Monday, March 30, 2015

Heavensward and FFXIV

Letter from the Producer LIVE XX takes place on April 11! Submit your questions about Heavensward and FFXIV!  an we start with why the collectors edition is $129 or £129!!! $1 does not equal £1!!! I'm a huge fan but I feel so very ripped off.

Hahaha thats like 200+ american, you need like 6 months on the house with that bro.&FFXIV Gil; could be maybe it cost more to get it into your country? That's cute, John. You don't live in Australia. Our CE's are usually *more* than that. And we essentially get the UK version! But higher price. It's pretty much instantly $200 AUD, commonly.  I heard the games was being shipped from UK which made it even worse us being charged more.

 Im a tank, tankll run out of tp before party hopefully unless its pali then you already see his mp or major aggro generator. You shouldn't be running out of buy FFXIV Gil tp very often unless your a tank. Your doing something wrong. Will they increase the inventory in general? We are getting new classes so maybe the space we have left won't be enough. And the Master Rogue ring still won't go into the Armoire...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

useful macro commands to make the life easier for healer in FFXIV

What useful macro commands are there to make the life easier for healer?

I honestly use no macros as White Mage, except for a text alert macro on my Raise. There are some that exist, which basically involve copying an action with different targetting priorities (eg three lines of "\ac "Cure" <tt>", where the <tt> becomes <t> and <me> in subsequent lines, to buy FFXIV Gil help ensure the healing is targetting the tank where possible). But even those have downsides, and are certainly not necessary.

I do have one friend who has a Cleric Stance macro which automatically rotates one of their hotbars (I don't know the text) from healing to damage spells and vice versa on click.

I also don't have many macros for my White Mage buy cheap FFXIV Gil.

If I had to recommend any macros, I'd suggest <tt> (target of target) macros for your attack spells. When you hit 50 on WHM, usually your attacks will be your AoE which doesn't need a target. But having a target of target macro for your single target spells will allow you to hit what the tank is hitting without having to unselect him. Meaning you can heal him quickly if needed. I only have one macro for my WHM. It's just a combo of swiftcast and raise with a /p alert for other healers, so they don't burn swiftcast or stop to cast raise on the same person I'm casting on.

Everything else, I execute more more efficiently with my hotbars well arranged to my comfort.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

get 30 days and no limitations for FFXIV

If you buy the game you get 30 days and no limitations. that is why your friend hit 40. but if you get the 14 day free trial you get a level 20 cap. Can anyone tell me at what point in the video it shows the saucer exclusive mount FFXIV Gil prizes?  easier to go reddit n see since they normaly update and add all sections there. I cant since im on my phone its to slow lol but yeah adamantois e looks kinda lame running.. but fenrir looks awesome.  I'm going to try finding these now, I need to see them. Give me a pro and con to this game, super curious how a real mmo plays on a console.

 I played ps3 & ps4 version, ps4 is crazy good. Ps3 is about the same other than zones loading slower. ps3 has longer load times and during dungeons alot dont like to wait so u get locked out of boss fights alot.  If you have PS4 you can just buy cheap FFXIV Gil use mouse and keyboard.  I see heavansword is for sale on amazon already but where is the collectors edition?

Hope the Chocobo breeding and racing is user friendly. It was my fav part of ff7. Been saving up all my $ to blow on my chocobos breeding. Can someone tell me how to make 100% sure that my subscription is cancelled? The support page on this is really unhelpful and customer service were dreadful and refused to answer the question, they just kept referring me to the same support page that doesn't help.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

heavensward makes me wana quit FFXIV

This heavensward makes me wana quit that Europeans have to pay so much more and we do not even have European Servers but have to connect to Canada and since patch 2.5 Game has been a lagfast even with WTFast FFXIV gil.

I'm not understanding what Heavensward is. Is it a new game DLC that will exist on the current servers or is a game DLC that will only be available on new independent servers?Jessica,  buy cheap ffxiv gil did he bother to read the part where they are sending us the access codes in the mail prior to shipment? That's why we put our pre order codes into our current accounts so that it is set up....hence no refunds at that point.

 I'll stick with NOT buying it. Give me the regular version at a reasonable price or nothing at all. I have a job. I also have a mortgage, a family, and enough sense not to pay $130 for an expansion to a game that's already pay to play.

Friday, March 20, 2015

FFXIV gam,es vs F2P game

FFXIV wouldn't be what it is without a subscription, and F2P games are all crap. Also, these trial versions are not to gauge the F2P player base, it is to increase . Sure go F2P, where the game will become a microtransaction hell... if it did go that way, I'd cheap FFXIV gil just stop playing. Where is the fun in just dropping £'s to get gil and gear.

Again, finish reading the entire comment before you think you have a nice rebuttal..

 In not saying it's going f2p any time soon, but anyone who thinks yoshi p is the be all end all of where the game goes is delusional.

If the game is failing SE can and will have final say on what to do with their investment.

Based on subscriber numbers it clearly doesn't look like it will go that way any time soon though.

Totally with you Chris. I just want to use this to possibly be able to play my account I have on PC on the PS4 without having to buy the game again. So, hoping this free trial allows me to be able to do this after having the game downloaded.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Formula for damage taken in FFXIV

Formula for damage taken?

I'm trying to work out just how effective Defense is.

There is a % of damage reduction formula for Defense somewhere on these threads. I really don't remember it off the top of my head, but someone worked it out.
If I had to guess from what i remember is that 1 defense is somewhere in the ballpark of .1% damage reduction. Don't quote me on FFXIV gil

Remember though, it gets a boost from "protect".


Percent Physical Damage Taken = 1 – (0.044 x PDEF)

Percent Magical Damage Taken = 1 – (0.044 x MDEF)

old site, mostly correct calculations, probably easier to just say its .05% for every point of defense. then take into account protect ect.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

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