaros and Saradomin but a second option was pit armies against each other which benefited Zaros and Bandos while another option benefited Saradomin and Armadyl that way you prevent this awful biased system. Not a fan of these overhead symbols! Is it possible to keep them exclusive to the battle area only?