Friday, October 28, 2016

get the FFXV DLC for free

What, you better get the DLC for free, even will be in development, so I guess a cooperative hesperus With a story and battles with huge creatures and lots of fighting and the 4 playing exchanging potions customizing the clothes of the character, k we can take the car the 4! Etc.... and I hope there's a part that you come hordes of criauturas I holding my comrade the rounds and then get to a point etc... I hope that this very entertaining. I hope we can talk among colleagues for microphone and fence well the I hope it functions the ccoperativovantes k losepisodios will be more coupling.

I just cried watch this trailer!! FFXIV Gil It's EPIC and the music is a perfect match!! Thank you Square Enix and FFXV team, you've done a great job! It's beyond my expectation! I'll buy it for sure. I'm in tears because of how excited I am. Also I haven't liked Luna at all, but seeing this made me feel like I COULD like her.

Yo why does the demonic voice at the end sound EXACTLY like bhunivlse in lightning returns? Then he talks about resting which bhunivlse did in the 13 series before and after his defeat. Omg, so soon. Buy FFXIV Gil You can expect my divided attention for just about anything when I get my hands on this haha  Will Lunafreya be playable? Seems like its just a sausage fest with some obligatory eye candy here and there, not the typical FF I'm used to. Not every one gets what they want, and in the end, it's about story, not what some horny men want.

my point is horny men will be happy with the ridiculous female characters in this game but theres no diversity in gameplay, its just some bro party the whole dam time. I've never played such a 1 dimensional FF game before, its sad. Never really played that one, not a fan of the sequel games. Doesn't make me any less excited though. All the lore they've pumped into this game makes me want to go through it and play it all out. Can't wait!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

pvp is HIGHLY p2w unlike BnS

Wow after spending all the nc coins buying pet food in advance you do this to me? Thanks NC soft, Ive got enough of your BS and bringing my money elsewhere. RO, I have a level 70, I only fought some deer up to level 40, and a wolf or 2 at 41.Trust me, it's boring as hell, and pvp is HIGHLY p2w unlike BnS. can you increase drop rate pls Buy Blade and Soul Gold ?. like a junghado hat == so fking insane drop rate, i had ran tower of mushin 7F for junghado hat almost 200 times, but still got nth. what the hell is this game ?

Revelation online is making bns team feel fear. thats why they are trying to "improve" some things like this. xd  Nope, this change has been in kr for months and just got released to all other servers. THANK YOU! The whole feeding thing was stupid. Now I can use my pet.  I love this game, but this step to get legendary weapon is just ridiculous.  I believe legendary is just a luxury thing you can get. You'll be fine with true Scorpio. That makes sense. But I still want it!

That makes sense. But I still want it!&nbsp Cheap Blade and Soul Gold ; Yeah that's something to look forward to. Are you guys on gunma? My ign: iheartnisa It's fine for me because the game is soo easy to level up and the progression is so fast unlike other mmorpg .  It has came down a lot cheaper compared to back then. I spent twice on what you'd spend for premium stones now. Btw you on Mushin? What's your IGN?

And remove the premium as a req for the wardrobe and the need to buy ncoin to use mail? no? well i'll stay away from this game a while longer then. No one discuss about MU2 legend here? Gameplay similiar to lost ark..  They have the same genre, I agree, the MU 2 legend may be good but the Lost Ark is Epic. In my humble opinion. If possible, please fix "this account has been logged in" feature that happen everytime player try to login after getting disconnected from server.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

BNS moonwater or silverfrost secret recipes

We’re reducing crafting costs and increasing the number of gem transmutations available. Hit the link for the full details. gem transmutation is like pointless. Unless I dont know much about it. I cant sell any of the gems everybody wants the same high end ones. Unless I am missing something. Also my guild says I need to have moonwater to Blade and Soul Gold craft a certain item but I have been to moonwater plains I am level 50 HM 7. So why isn't available when I have all the supplies and reached teh guild level required?

You probably need the moonwater or silverfrost secret recipes.... Gaston Banks I just relized that when I paid more attention. Thank you. i hope fix that loading first, very slow to log in the game.
and to change from other dungeon to outside world, slow and the you disconnected, that bull****so..fix first, make it more faster . Should do something about reducing people AFKing in Whirlwind Valley.

Believe me they decrease it because 1000players quits a day. Why we still dont have the Dragon and Tiger Legendary Weapon? U see how straggle to get legendary? Buy Blade and Soul Gold R u nuts ? From the little I know she has a better performance than the current we have. Doesn't look like this reduces the cost of of flawless gems. :/ But we're getting hepta diamonds!!I do 90 round ST but can't get the scroll... Fix the dropping rate pls. Tq.

the way the game forcing tedious and ridiculous crafting on you to progress the game making everyone quiting the game. I am very annoyed about the situation in Battleground and Tag Match afk, want you to do something to prevent this. why did u guys removed the weapon skin tab in HM store. How about you reduce the cost of the game sucking and p2w. But... when do you remove Gameguard?