Friday, June 28, 2013

play d2 for months

Hope mine wasn't banned from inactivity, after maxing out two characters got pretty boring, still play d2 though, how sad is that?I loved D2 I played D3 for about five hrs an went and got my Diablo III gold ack ill try it again when I can play it off my PS3. Will no longer play blizzard games. I stopped playing Diablo 3 due to buggy gaming. I figured after a few patches I would come back and check if it had resolved my issue, only to find out my account was hacked due to Blizzard's lack of security on accounts. Tech support hasn't responded to my requests.Plenty of bots are still on Diablo 3 items for sale ... demombuddy or something is making more and more money

how can you be banned from a SINGLE PLAYER GAME?!
oh yeah.. DRM.. nm -_-* if you wouldve just let the game be a single player game, and let people that want to use cheats to make the game more interesting; this wouldnt be a problem. yes, it would be better to sell Diablo 3 account solve the problem with NETWOK DISCONNECT (The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from server or error 3006, 3007), last month there were many tired

 If you guys would change the skill tree system, and dueling back to something like Diablo 2 then maybe I would be playing, winter time only haha.PC games banning people for mods seems odd to me. To each their own, but some of the best games have a healthy community of modders that just want to make the game they love even better. The real money auction house does screw that whole idea up though.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ow about more lodestones in Ape Atoll

Well thats a nice update, how about more lodestones in:

Ape Atoll
Somewhere near barrows or abandoned mine
Moss le harmless
Deep in the desert, like sophenamen
Neitzenot and Jatizo

For wildy 1, it will be better if u have a warning mesage and needs confirmation, like ardy and edgville levers, also it will be nice if u do the same warning with lava titan teleport.

 want even more lodestones tbh. An entire map full of them possibly 10,000 of them, each covering every conceivable coordinate. I don't really want to move my mouse more than I have to (wrist problems and all dat). Doing a clue scroll? Have coordinates? Well no trouble at all man, just punch in the coordinates into the lodestone network, and VOILA, you are transported to your next clue!

In fact, coming soon, you won't even have to  buy runescape gold click the mouse even, you can just talk at your computer-and it will teleport you to your destination.

Tired of leveling or even playing the game? For a limited time only you can announce "Completion cape" into your microphone, and the game will begin the process of attaining it for you. Allow 3-6 weeks for  buying runescape account completion of this task. If you wish to have it done sooner, be on the lookout for the new Squeal of Completion (SOC), and you can finish in just half that time!

Billy Mays here, are you tired of leveling? Did your thumb just blow up from too much runecrafting? Well don't you worry, cuz for only $19.99...

-easy button

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beserker's Rage improves ALL damage by 25%

Notice there is no big Fury spender only generators and survival. This is where I'd tweak your Passives slightly.

Your passives are excellent choices, but as I said earlier, you don't need to rely on Relentless to keep you alive when you are doing the Seismic shuffle trying to regain the fury you quickly used up. Beserker's Rage improves ALL damage by 25% when sitting at full fury. This is basically a free Battle Rage and will allow you to stack more Vitality in your sockets which I promise you will be short of if you go through Hell mode without Diablo 3 account sell spending ridiculous amounts of gold on overpriced gear. After Hell Mode I entered Inferno with 37k hp, gemmed for straight strength. Not good.

The rest of your guide is good. Resists are paramount and your goals per Act are in line in a decent survival rate. You just need to d3 items remember, unless you have 10 million gold at your disposal to blow on the AH after Hell mode, you will be entering Inferno with gear that can only support very few builds.

PvP in Burning Crusade

I choked down a lot of PvP in Burning Crusade.  I'll never step foot in another Battleground.  There really is nothing that Blizzard could do to change my mind about it.  I figure players like me -- who will not PvP at all, ever, no matter what -- probably make up a vanishingly small percentage of WoW players, though... a low single digit percentage, most likely.  Thus, for all those people who live in the BGs or who just like to buy wow gold dabble, I really hope these changes in 5.3 are making it more fun for you.  More fun means more people signing on, and I benefit from that even if the PvP changes themselves mean nothing to me.

Personally I have started going back to raiding on my Survival Hunter. I don't pvp with him. My PvP character is my Frost DK and I'm getting more then a little tired of playing cat and mouse till the 2's match ends up coming to a draw versus mages, warlocks, hunters, holy pallies, resto druids, resto shamans, etc. Frost DK is in a bad spot as is most of the other melee classes. All the caster classes now have kiting abilities and we can't catch em. Its irritating. I'm not the type to rage because I couldn't win a match but getting more then sell wow accounts tired of the whole class is greater then skill idea. So I may put my DK out in the sun till he ripens enough for pvp to be enjoyable again.

Part of the legendary in MoP had 2 BG's - I'v tried them several times - and it just strengthen my oppinion that PvP is wher all the nasty, rude, intolerant 12-year old people in Wow gather! :( No teamwork, no explanation - just be as bad as you can and if you write anything in chats, is is insults... No, I don't PvP and legendary wil never be mine...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lamp parts have gotten harder to ge

It's bad policy for a Mod to suggest people do quests for spins; you're supposed to do them for fun, or you won't appreciate them. Same thing with skills; you're supposed to get your levels on merit, which is way more satisfying and sell rs accounts.

If you go and look at pictures of it, the xp selection screen clearly has pictures of lamps on it, says lamp about 15 times and the confirmation box says 'use lamp'. Ok jagex we wont forget about the lamp. I will also buy tons of spins since that's what you want. So maybe I can get like 5 mil xp for free eh?

Lamp parts have gotten harder to get as the promo goes on. First couple days, they filled most of the common slots. Now, I see them in just one common slot.

But then, that's how you get sucked into buying runescape account pins. You get some parts, get close to finishing lamps, so you figure you have to buy rs gold and keep spinning until you finish one.

Note: when jagex starts handing out this kind of xp... the games close to burning iron.... spin after spin, no genie... i have skilled my buns off lol...

what is up with that jagex?

i have all the pieces... really, whats the odds of getting a genie, i have read that no where? can someone plz answer this one?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A fury spender that ignores unit colision


As tornados spin, they tick – meaning they do dmg, proc LoH and other effects. More ticks mean more dps, healing and fury Diablo III account.
The amount of ticks can be increased, by increasing your APS to certain breakpoints.
The important ones are:

each of these breakpoints will add 2-3 ticks to your tornados.

While the dmg of RLTW comes only from your MH weapon, the APS ticks are calculated from, comes from the weapon that was swung last to buy Diablo 3 items.

Diablofans user Nubtro made an extensive research and a thread regarding RLTW breakpoints, all credits for the above go to him, please visit his thread if you wish to learn more or just upvote him.


A fury spender that ignores unit colision, making you very mobile and good at avoiding ground effects. WW alternates weapons, so RLTW benefits, when activated at a time of your fast weapon being in use.

As you hold down your right mouse button (most common WW binding) diablo 3 gold for sale, simply move your mouse and your character will move where you point. If there are no mobs in your vicinity, but they are following you, there's no need to keep Wwing – to save fury, unless you are capped and need to spend the fury for WotB uptime.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I've always been cash poor in-game

I've had the game for 6 years.  I'm a shaman and therefor back in the day I had wolf travel form, while my husband ran around as an undead.  I was always faster then him.  Then the day of the mounts came to be.  He saved and bought his right away, while I being gold poor was content running a little behind him in wolf form.  Well he couldn't take it so he bought gold.  It's something we regret to get wow accounts this day.  not because anything bad could happen but because we now know where it came from and blizzards stance on it.  Sorry Bliz.

I've always been cash poor in-game, but never. Reasons why never, because the way they get the gold #1, I hate that shiz, & the low down scum that do it. Plus I feel bad for the victims. Second, I don't want to sell wow accounts lose my account by being banned and/or stolen. Third, I don't want a skanky virus from even just looking at one of their sites. None of it is worth it. 

Now finally after a few years of playing with the help of a suggested add-on WoW Insider toted & the Mobile Auction House, I've finally slapped myself into using the AH seriously, where before I would just vend everything. Now I can't wait to find BoE gear & other mats that I can't use so I can drop them in the AH. I doubt I'll get super rich now, but maybe I'll make it to middle-class.

I started playing about 4 months after the original game was released.  Back then, getting any significant amount of gold was a real pain, and I didn't really know much about any of the easier ways to get best wow gold it in game.  So, I bought 1k gold for...I think it was like $40 or something ridiculous back then.  That was the only time I ever did it because I used that as starting capitol and have been making my own gold ever since.  I can't really say I regret doing it, per se, don't lose sleep over it or anything.  But I'm not particularly proud of it either.  I guess it just is what it is.  I am definitely against doing it now for a number of reasons, the most important of which is because it's just plain wrong.

I have leveled my d3 account to level 120

que cabrones me gasto dinero en pcs uno nuevo y dos juegos, hablo por mi y mi ex ÇÇ, y ahora lo sacáis en consola?(que ya teneiamos dos...) NO HAY DERECHO ÇÇ
One play-thru was enough for me. But I guess if grinding/looting is your thing Diablo 3 account buy ... Just don't play it for the story. Ugh. Blizzard, not the same company it used to be. Lets not fix our game and instead hand it out to even more fans so we can make more money. This is the message you are sending your once loyal fans. I am so disappointed.

 blizzard needs to stop flaunting what they can do "OMG look we can bring a bad product to a great console" and start taking care of its fan base. Do they not realize that 11 million copies of this game has been sold....yet only a small fraction of those players still play? This should speak volumes to the company. Take what I am going to say to heart: the diablo community would NOT be mad at you if you shut down this game, admit you guys royally screwed up and rebooted the game in a reasonable amount of time....heck look what square-enix is doing for FF 14...the game was a massive failure but d3 account now, they are rebooting the game [obviously we dont know how good it will be but, it just shows the commitment THAT company has]. But I guess we [well not me, I play TL2 (sucks that your own employees made a 100x better game with fewer resources, doesnt it?)] have to settle for mindless "patches" that really dont equate to much [so awesome that I get 5%MF only to play and get 0 drops] and lets not forget about the "paragon level"....right wouldnt it just be simplier to make the cap to lvl 100 and in subsequent expansions increase it to lvl120 [why are you afraid of going over 100? lol].

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Interesting article

Interesting article. I transferred to a PVP-realm during the lull of Cataclysm mostly because it was an RPPVP realm (the only high pop, decently balanced RP realm in my zone) and I wanted all my world of warcraft accounts options open to me, or so I thought anyway. And it was all well and good during the lull, I didn't get ganked much, sometimes players attacked me while I was just minding my own business and I defended myself successfully. I had some nice moments of meeting enemy players and interacting with them without violence - we both had the option to attack, but neither of us did, and I liked that. So I dug in on my new server, I leveled alts - lots of alts - and tried to find a guild and made myself at home. And then Mists came, and the whole server changed.

Now, I know, I done did messed up - I should have taken the lull into account, I should have done a better job of trying to predict my feelings on cheap wow gold gankers and griefers, I shouldn't have leveled alts until I was absolutely sure I was sticking with the realm. It's not a black-and-white thing, but I am definitely closer to "care bear" than "ruthless gladiator", I should have known that.

So the truth is, as it stands today, I went PVP and I would *absolutely* go back. If I could. But 7 high level alts (all with maxed out professions and rare recipes) is a lot to pay for transfer for someone on financial aid, so I'm pretty much stuck where I am and that blows. This isn't a QQ rant - much like in real life I'm a "if life gives you lemons, pour sugar on it until you can't taste the lemon anymore" type of person so I'm making it work - I'm just saying, some of us on PVP servers are there against our current will. We made our beds and have to lie in them, uncomfortable though they might be safe wow gold. So while I try not to whine in /General, I definitely understand those that do and have zero sympathy for the PVP players who whine about the whining. That is the reaction they're after, as made very evident by the article above, and until server transfers are free (ie: never) the "like it or GTFO" crowd is just going to have to accept whining as the natural fruit of their labors. The bitter, whiny, lemon-y fruit.

Wrapping up, I promise. ;) I just want to add that, on the subject of making it work, there are ways to minimize the pains of being on a PVP realm, if you like me are stuck on one. Leveling with a buddy gives you the two-against-one advantage (have taken out higher level players this way with some satisfaction and absolutely zero shame), and also lets you level faster. The sooner you're max level, the sooner you're atleast close to the top of the food chain. Slap on some PVP gear and you can usually atleast make a tactical retreat successfully ("running away" has such a negative ring to it). Also really helps to know where your safe-zones are - I've gotten a LOT of milage out my Tillers farm as a safe haven, to the point where I've made it my mission to get mailboxes there on all my toons (as all my toons have farms) so I can do my mail-shuffling in peace while staying in Halfhill. And, if you ask nicely and in a non-whiny way in /General, usually you can rally the troops to clear out an area of gankers if you really want to quest there. Otherwise, just hop into a dungeon or move somewhere else until the coast is clear.

Monday, June 17, 2013

AQ again

Indeed... and as much as Blizzard has publicly stated they never want to do anything like the opening of AQ again, the Emerald Nightmare could have been an amazing way to close out Wrath. We'd all been fighting our way to the top of ICC for 12 months-ish... Halion & Co. are history... bam, server event, then when it's over, earthquakes, Twilight cultists, etc.

Have it last a week or two, everyone gets tranplanted to the Dream (NPCs as well--I believe that was part of the point in the book--and that way nobody can complain that it's interrupting their AH play or /2 spam) and make the interactive part about the size of (old) Barrens plus Mulgore. Use that new-fangled microphasing (i.e. Firelands intro) they're so proud of to give everyone level-appropriate mobs; no complaining you can't go level. Show us what happened to bring Malfy back. Show us why Fandral Stickuphisbutt is selling world of warcraft accounts now a prisoner.

Don't just say "look! the world changed! Malfurion's back (and Tyrande's a wuss now). Southshore's trashed, and the Forsaken own it all. what's that? what happened? Deathwing, of course... what? Emerald Nightmare? Just a rum--oh. Someone told. Okay, uh... go pay $6.99 at Borders and we'll tell you."

That last part? -That- is what pisses me off about the tie-in novels. Forget that KYL and wowpedia eventually let the rest of us know what's going on. You want to tell a story with your game, fine. Tell it... in the game. That's where it affects Shallie, and Dora, and Shandrakor, and all my other toons. That's where it affects Varian, Tyrande, Garrosh, Lor'themar TheWho, Revilgaz... everyone. They lived through the Dreamer's War. They assaulted ICC. They defended (or attacked) Southshore. Andorhal. Stonetalon, Ashenvale, the Barrens... They, and the lore events, deserve more than an asterisk leading to buy wow accounts a footnote that says "and this happened too."

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What are you actually looking for?

What are you actually looking for? The only questionable thing about this setup, is that it has to be ok for the whole raid team to have one pretty much. Other than that it's not that different.

There wasn't exceptional skill involved in the other ones... it's been #1 be in an applicable raid team, #2 be the favorite of everyone/be more skilled than the rest of your team(though first part counts for more)/be the right class for cheap wow accounts the right time. The extra quests were more just like fun mini games tbh.

I have to ask though are you caught up? There are actual encounters to do in the latest installment.

Also, you know there's an actual weapon at the end of all this right? it's not just goofy gems and stuff.

Also... almost all of the actual time spent on previous legionaries has been ... raiding you were going to do anyways... hoping the RNG favors you...

We're preping for the next great apocalypse heading towards azeroth with the last of the black dragons... how much more epic of a story do you need? Slowly grinding thru the 'Shadows of the Empire' portion of the show, headed for my Legendary Meta… 6 of 20 so far; I just have a hard time grinding thru the LFR regular-like, and not playing at all for safe wow gold about a month or so is not helping any…!

REALLY hoping this whole thing is going somewhere, and after seeing the buff to Fangs of the Father on the PTR notes, hoping it all might lead to Wrathion giving my old daggers a fresh makeover… Come on relevant items for another tier or two

Friday, June 14, 2013

World of Warcraft is an intensely competitive game

World of Warcraft is an intensely competitive game requiring hours of game play experience, technical skill and, of course, strategy. While most players spend hundreds of hours learning, developing, and executing their strategies, you can significantly decrease the time it takes you to master the WOW universe by simply understanding and applying the appropriate WOW strategy.

Here's an overview of some critical World of Warcraft techniques to help you dominate your competition, significantly increase your game earnings, and master the WOW universe in no time at all:

- Your overall WOW strategy should be dynamic and flexible. It's not enough to look for gold; you must know where to go and how to uncover gold making opportunities others aren't aware of. In addition, you must understand the common gold making mistakes most players make and how to buy wow gold avoid them. How to get money for your mounts is an equally important Wow strategy to maximize your efficiency.

- When beginning your game, understand that your lifeblood is all about gold. Most new players spend countless hours trying to figure out how to make gold. So, understand that you don't want gold, you need gold, and you'll be well on your way to WOW strategy success. Also, leveraging your game time is critical. Spending hundreds of hours trying to search for and make gold can be a fruitless endeavor. Instead, focus your efforts on wow gold prioritizing your activities and maximizing gold efficiently. This is one of the key elements to developing an effective WOW gameplan.

- Mastering the art of automating your gold build is absolutely critical. By mastering the arts of crafting, fishing and cooking, and farming, you'll quickly learn to maximize your gold and minimize your game time played. Again, efficiency is the key here. Knowing when and where to be will exponentially increase your gold yield. If properly implemented, this WOW strategy will help you get rich long before you're at max level.

- Increase the fun factor! Yes, starting in the World of Warcraft universe can be a difficult and daunting task. But don't forget that there are several ways to grow your gold stockpile while having a great time too. Keep your eyes open for unique and underutilized ways to make gold. Implement them properly, and your riches and fun factor will rise hand in hand. Don't be afraid to explore and once you've found a niche you enjoy, become a master. Like in real life, enjoying what you do is critical to success, and should be the foundation to your WOW strategy.

- Another valuable tool that will help you increase your gold stockpile is helping others while you farm and making significant amounts of gold off any professions. It's common to see these opportunities wasted by new players, and this is a mistake that shouldn't be overlooked. Building your gold is a multi-faceted skill; you need to do be systematic, organized, and passionate to succeed.

- An important point: Many players take advantage of various approved add-ons. Take some time to research this area as there are several add-ons that can help you become a gold making machine. To get rich, you must learn how to use them properly to unleash your true potential. Uncovering which are worthy of your attention is another critical consideration.

- Lastly, don't be afraid to play against masterful WOW players. To be the best, you must learn from the best. Your WOW strategy success will depend on your desire to gain experience, think outside the box, and play, play, play. By considering some of these ideas and diligently planning your World of Warcraft plan upfront, you'll increase your chances of becoming a WOW strategy and gold master!

Winning is not a game of chance, it takes determination, creativity, perseverance, and planning. World of Warcraft is all about strategy. The aforementioned strategies are essential to your success and will help you master the World of Warcraft game quickly. In no time at all, you'll be the next online World of Warcraft legend.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stromgarde fell apart after the Scourge

No, Stromgarde fell apart after the Scourge had finished with Lordaeron. We throw it in the bucket with all the other ruined kingdoms because its a, you know, ruined kingdom. I'm not sure what border regulations have to do with things, since I doubt any formalization of territory means much when none of the kingdoms that made them have functioning governments.

Stormwind is the story of survivors who rebuilt -- Stromgarde is the story of survivors who uh, didn't survive. The only known surviving lore figure from Stromgarde is the guy who abandoned his people to go to buy wow accounts Outland. There's no Lothar, no Varian, no Bolvar, or anything to make the story compelling -- all Stromgarde has going for it is fanwank about Lordaeron.

And Stormwind pays a lot of service to the last of the Arathi -- they built a giant statue of him near Blackrock Mountain. Lothar is more a Stormwind figure than a Stromgarde figure, so I don't really see fast wow gold that as a compelling reason to go back there. Stromgarde isn't the survivor's story -- it's not really any kind of a human story. Lordaeron's last human hero was Arthas, and from there on out, Lordaeron wasn't a human story anymore.

I'm sorry. The Forsaken, being, you know, former humans, have all of those same ties to the place. In fact, one of the Forsaken is Stromgarde's crown prince.

The Alliance hasn't interacted with Stromgarde since WC2, whereas the Horde, through the Forsaken, have been playing an evolving Lordaeron plotline since the beginning of WoW.

It's not human anymore -- none of Lordaeron is. The faster the Alliance realizes this, the happier they'll be. It's the same way the Orcs shouldn't consider the Swamp of Sorrows to be an Orcish landmark worthy of development (even though it was where most of the First War, and major orcish events, took place). It's dead and gone.

who actually liked ladder on d2

I am not really on either side of this debate, but one thing I will say is that before they bring out a ladder, they need to fix more core issues in the game. Honestly we all know itemization is garbage right now (and they are in the process of fixing it, hopefully for 1.09  Diablo 3 item but I am not holding my breath). I honestly believe (imo) that if they don't fix some things before bringing in a ladder the people that everyone claims will come back will not stay.Go play D2 if you want the ladder diablo 3 accounts for sale  ! It was littered with dupes in the ladder. I know, I bought some.

Is it just me or does any one else find it hilarious that 90% of the people that want a ladder reset, all have less then 5k elite kills or less then 10k  cheap d3 gold lol. (This is equivalent to like 50 hours of gameplay lol)

You noobs shouldnt have quit when the game first came out and maybe u would have the same godly gear as me and others and u wouldnt have to be here crying for a ladder reset.

Bots? Don't you remember almost EVERY Baal game was run by a bot? They would pop into every game you were in and spam the whole screen with ads to go buy duped runes. Either you never played D2 or you fell and hit your head really hard.
Am i the only one here who actually liked ladder on d2? It looks like it from the amount of negativity i'm seeing here. However i do agree with one of the posts about, if you add ladder-only things, it does force the vast majority to play ladder for those benefits. Ladder-only Runewords much?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So what's the right answer?

That right there is the $64,000 question. Which is right and which is wrong? The answer is both for both. My personal thought is that extremes are bad. They shoe horn you and cripple you in as many ways as they may seem to help you. I personally don't believe that either extreme by themselves is the right answer, no matter how much people debate the topic or express their opinion on it. There is however only one right answer, and well, it is simply whatever lets you get the job done. In an average raid week, it is not uncommon for me to spend time reforging, re-gemming and shuffling things around to best suit the fight. Some fights will require some more spirit, others I'll buy wow accounts stack some more mastery and take advantage of some Deep Healing. Some nights I will change my load out depending on what the healing team looks like for a night in order to better compliment the team.

As far as I'm concerned, at the end of the day it's about getting the job done however you need to get it done working with your team. Your stats may shift, you may change fight to fight, but you just need to be ready to do that. Do not become swayed by either extreme. If you find yourself hurting for mana even though you are rolling MTT on cooldown, stack some more spirit. After all you can't heal if you have no mana. If you find yourself with a mana bar that isn't moving and your heals are hitting like limp pasta, drop wow gold some spirit and look at some of your other stats. Find your balance, what works for you in your situations. Don't heal in a world of pure black and white, and swim in that gray area. As far as I'm concerned, that is the right answer. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

old Azeroth most likely doesn't exist anymore

The big problem is, that old Azeroth most likely doesn't exist anymore. There was a lot of work done to make the old world flight-compatible in Cataclysm. Old-World Azeroth used as many 2D poster tricks as it could to save on space and loading with the backgrounds. Its why the flight posts always had a bit of a wonky path.

I'm willing to bet that, in order to save space, they overrode and removed whatever they needed of the old world with cheapest wow accounts the newer content. While that might not matter much for some areas, other areas (such as the Barrens for instance)had received drastic overhauls which would have to have the old version of Barrens reinstated alongside it.

That means more storage space. More storage space needed means bigger install and thus potentially more disks for retail copies. That's a lot of bloat to reinstall just for a couple hours of nostalgia. Not to buy world of warcraft accounts to  mention the chance of drastic bugs to pop up like the infamous Final Fantasy-11 like weeklong cooldown shamans ended up getting as part of their tier effects.

I think it was a control file. It kept all the differences listed, and displayed the old world. Once this file was deleted, it displayed the "new' world.

Since then, Blizzard has done two "cleanups" which reordered the files, and reduced file size. It probably removed some of the older files. If this is the case, then it would require more than the 10MB that file took up, but it wouldn't be a drastic change.

The funny thing two people with the same client could see people with and without the file. Someone discovered if you deleted this file yourself, you saw the new world. Other people on the PTR, who still selling wow accounts to saw the "old world" still saw you, and count interact with you, but if you were standing or walking on something new, you looked like you were floating in the air to them.

And yes, dungeons are hosted on different servers. They are hosted on the same ones raids and BG's are hosted on.

Monday, June 3, 2013

the Alliance was not attacking the Horde

Let us contitinue our pointless finger-pointing, because it amuses me so.

1) And yet saying "you killed hundred of us, we're just going to sit over here now" is exactly what's going to happen at the end of patch 5.4, which irritates me to no end. Addressing your point, however, the Alliance was not attacking the Horde at the moment they began cutting down trees in Ashenvale. The only Alliance settlement on Kalimdor at that time was Theramoe to buy cheap wow accounts, and I am pretty sure the orcs had not discovered it yet. Also, Night Elves started killing off the orcs only after the orcs began chopping down Ancients for wood - you know, living, talking, sentient tree protectors that night elves venerate as holy?

2) Nice try, but no cigar. Being a worgen I can tell you Genn Greymane seceded from the Lordaeron Alliance many years before the Plague happened due to not agreeing to shoulder the burden of maintaining the concentration camps immediately after the Second War. As for "there wasn't a reason" - truly, when there is a plague rampaging outside you don't want any infected in your sanctuary.

3) No, I do not mind at all. See "Ashenvale, continued deforestation of" and "Gulch, Warsong". Oh, and Silverwing Refuge is still burning, by the way. I loathe to resort to finger-pointing because it degrades the discussion to the general level of "you did it first!" "no, YOU did!", but in this particular case Horde was clearly the agressor if you check the timeline.

4) Nu-uh. Check your history. It was not demons who made orcs drink demon blood, it was Gul'dan the orc warlock who proposed the idea before the council of tribal chiefs - and they all agreed. Used as puppets? where to sell wow accounts ?All these blood drinking shenanigans may have been orchestrated by Gul'dan and his cronies, but they did it as a bid for power and influence among the orcs in the first place. Being, you know, orcs themselves.

And then yes, the Dark Portal happened. The Horde spilled out of it and put to sword, axe and torch the unsuspecting human kingdoms and scarred the land into a barren wasteland that has not healed up to this very day... ah, sorry, I forgot. Misunderstood. So it's totally fine, really. Have another genocidal campaign against the Alliance.

5) Oh, the internment camps. My second favourite topic after Taurajo. Mind you, at that point Terenas had two options: either let the surviving orcs live or herd them into a hole in the wall and fire cannons until the screaming stopped. Genn Greymane voted for the second option and (see above) seceded from the Alliance when Terenas Menethil adamantly refused to kill the demonic invaders from the other world and showed them mercy he would never see from them had it been they who won.

Were you saying this decision wasn't justified? Why yes, I certainly am inclined to agree with you on this particular point.