Sunday, November 20, 2016


Right... lol. I just went up to gamestop and switch the day one to the deluxe edition. $97. They said the game will be released at midnight. Cristian Contraa love that jacket!! Reminds me of FFType-O.  My calendar looks like a alcoholics with so many X's. But really I'm just crossing out the days until FFXV. The child who waited for this game ten years ago is crying tears of joy. :') Still would love to see Tomomi-san draw some FF characters :D. The SaGa style has always been my favourite :D! I'm ready for this game, I hope you surpass my expectations.

Well its about F**king time! Buy FFXIV Gil I better be good considering all the delays through the whole F**king year.... For Peru there is no day, they are already playing, will you sue their store? MY BODY IS READY...also that super boss, I'm salivating.  Even i dont have any gaming consoles to play it, i will still support this game. And about Peru. The game is be sold there. Yea, sucks that those are not high-end licensed stores that can be penalized for selling a titled license genre.

 Why people from PERU is already playing? Dude I got the Premium edition lol better get a move on! Was that King's Tale or? There's so many editions lol??? Nope just the Digital Premium Edition Cheap FFXIV Gil (buying disks is risky w Rini running around lmao) Count down hahaha
I dont have play station But i love final fantasy. Thanksgiving is going to be great (if I had a PS4).  I think 15 going to as great as 7 was and 10. These ten days are going to be so epic lol, I'll finish playing ff3 and 4 since I jump back and forth between those games I'm almost done, then I should start with the After years but I'll get interrupted by the release. I wonder if After Years is short.

 I was looking today funnily enough, but i bought a soundbar for my TV instead :P I'll get there......eventually. By having fans share their personal experience, it serves as a reminder that much like how each FINAL FANTASY has a completely different story, world and characters, we all bring distinctive and new perspectives to the legacy that is FINAL FANTASY. Because every FINAL FANTASY is told from a unique vision, everyone has their own legacy to tell. What’s been your legacy with FINAL FANTASY?