Thursday, April 9, 2015

I don't mind the Fatigue Point system

I don't mind the Fatigue Point system. and I will buy avatars for DFO Gold every character i have to support your company. But can you guys keep the reset skill system? It's so nice, Since i can try new build every day. Anyone agree? Love that you are keeping the Fatigue System it stable the whole ingame economy out buy DFO Gold . It been so long since I have seen fair prices in the Auction house. I bought a +12 Level 50 Short Sword for 5 mil in Auction back when the old Dungeon Fighter Online was around +12 runs in the 20mil-30mil range. I bought Pink equipment and accessories set only spending 2mil life is good game is great keep up the good work.

 Personally I enjoy the FP system because it's easier than BP to burn off.  As if Blitz was the only other choice, they're doing a global publishing project so the least they could do is have a system that caters to the audience they're directing themselves at.

Not only that but you never needed to burn BP. If you miss out a day of playing with BP then you could still make up for that the next day, the same can't be said for FP where it's literally an obligation.

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