Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blade and Soul GameGuard

GameGuard is spyware, it tracks every running process on your computer and checks it to a dumb-ass database and will boot you to no fault of your own, It does not stop hacking at all. DDOS is not linked to hacking of code in anyway, all it does is ping your server to oblivion until it can't take anymore.

Gameguard does not stop hackers. Go to soul stone plains and tell me it's working. Lmao. to do list : Daily > make some money > upgrade gear until max > ohh look new update Cheap Blade and Soul Gold > repeat. Pinnacle of challenging of end-game I use GTX750ti, i5 and 8gb ram but I get more than 60fps here.. you probably need to check your mobo.

 I'm pretty sure it's not an issue of optimization, but that the client conflicts with fairly common things found on the systems of many. That's why some people with systems right around min requirements can run it better than some with rather solid gaming rigs. If it was a straight issue of poor optimization, everyone would have problems, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold it's just that those with weaker systems would be harder hit. I'm also pretty sure that some complaints people make against the servers, like with disconnects, are actually issues with these same client conflicts instead.

People have been complaining about such issues since our alpha tests almost a year ago. NCSoft have ignored all such complaints outright, and just blame our systems, not the game, if you send a ticket, just as they do with server issues. I don't expect them to ever fix these issues, and they've lost a lot of players due to them.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'd split Summoner and Scholar finally in FFXIV

Some class\job related overhaul is required for 4.0, I guess. I can agree on that one with people. Introducing new classes\jobs won't help much as next step. Introducing "Support" role, as example, could work a bit, since there are already 3 (!) jobs that suit it: Bard and Machinist as "buffers" and Summoner as "debuffer". Astrologian could fit, as well, buy FFXIV Gil but then we'd need another healer. But they would need some skill changes for the role.

I guess. Also, I'd split Summoner and Scholar finally, this needs to be done. More grind, yes, but it does make sense, IMHO. At least Summoner could be introduced as an "extra" job at Arcanist's 30, similar to how Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian were. This won't require change in plot, even. Don't you mean need more dungeons and not just raids ? Lol four raids from Alexander one, four from Midas and four from the next one.

Plus savage mode off all 4? That's enough raids seeing as most of the player base cannot even do final coil let alone Midas savage ?? raid wise there is enough.  4 raids? Cheap FFXIV Gil Alexander only has 3 parts lol. Paul Gearing Alexander floor ( that's four ) Midas ( that's also four).

Next one ( hey look another four) I'm speaking how many we HAVE not the set in what comes They do sets of 3 but four raids in a set for Alexander.Coil was first set 5 raids. Second set 4 raids. Third set .4 .  It's one whole raid lmao not 4 separate 1s. 1st floor then midas then new 1. 3 separate raids. cannot agree with that tbh you won't clear a1s or a5s and say you finish Midas and Alexander savage would you lol you do all floors.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

how accessory upgrades work in BNS

Bartek Maćkowski i know its called pay to win but u can play most dang with exp not only gear i speak about gems and legendary acc. If game is dead why can i still que for a dungoun and commenly instintly find a team, what about ssp, its not dead pepole just like to think its dead once a pay to win aspect is shown.

Games dead, nerds. Blade and Soul Gold game is dead, but you're still here lol nerd logic. Still get BnS posts on FB. Garbage game is dead. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Keep up your nerd grind for a trash game, kids. LoL . Last chance to see a reason not to quit for RO. Do they read the comments we post???? no cause all people do is bitch. I will play on Christmas any from yunwa crimson clan playing I'm there.

Are you trying to say you wanna join a crims clan in yunwa? is there anyway i can download the game manually ? Yaw game since yesterday I downloaded pach, but it still isn't over doing it like this, how do I start oyunaü. Yaw somebody help me I downloaded the game, I've entered my password update said she went over to this. Q updatesi. We’re changing how accessory upgrades work, starting with the new Legendary Oath Necklace.

after MT, it's kept says wrong PIN when I obviously enter the right PIN, why is that happen? the website cant login either cuz it's still MT, I only do nothing and cry in corner, please help. guys i have a account has been locked.....i dont know what to do....i was truing to enter to the main page in blade and soul, with another account but i can´t....i get a message....error, i can´t summit a ticket