Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Heavensward release

Still no point crying about it to be honest. would you rather they fixed thing's or just leave the game and patch's buggy. because guaranteed you would cry about that as well as i said it is a few hours if that and. come on you are bound to have more to do in your life for that few hours downtime  FFXIV gil . it's the fking summer holidays for Christs sake. they do all worlds maintenance so everybody gets back on at same time. why would they turn the servers off for one half and not the other when they could do everything they need to in 1 go.

This game is very good about maintenance and fixes. Heavensward release had hardly any issues, was amazing. Some people can't be pleased. Can we make the new EX Primal's Dungeon Finder compatible yet? like wtf? that wont happen untill we get another primal. thats how it works cheap FFXIV gil. well you never know they may do it in the big patch that will be due in about another month or 2.  Agree its stupid just put it in duty finder noone likes getting in party's in pf.extremes have never been put in the duty finder less than a month after they came out.

 Friends don't let friends Duty Finder raid content. I have a FC and a medium house. Only have 5 members. Most people already have an FC they are with. I wouldn't even want to attempt ravex with random DFs. You may need it for relic quest if the first relic quest is any hint at what this will be like. So yes, soon it'll soon have df.

 You must be a masochist if you wanna do Ravana EX in DF.  you really want to do these primals with a bunch of random people who dont care about each other? Even if you get a bunch of randoms in PF its better than DF....  I do my server pfg suck I have better odds are n df the pfg.

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