Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's not a "wanna be" WOW

For fuck's sake.. Runescape is finally getting an interface that isn't laughable and people are still complaining. It's not a "wanna be" WOW.. it's an update that lets users change where certain aspects of the interface appear. It even allows multiple presets to be made, which is a feature that some other games don't even have to buy runescape account. It's a great improvement that's worthy of praise, not blind, butthurt ridicule.umm with the back pack needing to be opend like that you will not be able to eat food while bossing/ spam food and pots. so fair thats the only stupid idea taht this new alpha has.Runescape Community member: Whaaaa ruindscape WASD camera controls are gonna destroy everything!! I quit!

I think this new interface update is by far my favourite update that I have yet to see in RuneScape. ...well, other than selling runescape accounts back in the day when you guys added hunter. xDNoone wants a game with the rarest item being something based on luck. Like 3rd age. Just implement the rares already.So many people do not care about the interface just add the rares in 07 already your done with both polls both were good. So just put them in in already!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the "Evolution" of combat

To be 100% honest, I enjoy updates in the main game and love the content and some of the newer updates, however simply due to the "Evolution" of combat, which is in no way an evolution I can't enjoy 90% of these updates, as many are combat based and really I only ever do combat. EOC was a downgrade, and normally I would be excited for updates such as HTML5 and new content, I have only played EOC and the HTML5 beta for about 5 minutes, yet I used to play Main RS for hours, this is because I feel it's not worth my time anymore as the main content of the game (combat) has been turned into a watered down, horribly designed system that is a slightly reskinned copy of any other MMO system out there. Also, the greed infested in the SOF and SGS is obvious, and shoved in your face, the SOF has no place being in a game played by teenagers/chilren, as it IS A FORM OF GAMBLING, and is also rigged badly and obviously. Without 2K7 Subs, RS3 would have hit rock bottom fast.
 Jagex should just realize that Eoc was a mistake tons of people tell them that 90% of selling runescape accounts players tell them that 10% enjoy it why would u rather have some users rather then tons there's gonna be botters nomatter what but the way jagex is going about It takes out the joy of the game and I've been a player since 03 so take advice from the 90% not the 10% who enjoy there bots clicking 50 keys to kill something with ability bars

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Runescape Old School

If you are a runescape player and love the old school runescpae, you may know there is a poll on the old school runescape servers on the official rs website community which is also a good and big forum for all rs lovers. Several weeks ago, this topic was hot discussed by a part of rs gamers especially 2007 rs players. Although the outcome of the poll was a bit slower than planed, the Jagex game studio still released the old school for all the players no matter you are a newbie or an old one. This updates also intents to thanks for the support and love of the games of this wonderful game and the loyal vast users of runescape.

Yourself is the only one can decide the time, the energy and the money you want to spend on the game as well as the equipment fee and membership fee even the runescape accounts fee for there are many people choosing to buy runescape accounts from the Internet nowadays. Return to the topic of old school runescape, it is said there were over 170,000 votes support the old school runescape. Though the number is very small when compared to the 200 million users of the game, it presents the popularity and the good reputation of the old school runescape which can attract many old runescape players to come back to the game. In fact, this is also a good news to the 2007 runescape players and the runescape accounts sellers for 07 players can enjoy the wonderful again and rs accounts sellers can earn some money from the 07 rs accounts and 07 runescape gold.

Another good news for the old school runescape is that every runescape players who vote for the poll can get a free month membership regardless of the outcome of the poll. So, if you also want to join the old school of the game, you can join the poll on the community of the official website which usually gives you the latest news and game guide. I’m so glad the game can release the old school for all rs gamers to join the wonderful MMORP. If you are worry about the runescape account, you can buy runescape account on or some other websites that are professional in virtual goods selling. Well, if you want to earn some real money from the game, you can reach that by selling runescape accounts on Internet. Be carful to choose a reliable website.

菊子曰 菊子曰博客同步,一键搞定!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Squeal of Fortune: Warband Armour

The bandits and ne’er-do-wells of selling runescape accounts the Wilderness Warbands make for the most dangerous distraction & diversion yet.
Bandosian Warlord Outfit

Arriving on the Squeal of Fortune this weekend, this cosmetic armour is inspired by the ultra-tough leaders of the Bandos and Armadyl camps: the Bandosian Warlord and the Armadylean Archon.
Armadylean Archon Outfit

You’ll have an increased chance of bagging these warband wares from Friday 29th March 00:00 GMT until Monday 1st April 23:59 GMT. They’ll still be buy runescape account on the wheel after this, but your best chance of grabbing some warband armour is this weekend!

You can purchase spins here, or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ in the Squeal of Fortune interface. Don’t forget that members get two daily spins instead of one!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Gielinor Globe – Community News

We know it’s not quite December yet, but we’re just too excited about the latest edition of the Gielinor Globe to buy runescape account wait until Wednesday. If you’ve never heard of the Gielinor Globe before, it’s a community newsletter made up of creative su... I'm a 135 with 95 defence. Faiiiil. have a maxed zerk. Ima baws. I also love how people complain about the dung weapons. Get over it and get the 80+ dung for the weapon already. (: I have 112 dungeoneering and I didnt hate it, its like shit when your not pking at castlewar but defending/maging or scoring, run through middle u get damaged high by selling runescape accounts catapults and ballistas

Monday, April 15, 2013

our forums.Dragnoite

Coming up soon to RuneScape. As usual you're very welcome to discuss this preview picture on our forums.Dragnoite is gunna sky rocket in g.e and free trade for ppl near 90-99smithing and or mining it is gunna sky rocket then it will down fall from 99miners with D picks and soon will balance hope this helped world of warcraft is better"
why the fuck did you like the page runescape and bother to put a comment like wtf get a life.ok im 115 in members can u guys add me on face book or on runescape i dont have many friends on rs i ahve no 99s but im really working hard to get there and id like to hang out thanks add me Mayhem XIII

Now send this to ten other pics on this one site, and she will haunt someone else who doesn't pass this on like you did. And forget about you. Example 1:
Jenny didn't believe this and deleted it without even reading the whole thing! A few days later on the monday night, she was woken up by loud footsteps and heavy breathing, there was Clarissa standing there with a huge knife and well Jenny is history now. Okay for anyone who doesn't know cheap runescape accounts. when you make a d plate its the same looking kind of place, so my assumption is it is selling runescape account on the introduction of d crossbow because they announced it would be released after the combat triangle was fixed. happy new years!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

HTML 5 Beta starts next week

Our HTML 5 Beta starts next week. How excited are you? I remember the level of excitement i had when i found out the Grand Exchange was going to exist. It took like two weeks to find someone with an addy pl8body for sale. Those were the days.I am looking forward to it to selling runescape accounts. All you negative people need to stop complaining about great things that have been happening. Look guys, they added 07 so that the entire community could be happy again, and so that if you don't like EoC, you can enjoy 07, and vice versa, and there would be less arguing. If you like one more than the other, don't hate on the other, just enjoy what you enjoy.

The only negative thing jagex have done is introduce S O F which can heavily influence the progress of a persons character or buy runescape account. Apart from that everything recently has been amazing and I'm very excited about HTML5 and the new interfaces, keep up the good work!! People who say RS is turning into WOW obviously haven't played WOW long enough, EOC is very good and only people unwilling to learn the new system complain about it..

Thursday, April 11, 2013

teaser pictur

Whats all these guys saying they just got free Runescape gold from a website? see i hate guys like that... My computer antivirus program wont even let my computer go into that website because of how crawling with bugs it is..Thanksnerds...

Whose got time for EW4 if that or MEP4 (doubt it is mep4) or could be (also doubt) it is FTP4. Horray for xp weekend, and anyone looking for a clan join Earth Divine cc, and say Tyler recruited ya Hopefully an easier way to Runecraft rather than the ZMI altar...problem is to buy runescape account...where will Jagex place it and how will it work? Perhaps it is Elemental Workshop 4..if selling runescape accounts so, I welcome it to challenge my mind > omg i hope it doesn't have anything as boring and repetitive as the puzzle part in elemental workshop III, and hopefully i gives some runecrafting xp!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 ppl

The concept art for Runescape is way too detailed for what the characters look like in game. I expect runescape to go full MMO mechanics like GuildWars, WoW, SWTOR and such. You can still have the old one but I just can deal with the mechanics anymore :C I've been spoiled by other mmo's..... but Runescape will always be my first MMO

jagex, make more room in castle wars. there are only like 10 ppl in game when there are up to 40 in the waiting room. I waited for 72 minutes before i was allowed to join, and that was in an open spot for no reward, on the losing team.....

 I'd like to know how you guys (being Runescape) manage to cope with having such a barbaric fan base, whom are so afraid of change and growth that they spread the hatred of it? It's just the most ridiculous thing I have ever come across in gaming and selling runescape accounts. People should realize that an mmorpg is a game that is meant to grow and change. The updates that have come and gone have been great and I have high hopes for a bigger and more built game in the future. I just wish people could open there eyes and see it that way. Anyways just needed t rant about that, and pretty cool magazine cover.

You can still play RS's F2P for as long as you want to buy runescape account- there's no F2P endgame. I don't know what game you've been playing if you think there's a F2P endgame. Just because you ran out of F2P quests? There's still plenty to do to have fun as a F2P player, granted that the members game is much more fun because of how much more there is. There's approximately 1k hours of potential gameplay in the free game.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

runescape would get rid of its quests

If they wanted to copy world of warcraft, runescape would get rid of its quests, and make slayertasks be the new quests, Get rid of runes and replace magic with a mana bar, Limit you to only 3 skills that you can do and get rid of some of the skills. You wouldn't be able to buy cheap runescape accounts mage and melee since you'd have to be restricted to a class that you choose at the start of the game when you create your character. Increase their subscription fee by about $7.... Do I need to go on?
TL;DR: Runescape is not copying world of warcraft

Again it is Runescape's FB favorite troll, still at it. Yes you Evelyn. Not complaining just listing more accurate facts about EoC than Jagex has done.... They need to sell this as best they can that is what business is all about. Those who dislike EoC just make sure you walk the walk... and not just talk the talk selling runescape accounts.

With Alonzo on that one. Rid of my bank, and cancelled subscription. I'm actually glad this will break my so called "addiction" to this game, it's been dying long before EoC.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Runescaep accounts problem

If you have played runescape for several years, you may want to know something about runescape hack blocked.

Here I want to tell you something about Jagex Account Guardian.

Q: Does Jagex allow players to apply multi runescape accounts?
A: Yes, you can buy several runescape accounts but make sure only one account logged in at a certain time.

Q: Is it allowed that I apply other accounts to my Jagex Account Guardian?
So far, JAG allows only runescape accounts.

QHow many devices could be added to Jagex account guardian?
As long as you like, you can add devices to your personal laptop or computer and you can make them as permanent service.

Q: Do I need to have a registered email address to use Jagex Account Guardian?
Yes. JAG needs to verify that you are the account owner and you will get an email from Jagex to the registered email account.

Registering an email is a very simple process, just follow these steps: At the bottom of the RuneScape homepage click the Profile & Settings link under the heading ‘Account’.
After logging in, navigate to the ‘Email Communication and Settings’ section and follow the instructions.