Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FFXIV Free Login Campaign

We are pleased to announce the Free Login Campaign where you can play free for up to 120 hours! If you or any of your friends are currently taking a break from your adventures in Eorzea, FFXIV Gil you won't want to miss out on this limited-time event! Some ppl complain about free to play, but I know you guys do opposite of that. People who are satisfied with new content should want to pay. It means the new content is good enough.

Your monthly fee is THE BEST value in gaming. I will pay forever so long as the community exists. Buy FFXIV Gil And I know it will exist because of cross platform.Square... You've done everything sooooooo right with this game. Keep it up. I've been a subscriber since launch on PS4. It will make wow go the way of the dodo.

 It's just so surprising (at least to me,) for a company to build so much excellence into its value. The only comparison I have to give (in my own opinion,) is EA's Battlefield. Been playing for a few weeks now and I'm thoroughly impressed how polished the content is. Kudos SE. Isnt it the same price as wow? It was back when I played ff14. I support f2p, that expands the playerbase in my opinion. On the other hand I generally don't mind paying, but I am self-employed so I do not have the money to pay fees.

Caleb Graves I get that. In my experience tho nothing is truly f2p... like the South Park episode about freemium. Anything above the core experience is $$$ and we all know rpg fans are never satisfied with the core experience. In the end, f2p games can end up costing waaaaay more than a game that's $15/mo and only requires you grind for all the goodies. They've (thankfully,) been extraordinarily selective about the items for sale for real cash in the Mog Station. It's only glamour stuff.