Tuesday, November 24, 2015

everyone will buy the founder pack

I fee like I'm throwing a message into the wind, but EU date? LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!!! CANT WAIT! Been playing the Jap version for over a year lol Don't whatever you do NCwest and keep level 50, warlock and the new KFM/FM hybrid class from us for longer than a month or 2... Korea is getting their 9th class in December!  Blade and Soul Gold Already have long waiting,I can not believe.

CANT FCKING WAIT!! I was unlucky couldnt get any keys cause of the capital controls in my country.. so I am forced to w8 till then.  I think everyone that buy the founder pack get to play early in December 2015 And open for everyone in 2016 make a big profit right there because everyone will buy the founder pack.  the CBT schedule goes till December 21st and they won't change it, so it's not possible to make the Head Start before that. Head start in December 2015 lol everyone will buy the founder pack. I think people's that buy founder pack should have One character to bring over. When the game releases. Kids would be like mommy is Christmas can Blade and Soul Buy Gold you pay is for me to become a platinum member . Parents willing to give money to children on Christmas.

No, released in December please December is day everyone have money!! To spend and kids out of school I am a business man so I know what I am talking about. is that lvl 45 max what i can reach ? if it's true what is make it different from special servers ? and what about Bsh & Po Dungeons ?  is it possible to add lvl 50 on the next update ? My cbt char have warlock weapon (drop weapon box). Well! When relase this class? how big is this game when you download it? So if the official launch is the 19th does that mean Head start is at the 16th? WHOOO HOOOO cant wait for it to go live, This is a fun and great game 3 years of waiting.

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