Monday, February 15, 2016

Blade and Soul level guide

I think it would be better for OCE AND SEA players if the server is located in Singapore and also more relevant for an English speaking server. Let's just hope that it would copy the Taiwan model. The only reason i say JP is because they have a JP setup already therefore adding a server there would be more cost effective, since thats why they dont want to do it.

I hope they can give us a good reason why not and I hope they wont say we have bns in tw,cn, kr because these servers doesnt have a decent english patch and english players are on na now. Just wanted to say thank you for making the pin code window bigger. I allways accidently pressed Blade and Soul Gold "cancel" lol.

i love the game.. but i hope you'll have f3 function accessible without buying premium membership.. (other versions have it for free.) Especially that some costumes have to be kept for certain functions on mobs on the map. Also, i hope u guys will add(?) to the game the in-game voice chat function, clan or party. (Lvl3 clan in one of the versions allow that) not unless u have an acceptable"/"valid" reason y u dont want it in the game. So far the bot spamming have been worked on. But like what other people said already.. most likely 70% of the game population (starting launch date until they got the bot spam fix) was all bot spammers.

 I have an i7 6700k 8gb ddr4 and gtx 970 and game Buy Blade and Soul Gold installed on an ssd getting 10/15fps in many areas (i.e blackram narrows 24 players) , and have lowered a lot of graphic settings not very well optimized frown emoticon otherwise enjoying the game.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blade and Soul launcher

I'm premium member in game but my hp regen too slow for leveling (16) , i cant buy any food and Potion too expensive on npc.  This gold-bot chat is becoming way too severe. I'm seeing the chat pages fly at around 10 pages/second.

Would you mind to FIX damn 'disconnected from the server'? Thank you. Ah and maybe try to make stable servers are too laggy Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

Please help.. im in Juwol server.. everytime i enter Blackram narrow dungeon, i always get disconnected... i already disconnected almost 7 times this day. Why fps rate dropped after the last patch! also some freezes for like 0.01sec it's really annoying when u have a very powerful gaming pc but u face these problems! How come I cant play Blade and Soul right now I spend so much time installing it & sacrificed some of my life to get. so WHY?

Can you add one shot NPC's to the faction main locations like you do for the rez points... sick of getting 5 v1'd or more and just having them break my weapon because the revive point is the camping location BNS Gold. I can't open game. Keep saying that the NCsoft launcher has stopped working and freezes. Thoughts needed. Don't know if I should delete the game then re-download it but then I go to log into NCsoft and the website continually crashes.