Monday, April 6, 2015

XignCode recognizes as a potential threat

How do we get back our aplha based characters from our facebook accounts. i tried to link it to my facebook account and i still had to make one to play but it didn't pick up my old info from the alpha testing?

I use a Logitech USB controller when I play and I have no problems whatsoever. So is the only thing hardcore about hardcore mode that they start at level 1?? Like is that all that is? Hardcore mode characters start at level 1? Don't ALL characters start at level 1? Hardcore start at level 1 and get half exp.

My controllers work natively. I physically couldn't get joy2key or xpadder to work personally.  How Solve Error code 0xE019100B?

Error code 0xE019100B:
This error message can occur when there is another program running on your system that XignCode recognizes as a potential threat. These can be cheap DFO Gold virtual drive programs like Daemon Tools, but also browser extensions and toolbars. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exhaustive list of all programs that can cause this issue.

Users who experience this issue should try to close any programs (in the case of browser extensions, try closing your browser) that might be interfering with XignCode.

It is also possible that running the Dungeon Fighter Launcher DFO Gold/ Executable as administrator will resolve the issue.

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