Monday, April 27, 2015

FFXIV DirectX 11

Idc what se says, ps4 does not look like pc on max settings. My pc is currently down so playing on ps4 atm and while ps4 does look very good its a little short in the AA shadow quality FFXIV gil  and draw distance.  The PC and PS4 are same quality on max. There have been tests to show it, and the FFXIV team themselves said it. I have seen the game on both with max settings. If your PS4 version looks worse, then it's your TV, so not everyone will get the same quality. Some HDTVs only go to 1080i, while FFXIV supports 1080p. There are other differences too from TV to TV, like your settings. The only thing better about the PC version currently is faster load times when entering duties, zones, etc. But with DirectX 11, the PC version will be graphically superior to PS4.

Did anyone else see the furby's around 4min mark, can't wait to kill them. Dang i wanna see that, stuck at work doe qq.  Foam exists in mouths of crazy people when excitement levels exceed maximum heights. I may be crazy right now...

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