Monday, April 27, 2015

FFXIV DirectX 11

Idc what se says, ps4 does not look like pc on max settings. My pc is currently down so playing on ps4 atm and while ps4 does look very good its a little short in the AA shadow quality FFXIV gil  and draw distance.  The PC and PS4 are same quality on max. There have been tests to show it, and the FFXIV team themselves said it. I have seen the game on both with max settings. If your PS4 version looks worse, then it's your TV, so not everyone will get the same quality. Some HDTVs only go to 1080i, while FFXIV supports 1080p. There are other differences too from TV to TV, like your settings. The only thing better about the PC version currently is faster load times when entering duties, zones, etc. But with DirectX 11, the PC version will be graphically superior to PS4.

Did anyone else see the furby's around 4min mark, can't wait to kill them. Dang i wanna see that, stuck at work doe qq.  Foam exists in mouths of crazy people when excitement levels exceed maximum heights. I may be crazy right now...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

DFO weight system

I shall confess, in the previous era, I have considered a hacking tool to make weight meaningless so I can acquire the 10s of thousands of cokes someone sent. Alas, no program alone could help and the program found DFO Gold
did many things.

Not sure if it did what I wanted so decided not to bother with it and the mail with them cokes were on the verge of expiring. In the end, found a way and even used the repurchase feature as well. Good thing the character doesn't wear plate armor.

I'll never understand why this game even has a weight system, especially for a chest. You'd think it would fall through the floor which incase would require proper flooring. Especially considering dungeon fighters are very strong like a little girl (battle mage)cheap FFXIV gil flipping the Mecha Tau...

You guys might want to consider selecting the amount you want to take out of mail in the future to prevent this from happening and even wealthy folks from abusing this by clogging up the mail with bulk items and restore practice mode for dungeons...

Monday, April 20, 2015

collector's edition digital download for ps4

pld+war seems likely combo but best get all job lv30, which isn't that hard to do.& FFXIV Gil; Its a stand alone job... You'll be able to cross class skills but don't have to have another tank to get it. I'll come back for this get bored then wait for next best expansion.

Any info on how to pre order the collector's edition digital download for ps4? Cause it's not in the list of available pre orders!
Really want the flying mount! How about when it's a Triple Triad tournament you have a duty based player finder so you can't buy FFXIV Gil get declined constantly for not having faced anyone yet. How can you have more wins if no-one plays you?

Maybe I'm just missing it but I don't see any "details on the new jobs" just the same screenshots and a wall of text. I was hoping for a few actual job abilities to be listed not the same info but with updated visuals. Hopefully the expansion is more than that too.

You can make things look as pretty as you want but don't forget why XIV 1.0 failed so hard. Gameplay > Graphics

Sunday, April 12, 2015

open world dungeon

I don't think they will, cuz in order to get access to early access you need to buy FFXIV Gil it from the SE website.

Correct me if I'm wrong, btw.  You are wrong, as long as you PRE-ORDER FFXIV, you will get the early access code.saw people saying the heavensward expansion well have a bunch of places similar to open world dungeons or castles caves that kinda places to explore and quest anyone can confirm that? pretty much only thing missing for it to be a perfect game in my opinion。

Any chance you could make some 2560x1600 desktop wallpapers?  Booo! fix the mogstastion payment glitches! should update some of the older phone wallpapers to include sizes for the iphone 6!

 Hey, I just wanted to let you know to buy FFXIV Gil that I operate the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Official Ultros Server & people have been wondering our exact website address and since we don't have one I've been directing them to your website as I've been using it for a long time!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I don't mind the Fatigue Point system

I don't mind the Fatigue Point system. and I will buy avatars for DFO Gold every character i have to support your company. But can you guys keep the reset skill system? It's so nice, Since i can try new build every day. Anyone agree? Love that you are keeping the Fatigue System it stable the whole ingame economy out buy DFO Gold . It been so long since I have seen fair prices in the Auction house. I bought a +12 Level 50 Short Sword for 5 mil in Auction back when the old Dungeon Fighter Online was around +12 runs in the 20mil-30mil range. I bought Pink equipment and accessories set only spending 2mil life is good game is great keep up the good work.

 Personally I enjoy the FP system because it's easier than BP to burn off.  As if Blitz was the only other choice, they're doing a global publishing project so the least they could do is have a system that caters to the audience they're directing themselves at.

Not only that but you never needed to burn BP. If you miss out a day of playing with BP then you could still make up for that the next day, the same can't be said for FP where it's literally an obligation.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

FP is part of the DFO

FP is part of the DFO. Playing the game means accepting the game, all of it. You can't just pick and choose. You don't like FP? Then don't play. And if someone doesn't want to make an alt and be handicapped, its their own goddamn problem DFO Gold, you shouldn't force them to play in a certain way.

But it's not forcing them to play. They're eventually going to get frustrated and quit anyway. Complaining about the system doesn't do anything when buy DFO Gold there are so many ways to work around it. Rusty thats a shitty argument. I don't have to accept all of it. The game is not perfect and i wont treat it as such. If I have a problem then I will voice it. If you dont like it, then get off my comment.

Only ways I've seen are make more characters or quit. But you still aren't getting it. I should not be forced or told how I should play or how long by anyone but myself.

 For someone like me who works two jobs, it's actually a better system anyhow. I can exhaust my character and play them the next day. I wouldn't change a thing Mr. Lee, you and your team are doing a fantastic job.

Monday, April 6, 2015

XignCode recognizes as a potential threat

How do we get back our aplha based characters from our facebook accounts. i tried to link it to my facebook account and i still had to make one to play but it didn't pick up my old info from the alpha testing?

I use a Logitech USB controller when I play and I have no problems whatsoever. So is the only thing hardcore about hardcore mode that they start at level 1?? Like is that all that is? Hardcore mode characters start at level 1? Don't ALL characters start at level 1? Hardcore start at level 1 and get half exp.

My controllers work natively. I physically couldn't get joy2key or xpadder to work personally.  How Solve Error code 0xE019100B?

Error code 0xE019100B:
This error message can occur when there is another program running on your system that XignCode recognizes as a potential threat. These can be cheap DFO Gold virtual drive programs like Daemon Tools, but also browser extensions and toolbars. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exhaustive list of all programs that can cause this issue.

Users who experience this issue should try to close any programs (in the case of browser extensions, try closing your browser) that might be interfering with XignCode.

It is also possible that running the Dungeon Fighter Launcher DFO Gold/ Executable as administrator will resolve the issue.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

good Dragon Quest

 Is this the part where i ask people to throw money at Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires so DW Heroes can be on Steam?   I'll just import the PS3 version. Too bad you don't want to buy cheap FFXIV Gil build upon fan bases that already own previous gen consoles that you've unreleased titles for.... While we may not be getting the PS3 Version, at least this is a start. Thank you all the same, Square Enix.

 I had my doubts at first when I heard it would be made with Dynasty Warrior in mind, but after watching plenty of streams on Twitch and UStream, it does feel like a good Dragon Quest spinoff FFXIV Gil. I will get it, however I do hope that you will bring us Dragon Quest 7 3DS one day or at least put the old version "Dragon Warrior 7" on PSN someday. I'm pretty sure a lot of fans would agree with me that the PSone version deserves its spot in the classics section of the Sony Entertainment Network. Good afternoon guys, my question is , already has release date in North America? Pardon me Square Enix but why is there no PS3 version release of Dragon Quest Heroes can you tell me a very honest truth about it.