Monday, May 22, 2017

worldwide version for Stormblood

Announcing the Heavensdub Contest! Put your voice-over skills to the test for a chance to win prizes!  This is what I've been waiting for! Oh my gosh. I've wanted to be a voice actor for so long and I always rewatch the cutscenes and practice Thancred and Rauban's lines! Bro! I'm excited! No Vulgarity? I guess there won't be any Team Four Star versions. The Ramuh dub from back in my day is still the funniest.  I remember that! It was hilarious.where can we find that? &FFXIV Gil ;You know, I actually recorded myself voicing Lord Drillimont... Just gonna go and voice everyone as Kermit the Frog.

 I just recently started playing Heavensward. I'll probably have to wait a couple of years for Stormdubbed. Mmmm if only I played that far , I would love to do a terrible moogle voice that sounds like gollum for comedy. Aww heck I was gonna speak up and use my aussie accent to my advantage but it requires being an NA resident . Too bad this is only for NA. How about doing a worldwide version for Stormblood, Square? Storm blood wont break thé heavens ward it will in fact strenghten it :). Sending bahamut zéro soon for cover. Looking for candidates to replace the awful VA's huh? Why never any real/physical prizes for eu!? I shall carry our hopes on silver wings and give peace the green light! Your time is noooow!Do your dolphin dub XD.  I wish I could tag the whole raid group on this comment and post. It's too perfect.Sorry to bother you, if you wanna buy cheap Gil, you can try, and FFXIV4U is a 4% off discount code for Buy FFXIV Gil.

Storm of blood
Born from blood
Of our fallen brothers

Borne upon our hands
Cradled in our arms
Swelling in our hearts

Raise your weary head
Heed the call to arms
Ringing in your heart

this may be a bad place to ask this, but here goes, ive been thinking about getting this game, as i have a better means to afford a monthly sub, i know this game is a few years old at this point, so is it worth getting into with a new expansion coming up?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Level 50 Character Creation Vouchers in Blade and Soul

Would you be as kind as to inform us about tomorrow's event? Please do. Not worth it since they made leveling child's play.  Unless you puke the story out for the nth time haha xD.  I miss playing this game. Life sucks. If only we didn't have to go to work. Lol. I hope you need to release some sort of good outfits while the F9 Exchange was murdered . how to get this armor? They murder F9 coz they want us to be desperate of what they release even its a really good outfit/materials. Blade and Soul Buy Gold And how can you tell that it's murdered?  the moment you quit this game, you will realize how much precious time of your life you've wasted every day.  So is there any chance of oce servers starting up anytime soon, if not any thing we can do to lower ping that you allow?

Maggie Jauregui Hello! To find your code, please log into your NCSOFT account: welp join everything and gained nothing . Congrats to the peeps.  If you signed up for the newsletter in time before the deadline, the code should appear under the "Apply a code" tab and then under "Blade & Soul". Should it not be there, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support:  Maybe we can get some more decent PvE content that actually enables us to unlock things forced by PvP at the moment. Than we can all enjoy watching the PvP tournament while also having fun in the game where the majority don't want to be forced in pvp purely to get certain things? k, thx let me know, 

I have hand issues and I just don't do kbm controls. I been on a game pad for over a year now with the game. it mostly works ok once you get used to it. However, just those simple fixes would make life just so much amazingly better for gamepad users. The only class i could prob play with pad is LBD/SMN and i'd probably still struggle. cheap Blade and Soul Gold There is just too many keybinds to make it reasonable.There's literally 0% chance to play KFM/BM/SIN on par with keyboard/mouse without putting in double the effort.  Hinata I experience the EXACT same thing. The SS issue where it goes without you pressing it twice on the gamepad and the tagging thing. It is pretty frustrating. I thought it was just me. 

Did you check your DC rewards? No right? 3 keys right there. Free.I just want to mention the fact in this game that nobody pays attention to. All the gems and gear that whales were shiitng money for, after few months got mostly totaly FREE( f.e.balfeul stage 6 from act 8 confirmed) . It's not pay 2 win. Its just pay to be the best even if actualy nobody cares.  The key is fairly cheap as you can find them in daily challenges or buy them in F10 for 5HM coin each (~3 golds)