Tuesday, December 15, 2015

the launch of Heavensward was lackluster

I am not asking for the gear. If you actually took the time to understand the initial post and not think that every guy is on some gender-biased rampage, you would actually understand that what I'm saying is that there are plenty of gaping issues in the game that should be addressed. It would be a better use of development cheap Blade & Soul Gold and engineering hours to focus on those issues than to implement faulty new content.

I'm asking for a meaningful journey in the game and not rushed grind-fests (e.g., lights, mahatmas). And yes, I have two zetas. But again, I'm more concerned with thoughtful and engaging content and remedied issues.

I guess me telling you to reread my original post is also misogynistic...but when your initial comment to me is "how many dungeons do you need...for shits and giggles," I'm not quite sure that is completely polite and well-mannered. I treat people with respect when they've demonstrated it. You have not done so, pumpkin. I'm very FFXIV Gil proud of your i209. Maybe you should do some engaging content like savage or thordan, I'd be bored to death too if I was only restricted to daily roulette for eso farming.

I did not miss what you first posted. Your tone remains condescending. You will still be referred to as "pumpkin."

You're still missing the point. The request is for thoughtful and meaningful content. I did not mention easy. There are plenty of ways to make this content. I'm complaining because the patch that could have made a big impact on the state of the game from the launch of Heavensward was lackluster. You don't know me to where you can say what I will or will not think, so your argument is invalid.

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