Tuesday, November 24, 2015

everyone will buy the founder pack

I fee like I'm throwing a message into the wind, but EU date? LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!!! CANT WAIT! Been playing the Jap version for over a year lol Don't whatever you do NCwest and keep level 50, warlock and the new KFM/FM hybrid class from us for longer than a month or 2... Korea is getting their 9th class in December!  Blade and Soul Gold Already have long waiting,I can not believe.

CANT FCKING WAIT!! I was unlucky couldnt get any keys cause of the capital controls in my country.. so I am forced to w8 till then.  I think everyone that buy the founder pack get to play early in December 2015 And open for everyone in 2016 make a big profit right there because everyone will buy the founder pack.  the CBT schedule goes till December 21st and they won't change it, so it's not possible to make the Head Start before that. Head start in December 2015 lol everyone will buy the founder pack. I think people's that buy founder pack should have One character to bring over. When the game releases. Kids would be like mommy is Christmas can Blade and Soul Buy Gold you pay is for me to become a platinum member . Parents willing to give money to children on Christmas.

No, released in December please December is day everyone have money!! To spend and kids out of school I am a business man so I know what I am talking about. is that lvl 45 max what i can reach ? if it's true what is make it different from special servers ? and what about Bsh & Po Dungeons ?  is it possible to add lvl 50 on the next update ? My cbt char have warlock weapon (drop weapon box). Well! When relase this class? how big is this game when you download it? So if the official launch is the 19th does that mean Head start is at the 16th? WHOOO HOOOO cant wait for it to go live, This is a fun and great game 3 years of waiting.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

EA is American company

EA know nothing about " football "! EA is American company so you expected to do the right thing about football? Actually usain bolt can run at speeds up to 45km an hour. Mesut Ozil the most clever midfielder in d world... Eriksen has more skill in his left foot than Ozil has in both put together... You gotta point actual what club were you buy Aion Kinah thinking?? How does it feel to be Tottenham? How does it feel to be small??! .sold rvp. Sold henry. Sold viera. Sold pieres. Sold fabregas. Sold nasri. Sold Cole... arsenal is a red spurs. N still spurs couldnt manage to finish higher than arsenal Aion Gold in last 20 years ! Yea, it's funny that bad spurs were out playing arsenal today..

Özil Will give THE assists and Sánchez will score THE goals. Eriksen will give THE assists and Bale will score THE goals uhm I mean Kane. Mistake. I think if Eriksen played for a better club his stats would be better. Arsenal have better players around Ozil to help him thrive. The numbers don't lie, just the bars... People need to read what it says it doesn't say who's a better player it says who has the biggest impact eriksen has the biggest impact because Ozil has a lot more greater players playing around him, for Tottenham there's only 2 worth mentioning eriksen and Kane so eriksen has the biggest impact.

If anyone with an IQ over 90 watched the game yesterday they'd easily agree that eriksen is a better footballer overall. Ozil is lazy off the ball and eriksen makes better space to receive passes and his distribution yesterday was world class! Ozil seems to play well only when sanchez and cazorla perform...yesterday sanchez and cazorla were awful so ozil was too... Unfair comparison. You should put up Ozil vs Eriksen/Lamela/Chadli/Dembele/Vertonghen/Defoe/Lennon/Kanoute/Ferdinand/Sheringham. Then it would at least be close.

Friday, November 6, 2015

FFXIV should stay it's own separate universe

Monks are meant to have fist like weapons...not glorified sharp weapons like a rogue...I felt like I was a ninja or something just not as stealthy...also cmon...that monk gear is terrible...monks get jibbed on how their gear looks.  lol my monk friend always shows off her clawed hands and I said "Enough kidding around with your gardening forks!" Ahh I really want to return, but it's been so I long the end game crowd will destroy me with my lack of prep. A full set of upgraded Law armor would get you into anything coming in 3.1 that isn't the new Minstrel's Ballad, and there's no cap on how much Law or Centurio Seals you can earn weekly. Cheap FFXIV Gil Normal Alex's weekly lockout will be removed with 3.1 too, making it even easier to gear up. I'd thought about just leveling one of my side jobs, or one of the newer ones, to get the swing of things again but even that seemed daunting from what I remember of the old environment.

David Kenyon Oh, really? They're removing CasuAlexander's loot restriction? Hmm. I suppose it'll be neat that alts can now choose between that and Void Ark for gearing up alts. Nicholas LaPrade How old are you talking are we talking about here? The leveling from 50-60 can easily be done in no time and with 3.1 the'll be making more and easier ways to gain EXP for 50+ content.

Do it xD people dont care as long as you tell em that youre still catching up Need to combine Vana'diel and Eorzea into the world. I would love to see what Vana'diel would look like in Eorzea's time frame, learn the lore of what happen between those times.
Maybe Jeuno is a big crater, Windy over ran by wildlife. Bastok in dusty ruins. Sandy would be the new Jeuno. Valkum Dunes turns into a resort. No thanks. We already get icons and characters from the other games mentioned, and outright showing up Buy FFXIV Gil in some curious sense of fanservice. FFXIV should stay it's own separate universe from the other games, as they all generally do. I am talking about a separate land, not icons and characters. It could double or even triple the size of the game. They have the blueprint of Vana'diel, why not use it?
Besides, if FFXIV was it's own game, then they should have made different races instead of changing the name of their races.