Thursday, April 23, 2015

DFO weight system

I shall confess, in the previous era, I have considered a hacking tool to make weight meaningless so I can acquire the 10s of thousands of cokes someone sent. Alas, no program alone could help and the program found DFO Gold
did many things.

Not sure if it did what I wanted so decided not to bother with it and the mail with them cokes were on the verge of expiring. In the end, found a way and even used the repurchase feature as well. Good thing the character doesn't wear plate armor.

I'll never understand why this game even has a weight system, especially for a chest. You'd think it would fall through the floor which incase would require proper flooring. Especially considering dungeon fighters are very strong like a little girl (battle mage)cheap FFXIV gil flipping the Mecha Tau...

You guys might want to consider selecting the amount you want to take out of mail in the future to prevent this from happening and even wealthy folks from abusing this by clogging up the mail with bulk items and restore practice mode for dungeons...

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