Sunday, March 22, 2015

heavensward makes me wana quit FFXIV

This heavensward makes me wana quit that Europeans have to pay so much more and we do not even have European Servers but have to connect to Canada and since patch 2.5 Game has been a lagfast even with WTFast FFXIV gil.

I'm not understanding what Heavensward is. Is it a new game DLC that will exist on the current servers or is a game DLC that will only be available on new independent servers?Jessica,  buy cheap ffxiv gil did he bother to read the part where they are sending us the access codes in the mail prior to shipment? That's why we put our pre order codes into our current accounts so that it is set up....hence no refunds at that point.

 I'll stick with NOT buying it. Give me the regular version at a reasonable price or nothing at all. I have a job. I also have a mortgage, a family, and enough sense not to pay $130 for an expansion to a game that's already pay to play.

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