Friday, March 18, 2016

Blade and Soul FPS Problem

And what are those 45s you have? Their gears? I kill Junghado with Awakened Siren Bangle and True Infernal Accessories.. JungHado isnt that hard if you spec your cc skills right. I beat him with awakened siren 10 staff , pirate bracelet 10, siren belt 10 and the rest is infernal. Just need to learn his mechs. Got his outfit in one try cheap Blade & Soul Gold when i was doing his daily. If you dont do enough dps, he'll go into resistant mode and thats game over and i've done 3rd time with summoner. Good luck.

What's going on? The junghado dummy is much stronger than junghado himself. I cant kill the dummy. Hi.! i just leveled my character warlock to 45 yesterday before the maintenance. why i didnt get the costume? and other rewards. They didnt give the rewards right after the maintainance finishes, but few hours after that, can be half day. The forums said rewards will be out Thursday. This game should've changed to BLADE AND BOTS! So many cheaters in this game.

And any good and popular game. Bots will flock to the masses. It's just the MMO life. Hai Nguyen Competitive gamers will complain and care about the community. Noobs does nothing. Cant wait! Love to watch you guys showing us the tour on silverfrost mountain. I been there before on private server and the new continent is amazingly beautiful.Some FPS Problem.Been using 2.5ghz i5 Nvidia GT 630M 2gb...Should I get new sysytem? 

Though this one is Laptop, Been using for diff. Game , I think this one cant handle it maybe Blade and Soul Gold in low end nor mid range. I should buy Desktop now, can you give Some good system that will play BnS awesome and some other future games,?Regardless the price. 630m is a pretty old gpu. You should be having 20-30 fps by now or lower.Im using 840m and have 40+ fps, goes lower during boss fight.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blade and Soul is wonderful

Blade and Soul is wonderful. its sad that NCwest lied to and deceived the playerbase who have waited years for the game. some of us have gone back to playing the Korean version, dealing with bots is better than bots, gold sellers, greifing, censorship, terrible voice overs, and 3 week content cycles at 45 in a level 50 game. Blade & Soul Gold Raymond Villanueva The Taiwanese version is in Taiwanese. SEA version needs to be in English with support of the other languages spoken.

Plus a server in Singapore would still help lower latency as it will be basically central of all of SEA and will help Oceania as well. Though a server in Australia and Singapore would be ideal. Anyway those petitions always are useless.  the goal is too far, i dont think there will be any SEA server soon. but i really wish they release it. its too painful playing fast paced game with 200-280ping.

Nah ncsoft wouldn't make the same mistake as to have another sea server again seeing how l2sea ended! and neither will most others who played in that server. lel ive just stopped playing this game.. have no time for blade and soul - this game won't give me a distinction in art and design at uni... FFS, please ban all those stupid dg door exploiter. they're worse then bots, gold seller, afk, hacker, and master loot ninja.i reported more then 100 player each day, and i still see them around and doing the exploit.i'm getting tired running the dg half-way, leaving an exploit group to a find a legit group and found i'm in another exploit group.

Played 4 chars with dailies gives me 50g a day in total. Just doin 24 man raid, misty and 6man dung is enuf to get some stuff. Buy Blade and Soul Gold But i just play it mostly on weekends coz of work. And yeah it is addictive specially when you know youll get some good stuff after the level challenge and events.