Friday, April 29, 2016

Blade and Soul PvP colonthree

I'm curious. The problem of this game is that if u play it hardcore than u find urself really bored farming dailies over and over and have nothing else to do Blade and Soul Gold and if u play it like 3 Hours a day you have too Much to do keep up With the updates. The bots in the faction camps are making the soulstone farming even harder....and some classes are rather broken on the PvP colonthree emoticon. that is why i stoped playing 2 months ago, will come back when everything is setled. Alex Sanchez that's not even his point? He's saying updates are coming too fast to actually keep up with. No one is asking for anything to be easily obtained.

You have to grind. Some do it more than others. I'm doing OK considering I work full time and don't get to play too much. It's like getting mad because you aren't able to do things you're not ready to do yet. Makes no sense. You'll do them later, you just won't be the first. Does that bother you?

Watch them ignore ALL the things that matter in BnS at the moment and just rub their chins about all the new and shiny things to farm and to spend your money on. where can i find instructions on how to play this game? buy Blade and Soul Gold A more comprehensive tutorial would be nice. Also how do i get rid of all the gold spammers in chat? i cant even ask a question it's so over run with spam.

The prime time looks awesome smile emoticon Definitely gonna buy that. I love this game even tho there are so many issue but you gotta look on the bright side of things. Do what you gotta do to make it fun instead of bitching about everything XD game habe flaws but this is a true mmo. Tell me 1 game that has no hackers or bots xd i love this game even tho it has them both.