Tuesday, March 24, 2015

get 30 days and no limitations for FFXIV

If you buy the game you get 30 days and no limitations. that is why your friend hit 40. but if you get the 14 day free trial you get a level 20 cap. Can anyone tell me at what point in the video it shows the saucer exclusive mount FFXIV Gil prizes?  easier to go reddit n see since they normaly update and add all sections there. I cant since im on my phone its to slow lol but yeah adamantois e looks kinda lame running.. but fenrir looks awesome.  I'm going to try finding these now, I need to see them. Give me a pro and con to this game, super curious how a real mmo plays on a console.

 I played ps3 & ps4 version, ps4 is crazy good. Ps3 is about the same other than zones loading slower. ps3 has longer load times and during dungeons alot dont like to wait so u get locked out of boss fights alot.  If you have PS4 you can just buy cheap FFXIV Gil use mouse and keyboard.  I see heavansword is for sale on amazon already but where is the collectors edition?

Hope the Chocobo breeding and racing is user friendly. It was my fav part of ff7. Been saving up all my $ to blow on my chocobos breeding. Can someone tell me how to make 100% sure that my subscription is cancelled? The support page on this is really unhelpful and customer service were dreadful and refused to answer the question, they just kept referring me to the same support page that doesn't help.

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