Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I like the new runescape

I like the new runescape, but I need alittle help here with tech support and the service is down. the problem am having is finding how to , from getting xp in Att to getting Xp in str. can not find a way to switch from getting one skill to another in Melee so basically. am getting attack xp right now. but what to get off getting attack Xp to be getting Str Xp. how do I do that ?............

Hyacinth: [on the telephone] Hello, is that the Wholesome Bakery? Now tell me, and I shall know if you're lying, are your fresh cream cakes really fresh? No need to take that attitude buy runescape accounts; this is a serious customer inquiry. My name is Bouquet, B-U-C-K-E-T. No, it's not Bucket, it's Bouquet. I wish to place a large order, a very important order. I have the new vicar calling this afternoon for tea and light refreshments, so how soon can you deliver? Yes, I know it's Saturday, and I'm very happy that you're busy. I can understand that you don't deliver just anywhere Runescape accounts for sale, but as I say I do have the new vicar coming for tea and light refreshments, and I want six fresh cream cakes. That is a large order. Hello? Hello?
[clicks the cradle several times]
Hyacinth: Hoi polloi.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Reward ideas for runescape

Reward ideas: Aura Slot
When worn, it has a cosmetic effect, regardless of if the aura is active or not, similar to the Gaze Auras, but doing more than just your eyes. I would advise against a wings effect, as those have already been used substantially. The colours could be based on various themes – Easy gives you light blue, “frozen,” effects, Medium gives you yellow, “abandoned” effects, Hard gives you purple “occult* effects” and Elite gives red “Warped” effects The Aura can be worn inside dungeoneering.

With medium rewards, you could unlock the ability to heal prayer points by burying bones within dungeoneering – following sell runescape accounts in line with the necklaces you can buy from the rewards trader. You could further increase this by unlocking a Hard/Elite level reward, which gives the bonecrusher ability within dungeoneering. As such, you might have to buy both the necklace and the bonecrusher as a task for their associated sets.

Each level could give you an increased chance to receive dungeoneering journal drops – with the percentage increasing for each tier of the reward. Each level could also reduce your damage from failing skill doors, stacking with the Gathering ring. You could also have a small (capped at 10% for Elite) reduction of damage from all monsters within dungeoneering.

Based off of other Elite level rewards, you could claim 5000 dungeoneering tokens per day (following the precedent set by many of the sell rs accounts other task sets), and get one free reserection per day within dungeoneering (following off the Elite Karamja tasks).

Some other rewards for Hard/Elite level could include buy runescape accounts:
-Unlocking a second “create/teleport to gatestone” spell
-A second ammunition bind (would be very useful to have laws always bound)
-A new, slightly easier to get to location to kill frost dragons

Will try to think of other things/ask clanmates what they think, and may post here later.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I really enjoyed the quest Bring home the bacon

"Three cheers for this passing stranger and his performing pig!"

"his performing pig!" Why did this pork pie boost my summoning level yet it wont let me make the pouches?

If you don't want to train skills, then that is your problem. Jagex do not need to make quests for people who don't train those skills because skills are content in their game and they want to utilise skills in quests to  sell runescape accounts make the storylines better, rewards better, ETC. Therefore, it is your fault that you cannot do the quest, not Jagex's.

I'm a girl, so hearing this four times really bothered me. Please patch this up! Either change the line altogether or to "their performing pig!" It's been over 10 years. Jagex knows fully well that there is a large number of rs accounts for sale skillers and other players who choose not to train certain "skills".

We pay membership too like the rest of you, therefore we can complain all we want thank you very much.

It's also not like we're asking them to make every quest combat requirement free. Obviously that isn't possible. It's just that this one seemed fun. Hi, you can change your pig pet if you right click  runescape accounts for sell the machine in the cellar after you have finished the quest =)

I really enjoyed this quest, I thought it was amusing!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Karajama Island

Make it unlockable content and don't just give it away!! Dumbest update EVER!

Who ever made this idea should be fired!
"Lets make content that makes many other content useless!"

Please skip this weeks update and just make it a no update week.... PLEASE! (and decide to change) This game is .... UGH at times.
Don't need to fire if they make an idea on how Runescape accounts sell to make it unlockable content.

Unlockable ideas:
Wildy - Find a clue in wildy or Kill a person or die 20-50 times. (easy to unlock)

Elves land - Charge crystal tele 20-50 times or rs accounts for sale a ticket chance while stealing from elves or chance at finding ticket at agility obstacles. (tough to unlock)

Canfis - Chance at finding from a human form werewolf (need wolfbane weapon) or unlocked with med-hard tasks or chance from ghasts or reward from minigames or chance to find in slayer tower or when using dead vympires on altar thingy. (tough to unlock)

Gnome stronghold/Eagle Peak - Chance found during agility course or reward for gnomeball or restaurant or chance when killing gnomes or chance when stealing from gnomes or hunting. (medium to unlock)

Karajama Island - Chance to unlock in brim agility course or chance from monkeys or chance while fishing or bought for 5k in general store or help smuggle wine 5 times. or offer a certain fish or fruit to buy runescape account a pirate. (easy to unlock)

Rellekka - Hard-elite tasks or use lyre 50-100 times or snow troll drop chance or new miniquest or chance when hunting in snowy area. (tough to unlcok)

Death plateau - Kill each of the 4 gwd bosses at least once or random troll drop or given after using troll herb farm spot 5-10 times. (tough to unlock)

O'olong - Reward from MA or drop from ogres or chance from hunting or given when stealing from coffins or reward from quest "As a first resort". (tough to unlock)

Find a note and give to an NPC to unlock loadstone.

Loadstones can also be given a reward for unlocking every loadstone that speeds up the tele by 2-5 sec

Friday, July 5, 2013

join Runescape gold membership and enjoy RS 3

Would be excited but not installing Google Chrome so Gold membership does not
rs accountts selling have advantage for me.

Too soon, i'm afraid. I have an i5 3570k and an Asus GTX 660ti. And and i can't even log in at the grand exchange.

Last time i tried to play, i ended up no clipping. And that is something i can reproduce.

Excited for this, Shall be an excellent release. Would be excited if I could actually play it.
Got an i5 and a decent graphics card and I can't get more accounts for sale runescape than 10 FPS on 1280x1024. Looks like it's quitting time for me.

Might go hop back on the beta now to see how it is running.I actually saw the reveal already, I just clicked on youtube and saw it was uploaded 2 mins ago back then  I'm really excited, the battle for lumbridge? Awesome! I hope we'll be able to make Lumbridge a peaceful place of Seren, for new players to buy runescape accounts be comfortable when starting

Not sure about HTML5, but very looking forward to the story updates, and the seasonal high scores! Though I'm not so keen on storylines which we can influence, I do prefer ones that are set in stone. The release date was the only useful thing on this post. It contained pretty much nothing that we don't already know lol.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

construction skill is a good money sink inrunescape

Then you're clearly not using your costume room (non-pet storage), workshop (armor repair), quest hall (quest rewards storage and display) study (telescope for star hunting, book storage), dungeon (safe combat to test out sell rs accounts weapons/configurations) and menagerie (pet storage, free pet feeding) to their full potential, and you clearly don't have a guilded altar. And you've clearly not hosted or attended a house party, or used your house for poison curing/stat restoration.

Not to mention POH/construction skill is a good money sink in the game to help the game economy.

But no, it's all about the teleports, and this update is gonna ruin POH. Sure.And guess what - you still can! This update won't stop you buy runescape accounts, or anyone else, from wandering around aimlessly. I am torn. I am F2P, so most of this does not matter to me. Easy-scape, though, is a slap in the face.

I support the OLD version, of having a COOL DOWN period before being able to use a HOME TELE (ie lodestone) again. Bring this back, for all but the MOST BASIC areas (say Varry, Lumby and Fally, maybe a few more) ... but make it so you cannot just easy-tele to anywhere.

Use a tele spell, rather than a lodestone IF you want to sell runescape accounts do this!

I also support making ACTIVATING the lodestones MEAN something. Use of some sort of a skill, different ones maybe, to "activate" a certain lodestone. Not something super hard, but a smithing task to do the pedestal, or a crafting thing, or anything -- not just handed out for free by just going there and activating!

Make the game mean something ... not handed over on easy mode. Bah. What do I know, I don't pay!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

add more rainbowz and unicorns to D3

add more rainbowz and unicorns, some dramatic holywood music, aliens and im gonna play again.

 really see no point of crying still...Blizz already has your money, so just get over it. You hate it, and are never gonna like it again, just continue playing diablo 2, or renew your WoW subs and move on Diablo III gold. Because it looks like blizz is never gonna listen to us, so its a waste of time. People still promote this abortion of a game?

This reminds me of that level they previewed Diablo 3 accounts the barb on with the huge number of creatures on a bridge.

Too bad only a small amount of map variations made it in the game. remember when you banned my account for no reason.. after i payed 100$ for the collectors edition and logged like 400+ hours. sell Diablo 3 account.  If the barb wasn't there... that witch doctor would have run. But now on a serious note: is this a new creature that can feature in the expansion? because I don't recall it in the actual game.

This week’s community spotlight shares the work of TeknoKyo Customs and his fully articulated Diablo action figures!

Monday, July 1, 2013

common FAQ about Diablo 3

The question of the national costume, there is no news, but NetEase and Blizzard renewal is good news and know where to sell Diablo 3 account.

3 Diablo 3 How much does it cost? Piece of information when out?
(Global) is similar to Starcraft 2, the use of one-time fee (no monthly card card statement), the piece of information again paid mode (soonest 2014)
(Heavenly) To be determined

Piece of information Blizzard has always been very, very seriously, WOW operators seven years out of the three piece of information, StarCraft 2 is now almost 2 years Heart of the Swarm yet available for sale. Diablo 3 the first piece of information at least is 2014 things to know where to buy Diablo 3 account.

Diablo 3 play point where?
PVE aspect reasonable mix of skills, with people going and Need for equipment with special attributes, and reasonable team with d3 account and enjoy the thrill of the slaughter of monsters and delight in the best equipment, as well as the latter part of the difficult challenges. And expert mode (see Question 12) the massive equipment (collectors) achievement system