Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Just downloaded FFXIV for PS4

Don't waste your time with this stupid game. Good luck with your job and enjoy life ! Oh look, no new hairstyles for miquote... Again. Come on guys! Hmmm do you think that the mog station will sell this years halloween stuff for less than the sub? Goodbye world. Gotta start grinding esos for the Void Ark... Hi, i need some serious support. I don't have the token i used to, now i can't log into my account and deactivate or unlink my token, nor can i get the PlayOnline iD you request for asking for chat support. I'm a paying customer that needs support! Please help!

Took way too long to release. The amount of content released with 3.0 wasn't enough. buy Aion Kinah. repeated the same content over, and over,and over.
Shows how starved people are for content when everyone did the Halloween quest. They took a break because a tiny team had just pushed out a major expansion. They'll return to more frequent patches now. Do we have to buy this like Heavensward?  I got that unicorn but i saw the flying pegasus... I guess no one know yet? Maybe some of us alrdy read on blog somewhere about the release... Damn, any mention of when it's out? The hype is real. Oh damn was so into the trailer didn't even look at the post lol

Hey. Just downloaded FFXIV for PS4. But its stuck on a white screen. Anyone know what to do?  Now i have to buy heavensward and fo4 Also, what happened to the hairstyle that won the competition? Aion Gold Looks pretty cool. Though I thought there were 2 new raids not 1.

not impressed with the minion battle...frown emoticon actually im very disapointed from what i saw... i was really hoping it could of been on a simuler par to wow'w pet battles, that was enjoyable  , Why are people talking about Fallout 4 when it looks like it's a game that should have been released six years ago? Because it's the first Fallout game since 2010 (2008 if you count 3 instead of New Vegas) New Vegas wasn't a game, it was an expansion.Damnit square you alreday have my money so... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY SOUL.  Minstrels ballads is looking like my new favorite fight. Hoping from the scenes if the exploratory missions it insinuates that other mounts will be flyable in hw areas.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

buy houses and decorate final fantasy xiv

 I played FFXI for years, it made a huge impact on my life and I love it. FFXIV is a great game, it just isn't FFXI in any shape or form, especially not in the ways that made us love FFXI. Don't go into it expecting that it will be and I think you'll like it! Think I'm going to give it a whirl. I'm off work for 4 months this winter Buy FFXIV Gil . So... be able to put some crazy hours in.

Drops are just random..ugh lol and ninja is a dps on this game while war tank and they can do some good dps also. Oh and you can buy houses and decorate them and have exp buffs for jobs or craft jobs and other buffs you can buy with free company points also you mostly spend you Gil on teleporting most of the time ,I rarely bought gear unless it's was better than dungeon drop and I wanted to meld stuff to it but most of the time I just used dungeon gear from 15-50 anyways lol I had upgraded gear from 50-56ish so I never used gear from those dungeons but they still good just requires farming dungeons but least u get exp along the way lol oh and blm it's very fun might be disappointed of blm because is nothing like 11 blm..I miss 11 blm but after awhile I end up loving it lol. I can keep going xD but rather you give it a try and see for yourself FFXIV Gils.

adam don't listen to any of these players, they are not hardcore players of FF14, The game is amazing, with an amazing story, nothing compared to FFXI though, it's just a great mmo overall, grasps you in the Final fantasy experience.. How do you know if anyone is hard core player Joe Beltran lol plus no one is bashing the game at all...just telling the truth and stuff about the game. Also i done everything in game except for some of the savage fight on bahamuth coils cause saw it useless just for a title and showing other than that everything is not as bad I'll say T9 was hard cause need good group cordination but after many wipes you learn the fight that is if you didn't watched a video.