Tuesday, December 27, 2016

FF11 is still Pay to play

Haha it's funny everyone keeps telling him no and ed just keeps going lol f2p ftw haha I don't even play. My bestie plays a lot of GW2 and apparently it got quite a lot worse when it went f2p. Ed Tahana If you won't answer why then this comment is better off deleted. You are just acting like a child at this point. I could type for hours about how games used to work before the free to play platform arrived and how well games were made.

Like the original Ultima online, thats a grade A example about how certain tactics can ruin a MMO so easily. I believe it never tried free to play but they tried many other things FFXIV Gil that people who came up with the free to play scheme also did and the game slowly fell into ruin when it was a literal golden quality type game. Ed Tahana If you can't afford $15 for a monthly hobby you need to be focusing more on life instead of video games. Also, no...it won't go free to play. Just look at FF11.

It doesn't need to go free to play, If it did it would be ruined, gameplay would change it wouldn't be this MMO anymore. No not all MMOs will go free to play that's just stupid there is no reason for that and companys would never make the money back that they put in. I understand your hopes but it won't happen. Save up some cash maybe you can play this game one day and understand what were talking about.  Ed Tahana Good luck, even FF11 is still Pay to play, I highly doubt this ever will. Brian McCarty, Cheap FFXIV Gil not everyone can be blessed with the basic ability to formulate an argument.

Ugh, never F2P please. I like how they have it set up. Pay 2 Play with GLAMOUR microtransactions... No pay 2 win crap. No i ain't trolling at all. The entire game needs to go free to play.  All games goes free to play? LMAO.. World of warcraft has been a sub game for so many years and it hasn't gone free to play. You can try harder, Ed, ffxiv will not go free to play even if you say it needs to go free to play. Are you sad that you cant play a sub game? Aww.. Too bad.. Suck it Bro. Even playing multiplayer games on Playstation 4 or XBOXONE needs a sub too. You think everything in the world is free? Stupid stuff, but im already subbed so i guess i'll still do it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Everything is all decorated for Halloween

But if you go to login to their website it just shoots login error messages at you? I had a few ppl pm me in game saying they having the same thing happen to them over the last week or so but no one can login to the websites to find out wtf is going on.   why between the forum it I get like 3 OR 4 times a day I lost bastion pvp that's why Do we have to buy the alchemic essence or can we loot it? you have 5% chance for essence, 95% chance lead fragment. So if you really want a key you need to buy from the broker or the BCM the essence Cheap Blade and Soul Gold ......I only get lead fragments, never seen one essence to drop!

Everything is all decorated for Halloween-gonna have an event for that? and still no updates.... I will be back playing when 5.3 arrives. This is definitely a player favorite event glad to see it returning.  sir is there any chance that i can play in android like loongcraft.  I love this game b4..but can't play anymore here..hope someone can make a mobile version of it..Can someone say me for Marchutan Protector's set and weapon ...can it break in temperance?

 I keep a message thing c+ on Ncsoft app and I login and disconnects me.   Hey guys, I'm from Vietnam and I've got serious problem of ping when I'm playing. I'd like to get some advices to deal with this. Ty guys You need to play in the Corean server which is closer to you. NA is so far away from you, so you will have so much lack...Buy Blade and Soul Gold Really don't know how to speak Korean.  How I respond ticket (support) if the page will not let me access siemplemente gives error and mistake more.Sell a aion acc with 2400 Aion Coins / Coins. It's a newly planted acc where character and server can be selected.  wtb any server merge.. before the game keeps dying D:

These wing designs were among our favorites in the Leave Your Legacy: Wings of Atreia contest. There are varying art skills portayed and we loved the creative concepts these players displayed. Those green and black ones are the best. They have the most detail while most of the other submissions resemble wings we already have in the game. I don't understand why so many lazy wing submissions were elevated instead.