Monday, April 20, 2015

collector's edition digital download for ps4

pld+war seems likely combo but best get all job lv30, which isn't that hard to do.& FFXIV Gil; Its a stand alone job... You'll be able to cross class skills but don't have to have another tank to get it. I'll come back for this get bored then wait for next best expansion.

Any info on how to pre order the collector's edition digital download for ps4? Cause it's not in the list of available pre orders!
Really want the flying mount! How about when it's a Triple Triad tournament you have a duty based player finder so you can't buy FFXIV Gil get declined constantly for not having faced anyone yet. How can you have more wins if no-one plays you?

Maybe I'm just missing it but I don't see any "details on the new jobs" just the same screenshots and a wall of text. I was hoping for a few actual job abilities to be listed not the same info but with updated visuals. Hopefully the expansion is more than that too.

You can make things look as pretty as you want but don't forget why XIV 1.0 failed so hard. Gameplay > Graphics

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