Monday, May 22, 2017

worldwide version for Stormblood

Announcing the Heavensdub Contest! Put your voice-over skills to the test for a chance to win prizes!  This is what I've been waiting for! Oh my gosh. I've wanted to be a voice actor for so long and I always rewatch the cutscenes and practice Thancred and Rauban's lines! Bro! I'm excited! No Vulgarity? I guess there won't be any Team Four Star versions. The Ramuh dub from back in my day is still the funniest.  I remember that! It was hilarious.where can we find that? &FFXIV Gil ;You know, I actually recorded myself voicing Lord Drillimont... Just gonna go and voice everyone as Kermit the Frog.

 I just recently started playing Heavensward. I'll probably have to wait a couple of years for Stormdubbed. Mmmm if only I played that far , I would love to do a terrible moogle voice that sounds like gollum for comedy. Aww heck I was gonna speak up and use my aussie accent to my advantage but it requires being an NA resident . Too bad this is only for NA. How about doing a worldwide version for Stormblood, Square? Storm blood wont break thé heavens ward it will in fact strenghten it :). Sending bahamut zéro soon for cover. Looking for candidates to replace the awful VA's huh? Why never any real/physical prizes for eu!? I shall carry our hopes on silver wings and give peace the green light! Your time is noooow!Do your dolphin dub XD.  I wish I could tag the whole raid group on this comment and post. It's too perfect.Sorry to bother you, if you wanna buy cheap Gil, you can try, and FFXIV4U is a 4% off discount code for Buy FFXIV Gil.

Storm of blood
Born from blood
Of our fallen brothers

Borne upon our hands
Cradled in our arms
Swelling in our hearts

Raise your weary head
Heed the call to arms
Ringing in your heart

this may be a bad place to ask this, but here goes, ive been thinking about getting this game, as i have a better means to afford a monthly sub, i know this game is a few years old at this point, so is it worth getting into with a new expansion coming up?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Level 50 Character Creation Vouchers in Blade and Soul

Would you be as kind as to inform us about tomorrow's event? Please do. Not worth it since they made leveling child's play.  Unless you puke the story out for the nth time haha xD.  I miss playing this game. Life sucks. If only we didn't have to go to work. Lol. I hope you need to release some sort of good outfits while the F9 Exchange was murdered . how to get this armor? They murder F9 coz they want us to be desperate of what they release even its a really good outfit/materials. Blade and Soul Buy Gold And how can you tell that it's murdered?  the moment you quit this game, you will realize how much precious time of your life you've wasted every day.  So is there any chance of oce servers starting up anytime soon, if not any thing we can do to lower ping that you allow?

Maggie Jauregui Hello! To find your code, please log into your NCSOFT account: welp join everything and gained nothing . Congrats to the peeps.  If you signed up for the newsletter in time before the deadline, the code should appear under the "Apply a code" tab and then under "Blade & Soul". Should it not be there, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support:  Maybe we can get some more decent PvE content that actually enables us to unlock things forced by PvP at the moment. Than we can all enjoy watching the PvP tournament while also having fun in the game where the majority don't want to be forced in pvp purely to get certain things? k, thx let me know, 

I have hand issues and I just don't do kbm controls. I been on a game pad for over a year now with the game. it mostly works ok once you get used to it. However, just those simple fixes would make life just so much amazingly better for gamepad users. The only class i could prob play with pad is LBD/SMN and i'd probably still struggle. cheap Blade and Soul Gold There is just too many keybinds to make it reasonable.There's literally 0% chance to play KFM/BM/SIN on par with keyboard/mouse without putting in double the effort.  Hinata I experience the EXACT same thing. The SS issue where it goes without you pressing it twice on the gamepad and the tagging thing. It is pretty frustrating. I thought it was just me. 

Did you check your DC rewards? No right? 3 keys right there. Free.I just want to mention the fact in this game that nobody pays attention to. All the gems and gear that whales were shiitng money for, after few months got mostly totaly FREE( f.e.balfeul stage 6 from act 8 confirmed) . It's not pay 2 win. Its just pay to be the best even if actualy nobody cares.  The key is fairly cheap as you can find them in daily challenges or buy them in F10 for 5HM coin each (~3 golds) 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

FFXIV Patch 3.57 ARR's main story

To get into the expac, you beat ARR's main story. Did you beat the main story yet? Because it doesn't sound like you've done things like Steps of Faith.   Petey, you just don't understand MMO's do you. story progression HAS to happen if the game has a story and to fill the time in between expacs......otherwise no one would play for a year till the next expac, kind of like wow lately i think....been alot of wow players on our server lately.  I accidentally did it again.. Cheap FFXIV Gil LOL nothing like playing through filler to get to story content.... it's just a way for them to get you to play longer so they can A. Rake in that sub money and B. Have you heard of this thing called money?

There is always the option of not doing it, thus being stuck where you are and unable to progress further dur to lazyness. Or quit. That's another option.  Ian Haas there's literally hours worth of cutscenes in the 2.0 storyline. Kristi Howell No one will play when they are trying to run through the main scenario of the main game and heavensward. Let me put this in perspective. I gave two of my friends a ps4 and the game to play with me. One made it to lvl 56 and they both quit playing because the story requirements are plain dumb. Same with my brother. The story has way too much filler quests. The story is basically message delivery service. I didn't mind the story, because I did it as it rolled out. I would like my friends and family to play with me, but the story seems to be the killer of new players.

Who cares if WoW players come to FF. At least the community would get a population boost for content to actually be done. Most people don't get on until each patch anyways. I have been playing since 1.0, but I am not going to act like the main story isn't an issue. I don't expect others to do it because I did. Owen Middleton I agree. It's a horrible idea. FFXIV Gil Go back to WOW if you dont want story progression pleb. Lol.. The assumption that wow doesn't have a story is funny enough in itself.. The fact that nobody can read? Priceless. People who are saying well it's a long story you should be able to skip it.No you shouldn't, you shouldn't expect to be carried.

Every game has a damn story and as the player your expected to complete it. Simple as.I didn't put the new kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 in which has 6 games and be like. Oh this story. Is just to much skip it all pls.And stop moaning about it because news flash as of right now you cannot skip past it. You do it or get the hell off the game. End of. Stop comparing a single player experience to an mmo where you pay monthly. You're being naieve. Also I still have no problem with completing the main games. The awful patch padding courier quests I do.. Jesus you write that whole thing but don't read at all.. You're all so.. Awful. Again if you don't like it this game is not for you please leave we will not miss you nor will square enix.

Monday, April 10, 2017

FF 14 nice work

That would actually make Alexander bearable. yeah april fools from FF 14 nice work tho XD  where is the full version of a12s 8 bits ver !!!! So mean SE! I want this I know this is a joke, but I'd buy this in a heartbeat...  "April Fools! We don't want to make money" This genuinely made me laugh. Great job!Hatching-tide is set to return to Eorzea starting Tuesday, FFXIV Gil April 4! Please be eggcited! Yay mount. Show you took part in the 2017 Easter event by riding this exclusive mount.. that in a few months time anyone can buy for real money in the cash shop. Why not? A year's time exclusive for a free mount isn't enough? It just takes away part of the enjoyment of owning said mount.

Is not that I dont want others to have this mount but they could make it possible for others to obtain for free next year say collect enough tokens from the fates you can buy it then. I just think selling quest reward items they could re-use yearly is a cheap way of earning extra money from a game that already has a monthly sub. Items that are long gone, Cheap FFXIV Gil FFXIII event items for example thats not too bad as they cant really put that back into the game anytime soon.  I think that depends on how much you are willing to shell just for aesthetic stuff. I for one, would rather not spend a penny. Thats my point. I have no problem spending additional money on actual physical products like the artbook and sound tracks, that come with some sort of glamour, because if the servers get turned off at least I have something I can still hold.

To me it seems Square-enix are adopting a hybrid Subscription and free to play (supported by iap) model. Where to use your glamour items that you have spent money on you still have to pay a monthly sub.Yearly quest items like this should be obtainable in game every year, either by a sub quest or having to collect tokens for it. Or as I really feel... just miss out. Its only a digital item, you cant hold it, you cant keep it. And I just think its unfair to ask those who want these items but werent playing at the time to have to pay real money for it. When you look at it realistically all you're doing is putting a 1 instead of a 0 in a database.

The artwork cover for this year is interesting, still making the cat girl's as busty as ever lol. Having a floating egg of despair as a mount ain't too shabby though.. omg I am so happy I'm getting my sub back on Wednesday, just in time to get this egg mount after they made us chase that giant egg all around gridania last year XD, Sorry Square but no event you host will keep me from Persona 5 on the 4th. Samuel it's still not worth it. Persona 5 above all else, I'd pick up the egg mount first, /then/ do Persona 5. Best of both, yo.  Put the Emergency Mission in the duty finder and limit the loot to once a day. 1-72 chance once a day is still ridiculously hard, since the diadem is dead.  I'll be such a sad lala if I cant buy pa-paya roll this year :( favourite tune and I missed it last year ! Uuuu.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The progression is insanely slow in FFXIV

Problem is I moved from Siren to midgardsormr and can no longer invite them back to play with the way the current setup is. I should be able to email them from within the Mog station or something.  I would love to come back, but it would probably take me this seven days to download and install with my internet connection. Would return back to the game. But what would even keep me or make me stay.FFXIV does nothing for the players to stay other than you pay the sub fee.On the other hand another MMO that actually makes me play everyday is Black Desert Online and they give you a reason to stay. Yeah, nothing except a regular flow of new content... That every couple of months. It doesn't entice me to stay. Sure I'd love to get to the new stuff but it's such a drag getting there. The progression is insanely slow in FFXIV.

Progression isn't slow. It's actually rather fast. Sometimes a little too fast, but that's what happens when it caters to both casual & hardcore. Despite this, people still have an entitled attention span of a dog in a ball pit. It's insanely slow considering I poored 165 hours in. Also trying other small classes as well as skills. FFXIV Gil Not even close to end game. On top of that the playerbase is so reserved. Nobody likes to talk or party up unless they really need too early on. It's the complete opposite of an MMO.  Uh... if you've put in 165 hours into the game and havent leveled your archer past 31, something is wrong. >_>; Sounds like we're playing two different games based upon your experience. I was hoping that there would something different to exchange the gold feathers for. Love the game but hate the community.

Too many weirdos for me. Buy FFXIV Gil That makes you weird tho.. Yea ill come back once stkrmblood drops. Until then Legion has my attention now. Anyone wanna shoot me an invite. I was planning on coming back this week anyways lol .

Have they purchased a subscription within 90 days? Rachel Lester Oh I did not see that. Thank you! They've only been back for the one month. You guys really pist a lot of people off with that diadem crap and what was said from yoshi p. I'd fix that crap quick.... Stop saying stuff like you know -.-  The game can be fun but it's nothing like ffxi was. Too sad that they crushed that too, ugh. Mhm, sure will when you tell us when we're getting Part 2 of Patch 3.5. We're running out of March here....

Thursday, March 23, 2017

play FFXIV on PS4

If anyone would like to group up with me, let me know.  I thought we were all going to seattle to meet you HAHA jk unlikely but we'll figure it out~ Already got my ticket for Saturday Night 9PM in LA! Matthew Walters I'm unpredictable! But yeah, I did. Get a look at the FFXIV x Final Fantasy Brave Exvius event going on from the official live stream today!Out of all the good people you could get they give us Thancred (but only at 5*), Minfilia who doesn't do anything and Y'Shtola being the rarest and strongest 6* unit.......

No it's not.. there are suppoze to be more story line to it. Had in game friends even say it wasnt out yet. Aaron Moger are you sure? I cannot find main quests at sand waking after last main quest of part idea then i thought patch 3.55b was the last patch we were getting before stormblood. Last bit of story will be in 3.58. FFXIV Gil Hahahah....I'm never going back. May never even play WoW again. I'd be down so we can get stuff! Are people who participated in the beta barred from this too? Should be a email in the address you have your ff account linked to. i'm going to callback Cheap FFXIV Gil u pls wait for me . never mind u have to b friends )-: )-: )-: u will never come back. At least you thought of me. Arnelli Vargas been wanting to come back bruhhh. Come back already you wuss! I'll help you lvl up again hahaha! Just like old times.

 I'm on PS4, someone want to invite me back. Desperate for more players? this game is dead. You just cancelled my subscription again. What am I paying for? Okay...I'll do it later since I have all next week off. Vacation week yay. I hope a free login campaign will come.  i wont get items or free game time because it won't let me subscribe online. I had to have someone who was friends with me before invite me back. Also fair warning they only send the invite back emails once a week. So they have to be your friend in game? You could always restart the old fashioned way. You really only miss out on the 7 days of free playing, the rest doesn't matter (free gear and such) because it's all negligible.yay i back 4 days ago and noone cares q,q.Well,

That's slight hyperbole (more like 3), but I was sort of at a loss of what to do anyway. The fact I almost lasted 3 months is a miracle as it is. You know how my attention spam gets.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I played Final Fantasy MMO's

Try putting periods and commas in your thoughts and people might pay attention. If you are so smart on what an mmorpg should be like where is your multi million dollar mmorpg at hmmmmm I'm waiting. also you are talking about a game thats been out for over 10 years, you think it was all that and a bag of chips right out the box? NOPE i played when it first came out and even then it had its short comings....git good or quit complaining. Omg just do it already! We need information! Cheap FFXIV Gil I'm dead bored with this game at the moment! Give us something!When they will translate the texts of the game in Spanish?

There are many Spanish people playing and many Spanish people who do not play because they are not in Spanish and they know that it is a great game. Come on people, translate the game. Would be a great gift for your fans on this 30th anniversary. Thank you! And a super gift for us, Latin American players that we are very much!
Pd: I saw this publicity and the texts are in Spanish. Is it a fake or are they going to do it? FINAL FANTASY XIV. "We decided to localize the free trial website into Spanish and Portuguese in an effort to lower the barrier to Buy FFXIV Gil entry for users in Latin America who may be interested in trying out the Final Fantasy XIV free trial. Localizing the website offers those users an easier way to learn about the story, world, game features, and gives them a clearer understanding on getting started in the game. We do not currently have any plans to localize the game into Spanish or Portuguese at this time."

English is easy enough to understand Stef Lemmens Im Spanish, and i totally agree with that, more ppl should learn English, not playing a game or just keep crying cos its not in Spanish is just embarrashing... They don't even translate their live letters into English. Wish the game was as good for me as before maybe new classes like samurai will bring me back. It's a great game but I think I found my new mmo love for the time being ?? bitter sweet,

 My husband and I played Final Fantasy MMO's (1st with FFXI then straight to FFXIV) for 16 years together. In a lot of ways I think the game brought us closer as a couple. Sadly he left the game before Heavensward was released. I stuck it out until last week. Without him though... it just isn't the same. Thank you Square Enix for a wonderful 16 years! Through the good and bad I stuck it out anyway and loved the game for the many adventures with the friends I met along the way. Thank you for not giving up on FFXIV and making it what it is today! Maybe someday i'll be back. Happy Valentines Day everyone! Happy adventuring!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

a moogle/ chocobo festival event in ff14

 Last few events have been way to short, would be nice if they offered more for events like a set of outfits, minions, music sheets, chocobo barding, limited time only Triple triad cards (for that event), more emotes even an exterior wall for housing (themed) for the events like a Valentine's, Easter, Halloween or Christmas ect.. or even (themed) FFXIV Gil housing items for inside or outside in garden I'm not saying have all this at a single event just a little more, even offer a (themed) mount for a single event but players have to collect a large sum of an item to hand in to get that mount for the event, would be worth grinding an event.

And make the quest for the event "A LOT" longer.. maybe a mini game or a set of them, a special dungeon run for two people (Valentine's) or like the recent Halloween event (4 person party)., maybe a set of 3-4 Fates you have to do.. and these are only afew simple ideas I'm throwing out there that could be put forward and think most people would agree with what I'm saying,
I'd love to see a moogle/ chocobo festival event in ff14 like there has been in ff15. Married 20 years been together for 27 , we are pass this phase she my Bestie .  I hope the Little Ladies' Day event will have more content than the Valentoine's Day event. Was sadly too short to enjoy properly. Should have been like the Halloween event, as that one was amazing.

Introducing the prostitution class. Healer/debugger. Aoe disease, bio, blindness, can cause death. I have to wait for my money to transfer to my bank so I can purchase a new 30 days!!!  I can see her cervix... Buy FFXIV Gil Already beat it would of bin better if it was longer.  Release more outfits to glamour with events. 2016's events were lame and y'all know it. Wish we got a valentine day outfit or something. There's already a blow kiss emote sooooooooooooo continuing to be unsubbed. 8 days to go to the grand finale of the Fan Festivals! Do you have your stream ticket already? Join in on the fun from the comfort of your couch! (and don’t forget, you’ll get an exclusive Yuna minion as well!)  I keep having to stare at this miserable banner because you wont update your terrible launcher, square. Cant even play the game you took my money for.

The launcher gets to the end of an old patch, and stops at the same place everytime. Ive tried other internet connections, ive tried setting up new dns servers, i even tried formating my ps4, but it just wont update any further; a lot of people on the forums seem to have this problem but aren't getting answers that work. Not really sure whats up.  Connor Scott Weird. Mostly that stuff can be resolved via setting DNS to & or &

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

FFXIV Main issues for Patch Error

 We should add this too our to do list. Is the registration on the same day as the competition?Please Help Grumpig Defeat to Dedenne & Gommy and Team Rocket Capture Pikachu & Chespin |>>> Pokemon Party Has Defeat .A few items have already sold out on the merchandise pre-purchase website for the Fan Festival in Frankfurt, and while we will have limited additional stock available at the venue, it might be a good idea to secure yours now to pick up at the venue!  Oh no, Cheap FFXIV Gil the pins I wanted sold out. Are they Fan Fest only exclusives, or will I be able to buy them from the online store at a later date? If you mean the class pins, they were also on the regular store site. I'll have to keep an eye on the EU store!

 please do scoreboard for frontline, i mean in during fight .. i always got kicked lot of time cause from solo run i killing tons but they never know. ps.if you got kicked .. will kill score receive in achievement ?  Is any of this stuff going to make its way to the square enix store like the previous fanfest in 2014? I'd love to buy the nanamo figure. How about they fix the fucking failed to patch error on PS4, biggest waste of my fucking money. Or how about fixing up with your ISP. So many solutions just by simply asking the Forum but no you rather complain for something that is not Square Enix problem since the Main issues for Patch Error is targeted off due to YOUR ISP.

Oh I'm sorry I have tried at different friends houses that have different ISPs and have also tried the forums with the different methods but no luck stuck on the 2014 patch. Would love to be able to get the Ascian Robes (especially the White model) even if I have to pay for it. The spriggan hats sold out im absolutely gutted. Buy FFXIV Gil Why no bigger sizes for moogle slippers. Help Team Rocket Visit Kalos Power Plant For Control Panel System Using Electric Control Wave The Electric Wave Control Electric Type Pokemon Will Must Destroy Power Plant Shut Down All Power to Kalos Region.

 I don't see the point in paying for a live stream of an actual event that you can go to. If you CAN'T go to the event, it seems like a crappy substitute to have footage selected for you to view online. You can't control what you see on the Fan Festival live stream, after all. BTW, i'll decide if i purchase the new expansion depending if you add ro not SAM. It's almost guaranteed to be the next job revealed. Dataniners found traces of the Samurai job with in the game files after patch 3.5 dropped.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

BNS Anniversary Festival event preview stream

They should buy revelations online for's much better then their game. Please a non rng way to obtain an ap gem.. amythest please... lol.  and as a birthday present to our loyal players, we have dropped all item upgrade materials cost to zero? Countdown untill the birthday in Europe and US.  I love the game but I left it XD Too much materials to grind just for a upgrade gears.  But has the servers been fixed because i keep getting DC'D every time I walk into a new area. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  Yeah this game isn't p2w it's pay if you're lazy or don't have time to grind.Man I'm glad I played China bns and I'm done with this game.  I love this game but I dont have that kind of money to stay relevant..

 outfits still not good who is the designer unbelieveable terrible ? can't believe it is ncsoft game. Do you have any day confirmed to lauch the Soul Gunner? Even Korea doesnt have it yet jesus...  If they make KFM atleast balanced in pvp like Assassin then im down... but when dough? please no more farm fest, if you want to celebrate the first year, i hope we get actually something for free.  Will silver dragon be purchasable from f10? Donny Charleboix yes i hope so . please optimization and no more lag : We're taking a sneak peek at the Anniversary Festival event tomorrow at 4 PM PST on.

ONE HOUR until our Anniversary Festival event preview stream! Cheap Blade and Soul Gold Come hang out with us on.I hope to answer that. When I enter the game on and I press update nothing happens and is not loaded anything.  This dragon looks alike the Nyu inside One Piece xD. Maintenance?? since i paid into the beta do i get anything special.   Hello GMs, may I ask what is the newest server ? thanks in advance . that would bring s lot of players back. We'll get 2 extra Hongmoon Keys, I'm sure. Did you know you also have an EU playerbase?  Hey blade&soul, after Long time off real life problems i finally can start gaming again... but when i hit the play now button, i get this pop up " a debugger has been found, please remove it from memory and try again. What i do with this? Greetz.

Guys! I need help! I'm downloading the full client but it keep getting error E02018! anybody have a solution to it ? Hello! If you want some help you should contact our support :) Thanks, Happy new year! if it goes the error 2016 is that you have to click on networks, internet connection, configuration and put a code on there in the last part.  Is there any way to change the font size in the game? I've been sitting here thinking that the gem for the event was 120 snow flakes go to buy it, pull out my magnifying glass "oh it says 150" and I'll be honest it's like that on everything, I maybe blind, but that font sucks.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

FFXIV Red Mage

 He said that years ago. And he said the same thing about Red Mage, and here we are. David Kenneth Burr my friend was at the event where they made the comment about no one dressed like a samurai. He said it because he was looking right at a Samurai cosplayer. "It will not be a phoenix." YEAH RIGHT xD (Even if it's Valefor, Buy FFXIV Gil it's still close enough ^^) Time to start collecting the birds! *rubs hands* Hopefully the game goes F2P this year that would actually be excellent. Because the game isn't worth Paid sub at all. It's a milked franchise. Is that bird similar to Kirin? As in you can get it after getting all the primal birds? It's the bird you can get from the upcoming garou event.

Further more a MMO is a means to bring people from all over the world to play a game together to co-op and coordinate as a team. 14 doesn't offer that, it excludes players. How does 14 exclude anyone? Aside from servers in different parts of the world(for connectivity reasons) the only reason youd be locked from the game is an account ban. 14 requires for 8 man parties to accomplish the dungeons . But that is all it does.

11 allowed big groups to include new members to endgame to teach them and include them into the endgame grind. 14 has made the MMO grind easy for people. It's babied the community. Cheap FFXIV Gil If you do not see that then that's not my problem. I played 6 MMO but no games came as close to FF11 & EverQuest & WoW .  I never said it hasnt babied and pampered the community to an extent. However, because it has locks on party member numbers, that doesnt exclude people frpm playing. It just limits how may people can go in to one instance. This isnt 11, this is a catch up make-shift salve for the abomination that was 14 ARR/1.0.

1.0 was not an abomination hon. 1.23 had what we called SSR. Short for super speed runs. Required for the relic creations. And I'm sorry but it took insane skill to pull off. And I never said 14 should be the new 11. 14 won't live up to what 11 was. Because MMOs in today's gaming community is catered to the casual gamers. FF14 caters to casuals? hahahahahah not in my experience but ok. people hating on casuals on mmos, when 90% of the mmos player base are casuals, without casuals this games wouldnt be profiteable. silly goons.