Tuesday, September 22, 2015

FIFA 16 in Android right now India 22 September

I went to play store haven't seen any new version, when will Fifa new version appears. Whoever tells me I will tell how to increase coins or else...nothing.Game releases tomorrow FIFA 16 PC Coins , September 22nd in North America, 24th in Europe. By the way I don't care about coins because I play on career mode! Can't we play FIFA 15 anymore? Can you tell me ,why it send me play store ???my version already updated. yub me to update reguired. Don't worry bro it will get updated to fifa 16. I wanna know... I think tommorow. Where's cristian eriksen?! He doesn't get upgrade ... FIFA 16 in Android right now India 22 September why not game launch. Got hakan on 15, 80 ovr and 93 fk acc. Best penalty taker in history? Matt le tissier missed 1 in his career, rickie lambert has missed 0 in his career.

The best penalty taker In history .Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo: also known as penaldo by Messi fan boys. It's to easy to buy FIFA 16 coins be topscorer when you score many goals on penalty. But look at Messi. Missed one as soon as yesterday. Not the best FK taker, just the best footballer. Nah even we know he's not. Ronaldo has better positioning and is a more clinical finisher than Messi. Messi is a better dribbler and chance creator. EA access on XB1. I don't know man ...... I just bought it for 3 dollars ....

Hernanes of juve should be top 10. Fix fifa 15 android you EA bitches! 😬. Yeah but I wanna play FIFA 15. I can't take my players to FIFA 16. Buy FIFA 16 Global! Great price! Pre-order! Getadditional 5% discount using the coupon: HIVE. FIFA 16 is the worst... The server is very weak, I lost 5 matches due to unable to connect to ea server, the game keep disconnecting while playing online, im very frustrated.. in my country the seller will not wait for the official release day to sell it, i got it yesterday. Dude, ok, the servers are always lame but the official release hasn't gone out yet. Lets expect it to be better on the 22th, not before that. Are you sure your internet connection just isn't bad?  No Alex Marshall the connection is very good, maybe like Daniel Rigotti said after the official release it will be better. Because u dnt have it . Not out yet. Maybe ur just playing tge demo .. When fifa 16 come in android? Plz replied my comment. Lies on 24th sometimes due delays.  ronaldo and messi have both scored 8 goals from penalties yet messi took 3 more...
but ppl "messi fans" call ronaldo penaldo.

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