Thursday, March 26, 2015

useful macro commands to make the life easier for healer in FFXIV

What useful macro commands are there to make the life easier for healer?

I honestly use no macros as White Mage, except for a text alert macro on my Raise. There are some that exist, which basically involve copying an action with different targetting priorities (eg three lines of "\ac "Cure" <tt>", where the <tt> becomes <t> and <me> in subsequent lines, to buy FFXIV Gil help ensure the healing is targetting the tank where possible). But even those have downsides, and are certainly not necessary.

I do have one friend who has a Cleric Stance macro which automatically rotates one of their hotbars (I don't know the text) from healing to damage spells and vice versa on click.

I also don't have many macros for my White Mage buy cheap FFXIV Gil.

If I had to recommend any macros, I'd suggest <tt> (target of target) macros for your attack spells. When you hit 50 on WHM, usually your attacks will be your AoE which doesn't need a target. But having a target of target macro for your single target spells will allow you to hit what the tank is hitting without having to unselect him. Meaning you can heal him quickly if needed. I only have one macro for my WHM. It's just a combo of swiftcast and raise with a /p alert for other healers, so they don't burn swiftcast or stop to cast raise on the same person I'm casting on.

Everything else, I execute more more efficiently with my hotbars well arranged to my comfort.

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