Monday, March 30, 2015

Heavensward and FFXIV

Letter from the Producer LIVE XX takes place on April 11! Submit your questions about Heavensward and FFXIV!  an we start with why the collectors edition is $129 or £129!!! $1 does not equal £1!!! I'm a huge fan but I feel so very ripped off.

Hahaha thats like 200+ american, you need like 6 months on the house with that bro.&FFXIV Gil; could be maybe it cost more to get it into your country? That's cute, John. You don't live in Australia. Our CE's are usually *more* than that. And we essentially get the UK version! But higher price. It's pretty much instantly $200 AUD, commonly.  I heard the games was being shipped from UK which made it even worse us being charged more.

 Im a tank, tankll run out of tp before party hopefully unless its pali then you already see his mp or major aggro generator. You shouldn't be running out of buy FFXIV Gil tp very often unless your a tank. Your doing something wrong. Will they increase the inventory in general? We are getting new classes so maybe the space we have left won't be enough. And the Master Rogue ring still won't go into the Armoire...

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