Tuesday, December 27, 2016

FF11 is still Pay to play

Haha it's funny everyone keeps telling him no and ed just keeps going lol f2p ftw haha I don't even play. My bestie plays a lot of GW2 and apparently it got quite a lot worse when it went f2p. Ed Tahana If you won't answer why then this comment is better off deleted. You are just acting like a child at this point. I could type for hours about how games used to work before the free to play platform arrived and how well games were made.

Like the original Ultima online, thats a grade A example about how certain tactics can ruin a MMO so easily. I believe it never tried free to play but they tried many other things FFXIV Gil that people who came up with the free to play scheme also did and the game slowly fell into ruin when it was a literal golden quality type game. Ed Tahana If you can't afford $15 for a monthly hobby you need to be focusing more on life instead of video games. Also, no...it won't go free to play. Just look at FF11.

It doesn't need to go free to play, If it did it would be ruined, gameplay would change it wouldn't be this MMO anymore. No not all MMOs will go free to play that's just stupid there is no reason for that and companys would never make the money back that they put in. I understand your hopes but it won't happen. Save up some cash maybe you can play this game one day and understand what were talking about.  Ed Tahana Good luck, even FF11 is still Pay to play, I highly doubt this ever will. Brian McCarty, Cheap FFXIV Gil not everyone can be blessed with the basic ability to formulate an argument.

Ugh, never F2P please. I like how they have it set up. Pay 2 Play with GLAMOUR microtransactions... No pay 2 win crap. No i ain't trolling at all. The entire game needs to go free to play.  All games goes free to play? LMAO.. World of warcraft has been a sub game for so many years and it hasn't gone free to play. You can try harder, Ed, ffxiv will not go free to play even if you say it needs to go free to play. Are you sad that you cant play a sub game? Aww.. Too bad.. Suck it Bro. Even playing multiplayer games on Playstation 4 or XBOXONE needs a sub too. You think everything in the world is free? Stupid stuff, but im already subbed so i guess i'll still do it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Everything is all decorated for Halloween

But if you go to login to their website it just shoots login error messages at you? I had a few ppl pm me in game saying they having the same thing happen to them over the last week or so but no one can login to the websites to find out wtf is going on.   why between the forum it I get like 3 OR 4 times a day I lost bastion pvp that's why Do we have to buy the alchemic essence or can we loot it? you have 5% chance for essence, 95% chance lead fragment. So if you really want a key you need to buy from the broker or the BCM the essence Cheap Blade and Soul Gold ......I only get lead fragments, never seen one essence to drop!

Everything is all decorated for Halloween-gonna have an event for that? and still no updates.... I will be back playing when 5.3 arrives. This is definitely a player favorite event glad to see it returning.  sir is there any chance that i can play in android like loongcraft.  I love this game b4..but can't play anymore here..hope someone can make a mobile version of it..Can someone say me for Marchutan Protector's set and weapon ...can it break in temperance?

 I keep a message thing c+ on Ncsoft app and I login and disconnects me.   Hey guys, I'm from Vietnam and I've got serious problem of ping when I'm playing. I'd like to get some advices to deal with this. Ty guys You need to play in the Corean server which is closer to you. NA is so far away from you, so you will have so much lack...Buy Blade and Soul Gold Really don't know how to speak Korean.  How I respond ticket (support) if the page will not let me access siemplemente gives error and mistake more.Sell a aion acc with 2400 Aion Coins / Coins. It's a newly planted acc where character and server can be selected.  wtb any server merge.. before the game keeps dying D:

These wing designs were among our favorites in the Leave Your Legacy: Wings of Atreia contest. There are varying art skills portayed and we loved the creative concepts these players displayed. Those green and black ones are the best. They have the most detail while most of the other submissions resemble wings we already have in the game. I don't understand why so many lazy wing submissions were elevated instead.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Right... lol. I just went up to gamestop and switch the day one to the deluxe edition. $97. They said the game will be released at midnight. Cristian Contraa love that jacket!! Reminds me of FFType-O.  My calendar looks like a alcoholics with so many X's. But really I'm just crossing out the days until FFXV. The child who waited for this game ten years ago is crying tears of joy. :') Still would love to see Tomomi-san draw some FF characters :D. The SaGa style has always been my favourite :D! I'm ready for this game, I hope you surpass my expectations.

Well its about F**king time! Buy FFXIV Gil I better be good considering all the delays through the whole F**king year.... For Peru there is no day, they are already playing, will you sue their store? MY BODY IS READY...also that super boss, I'm salivating.  Even i dont have any gaming consoles to play it, i will still support this game. And about Peru. The game is be sold there. Yea, sucks that those are not high-end licensed stores that can be penalized for selling a titled license genre.

 Why people from PERU is already playing? Dude I got the Premium edition lol better get a move on! Was that King's Tale or? There's so many editions lol??? Nope just the Digital Premium Edition Cheap FFXIV Gil (buying disks is risky w Rini running around lmao) Count down hahaha
I dont have play station But i love final fantasy. Thanksgiving is going to be great (if I had a PS4).  I think 15 going to as great as 7 was and 10. These ten days are going to be so epic lol, I'll finish playing ff3 and 4 since I jump back and forth between those games I'm almost done, then I should start with the After years but I'll get interrupted by the release. I wonder if After Years is short.

 I was looking today funnily enough, but i bought a soundbar for my TV instead :P I'll get there......eventually. By having fans share their personal experience, it serves as a reminder that much like how each FINAL FANTASY has a completely different story, world and characters, we all bring distinctive and new perspectives to the legacy that is FINAL FANTASY. Because every FINAL FANTASY is told from a unique vision, everyone has their own legacy to tell. What’s been your legacy with FINAL FANTASY?

Friday, October 28, 2016

get the FFXV DLC for free

What, you better get the DLC for free, even will be in development, so I guess a cooperative hesperus With a story and battles with huge creatures and lots of fighting and the 4 playing exchanging potions customizing the clothes of the character, k we can take the car the 4! Etc.... and I hope there's a part that you come hordes of criauturas I holding my comrade the rounds and then get to a point etc... I hope that this very entertaining. I hope we can talk among colleagues for microphone and fence well the I hope it functions the ccoperativovantes k losepisodios will be more coupling.

I just cried watch this trailer!! FFXIV Gil It's EPIC and the music is a perfect match!! Thank you Square Enix and FFXV team, you've done a great job! It's beyond my expectation! I'll buy it for sure. I'm in tears because of how excited I am. Also I haven't liked Luna at all, but seeing this made me feel like I COULD like her.

Yo why does the demonic voice at the end sound EXACTLY like bhunivlse in lightning returns? Then he talks about resting which bhunivlse did in the 13 series before and after his defeat. Omg, so soon. Buy FFXIV Gil You can expect my divided attention for just about anything when I get my hands on this haha  Will Lunafreya be playable? Seems like its just a sausage fest with some obligatory eye candy here and there, not the typical FF I'm used to. Not every one gets what they want, and in the end, it's about story, not what some horny men want.

my point is horny men will be happy with the ridiculous female characters in this game but theres no diversity in gameplay, its just some bro party the whole dam time. I've never played such a 1 dimensional FF game before, its sad. Never really played that one, not a fan of the sequel games. Doesn't make me any less excited though. All the lore they've pumped into this game makes me want to go through it and play it all out. Can't wait!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

pvp is HIGHLY p2w unlike BnS

Wow after spending all the nc coins buying pet food in advance you do this to me? Thanks NC soft, Ive got enough of your BS and bringing my money elsewhere. RO, I have a level 70, I only fought some deer up to level 40, and a wolf or 2 at 41.Trust me, it's boring as hell, and pvp is HIGHLY p2w unlike BnS. can you increase drop rate pls Buy Blade and Soul Gold ?. like a junghado hat == so fking insane drop rate, i had ran tower of mushin 7F for junghado hat almost 200 times, but still got nth. what the hell is this game ?

Revelation online is making bns team feel fear. thats why they are trying to "improve" some things like this. xd  Nope, this change has been in kr for months and just got released to all other servers. THANK YOU! The whole feeding thing was stupid. Now I can use my pet.  I love this game, but this step to get legendary weapon is just ridiculous.  I believe legendary is just a luxury thing you can get. You'll be fine with true Scorpio. That makes sense. But I still want it!

That makes sense. But I still want it!&nbsp Cheap Blade and Soul Gold ; Yeah that's something to look forward to. Are you guys on gunma? My ign: iheartnisa It's fine for me because the game is soo easy to level up and the progression is so fast unlike other mmorpg .  It has came down a lot cheaper compared to back then. I spent twice on what you'd spend for premium stones now. Btw you on Mushin? What's your IGN?

And remove the premium as a req for the wardrobe and the need to buy ncoin to use mail? no? well i'll stay away from this game a while longer then. No one discuss about MU2 legend here? Gameplay similiar to lost ark..  They have the same genre, I agree, the MU 2 legend may be good but the Lost Ark is Epic. In my humble opinion. If possible, please fix "this account has been logged in" feature that happen everytime player try to login after getting disconnected from server.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

BNS moonwater or silverfrost secret recipes

We’re reducing crafting costs and increasing the number of gem transmutations available. Hit the link for the full details. gem transmutation is like pointless. Unless I dont know much about it. I cant sell any of the gems everybody wants the same high end ones. Unless I am missing something. Also my guild says I need to have moonwater to Blade and Soul Gold craft a certain item but I have been to moonwater plains I am level 50 HM 7. So why isn't available when I have all the supplies and reached teh guild level required?

You probably need the moonwater or silverfrost secret recipes.... Gaston Banks I just relized that when I paid more attention. Thank you. i hope fix that loading first, very slow to log in the game.
and to change from other dungeon to outside world, slow and the you disconnected, that bull****so..fix first, make it more faster . Should do something about reducing people AFKing in Whirlwind Valley.

Believe me they decrease it because 1000players quits a day. Why we still dont have the Dragon and Tiger Legendary Weapon? U see how straggle to get legendary? Buy Blade and Soul Gold R u nuts ? From the little I know she has a better performance than the current we have. Doesn't look like this reduces the cost of of flawless gems. :/ But we're getting hepta diamonds!!I do 90 round ST but can't get the scroll... Fix the dropping rate pls. Tq.

the way the game forcing tedious and ridiculous crafting on you to progress the game making everyone quiting the game. I am very annoyed about the situation in Battleground and Tag Match afk, want you to do something to prevent this. why did u guys removed the weapon skin tab in HM store. How about you reduce the cost of the game sucking and p2w. But... when do you remove Gameguard?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blade and Soul GameGuard

GameGuard is spyware, it tracks every running process on your computer and checks it to a dumb-ass database and will boot you to no fault of your own, It does not stop hacking at all. DDOS is not linked to hacking of code in anyway, all it does is ping your server to oblivion until it can't take anymore.

Gameguard does not stop hackers. Go to soul stone plains and tell me it's working. Lmao. to do list : Daily > make some money > upgrade gear until max > ohh look new update Cheap Blade and Soul Gold > repeat. Pinnacle of challenging of end-game content....lol. I use GTX750ti, i5 and 8gb ram but I get more than 60fps here.. you probably need to check your mobo.

 I'm pretty sure it's not an issue of optimization, but that the client conflicts with fairly common things found on the systems of many. That's why some people with systems right around min requirements can run it better than some with rather solid gaming rigs. If it was a straight issue of poor optimization, everyone would have problems, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold it's just that those with weaker systems would be harder hit. I'm also pretty sure that some complaints people make against the servers, like with disconnects, are actually issues with these same client conflicts instead.

People have been complaining about such issues since our alpha tests almost a year ago. NCSoft have ignored all such complaints outright, and just blame our systems, not the game, if you send a ticket, just as they do with server issues. I don't expect them to ever fix these issues, and they've lost a lot of players due to them.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'd split Summoner and Scholar finally in FFXIV

Some class\job related overhaul is required for 4.0, I guess. I can agree on that one with people. Introducing new classes\jobs won't help much as next step. Introducing "Support" role, as example, could work a bit, since there are already 3 (!) jobs that suit it: Bard and Machinist as "buffers" and Summoner as "debuffer". Astrologian could fit, as well, buy FFXIV Gil but then we'd need another healer. But they would need some skill changes for the role.

I guess. Also, I'd split Summoner and Scholar finally, this needs to be done. More grind, yes, but it does make sense, IMHO. At least Summoner could be introduced as an "extra" job at Arcanist's 30, similar to how Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian were. This won't require change in plot, even. Don't you mean need more dungeons and not just raids ? Lol four raids from Alexander one, four from Midas and four from the next one.

Plus savage mode off all 4? That's enough raids seeing as most of the player base cannot even do final coil let alone Midas savage ?? raid wise there is enough.  4 raids? Cheap FFXIV Gil Alexander only has 3 parts lol. Paul Gearing Alexander floor ( that's four ) Midas ( that's also four).

Next one ( hey look another four) I'm speaking how many we HAVE not the set in what comes They do sets of 3 but four raids in a set for Alexander.Coil was first set 5 raids. Second set 4 raids. Third set .4 .  It's one whole raid lmao not 4 separate 1s. 1st floor then midas then new 1. 3 separate raids. cannot agree with that tbh you won't clear a1s or a5s and say you finish Midas and Alexander savage would you lol you do all floors.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

how accessory upgrades work in BNS

Bartek Maćkowski i know its called pay to win but u can play most dang with exp not only gear i speak about gems and legendary acc. If game is dead why can i still que for a dungoun and commenly instintly find a team, what about ssp, its not dead pepole just like to think its dead once a pay to win aspect is shown.

Games dead, nerds. Blade and Soul Gold game is dead, but you're still here lol nerd logic. Still get BnS posts on FB. Garbage game is dead. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Keep up your nerd grind for a trash game, kids. LoL . Last chance to see a reason not to quit for RO. Do they read the comments we post???? no cause all people do is bitch. I will play on Christmas any from yunwa crimson clan playing I'm there.

Are you trying to say you wanna join a crims clan in yunwa? is there anyway i can download the game manually ? Yaw game since yesterday I downloaded pach, but it still isn't over doing it like this, how do I start oyunaü. Yaw somebody help me I downloaded the game, I've entered my password update said she went over to this. Q updatesi. We’re changing how accessory upgrades work, starting with the new Legendary Oath Necklace.

after MT, it's kept says wrong PIN when I obviously enter the right PIN, why is that happen? the website cant login either cuz it's still MT, I only do nothing and cry in corner, please help. guys i have a problem....my account has been locked.....i dont know what to do....i was truing to enter to the main page in blade and soul, with another account but i can´t....i get a message....error ...so, i can´t summit a ticket

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

how Blade & Soul PVP works

I stop playing this game since I found out how its PVP works!
PVP everywhere you want when equip with suit? and no gain for killing someone? pathetic!  There's an arena for PVP oriented people only :) There's 1v1s, 3v3s, and outside of the arena there is a battleground 6v6.  I don't do pvp but uh, kudos to those who do : Buy Blade and Soul Gold )
Lemme know when you guys get more Hongmoon fashion xD. Like, really good fashion.

and what you get for pawning so much opponent? Will you be able to buy a rare skills that cost like 200K kills? will you be able to buy gears? weapons? or just plain PVP? guess its a game for carebears. When it comes to graphics and skill effects then its another story.... Actually you can buy a variety of things with Zen Beans... You're well rewarded for being good in PvP in this game...

He's not expressing himself right, but I think Blade and Soul Gold I understand what he's trying to say. PvP isn't rewarding enough in this game. What about the mechanic where an item can drop from the enemy player when killed?  So you're saying, I wanna be able to equip pve items to my character thought only doing pvp content ? the global release is FAR behind the korean and japanese. give it time and more updates will come.

Find a game that suits for your taste then, we don't care. Open world pvp is meant to just be for fun if you play in the arena however, you do get beans to spend in the vendor and there are seasonal rewards if you do well. Ishimaru Masaki you got it right.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Blade & Soul design for outfit

 You are overreacting... I think you were one of the designers who joined the contest and you don't know how to lose. As long there is no copy-paste, there shouldn't be any issue. Of course there are similar things from an anime, movie or something, but this is normal because everybody got this - it's called inspiration. Buy Blade and Soul Gold If you believe there is something original, never seen before link me the image/entry and I'll try to prove that there is something similar out there.

Don't ask for something "original" if you will not even try to bother about it. It's rude to those who participated and tried to do something more original. Different from some "winners" wich have been showed to us, community.

Pay more attention in the works people have sent to you, they lost time doing it, let's be honest, the prize is nothing compared to the money NC will do with the winner costume. Blade and Soul Gold So at least put more effort when analyzing the works. Everyone noticed this negligence. Don't need to say more than an art thief in the runner ups right? Give the mininum attention to the players.

Well spoken. Exactly how I feel. It's heart breaking for people who thought so hard at making something original. Something not similar to things already in the game or from other games...they even mentioned that one of the finalists reminded them of Monster Hunter. So...yeah that's unique.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FFXIV Free Login Campaign

We are pleased to announce the Free Login Campaign where you can play free for up to 120 hours! If you or any of your friends are currently taking a break from your adventures in Eorzea, FFXIV Gil you won't want to miss out on this limited-time event! Some ppl complain about free to play, but I know you guys do opposite of that. People who are satisfied with new content should want to pay. It means the new content is good enough.

Your monthly fee is THE BEST value in gaming. I will pay forever so long as the community exists. Buy FFXIV Gil And I know it will exist because of cross platform.Square... You've done everything sooooooo right with this game. Keep it up. I've been a subscriber since launch on PS4. It will make wow go the way of the dodo.

 It's just so surprising (at least to me,) for a company to build so much excellence into its value. The only comparison I have to give (in my own opinion,) is EA's Battlefield. Been playing for a few weeks now and I'm thoroughly impressed how polished the content is. Kudos SE. Isnt it the same price as wow? It was back when I played ff14. I support f2p, that expands the playerbase in my opinion. On the other hand I generally don't mind paying, but I am self-employed so I do not have the money to pay fees.

Caleb Graves I get that. In my experience tho nothing is truly f2p... like the South Park episode about freemium. Anything above the core experience is $$$ and we all know rpg fans are never satisfied with the core experience. In the end, f2p games can end up costing waaaaay more than a game that's $15/mo and only requires you grind for all the goodies. They've (thankfully,) been extraordinarily selective about the items for sale for real cash in the Mog Station. It's only glamour stuff.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Blade & Soul 2.2 Vengeance Breaks update on June 1

im from vietnam,sea. my internet speed about 1,8MB/S
I can play this game with how much ping?? based on geographical distance, roughly around 150ms ++ on EU and 200ms++ for NA. Better stick to TW if you can't endure high ping.  keep up your good work BLADE and SOUL NA for mass ban coz of razer your regular player is suffering and Blade and Soul Gold GOOD LUCK to your BOTS.  thanks for banning my account...stupid company! yeah keep banning legit player while bot hacker still running free ingame...their support also a bot copy paste auto answer GM.

The Dark Emissary herself, Jinsoyun, has joined the MXM roster! See her in action this Thursday on the MXM Kickoff Tournament livestream. I thought she was already in MxM. She was already in it, but they use BnS reference for the post to make it look cooler. Is this game for na too? can i download it now? or is only for korea like every cool game lol.

Pets are arriving with the 2.2 Vengeance Breaks update on June 1! Get to learn more about how these little guys and gals can boost your defensive capabilities. So Summoners get to have one more animal on their tail (pun intended for us Lyns XD).While I personally cherish the idea of a dragon pet, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I'm sure the "feeding" factor will quickly become a nightmare. Hope I'm wrong.

Great that pets will join our advantage but take care of the bots and spammers would be even better! Petnip will cost. How long before they start selling add-ons to decrease stamina burn or increase Chi, fetch drops automatically, etc? Maybe a max-ed out pet will glow or do some other trick to make it clear THAT pet comes with a credit card swiper attached. All of this stuff can be set to require constant payments and make lots of .

Monday, May 23, 2016

expanding current content for midcore and casual players in FFXIV

I should have said if it wants to stay relevant. I was driving and was rushing my thoughts. But seriously. If you really want ff14 to be that wow killer then you're going to need SE to give yoshi p a bigger team. Plain and simple. The small staff can't do it. Three month between each major patchs is one of the fastest rythm FFXIV Gil you'll see in the pay to play MMO scene. And the game's focus isn't only about the hardcore raiding scene, the game during 3.X is trying new game modes and expanding current content for midcore and casual players. While the content for midcore is scarce, the content added each patch is quite big. And that's a fact.

If you want a 4 turn raiding tier every 3 month, no MMO ever will provide you what you want. Plus, they rushed Gordias in 3.0 and look the mess it was. While Midas was better in every aspect. Same thing for the job in 2.4 which was originally intended to go with Heavensward and was apparently a mess to tune. You don't really seem to understand how those games are developped if you think just having a bigger team makes people create good content faster.

Midcore.. There is literally no Midcore scene. The content is either painfully brainless or really challenging. Midcore scene has never existed in 14. Cry more. The game doesn't cater to a single specific group and that's the beauty of it. Its for everyone who wants a solid MMO experience. Alternate solution: if you want more become an employee under Yoshida and ask him directly. Otherwise, enjoy what you get, Buy FFXIV Gil or beat the current content, unsub for three months and come back. Promised content every 3 months, and it takes exactly three months, who knew. This is far better than other mmos in terms of content coming out.

 The point is the patches don't have 3 months worth of content in it. With a bigger team they could.. You know.. Make a meaty patch.  They definitely do need a bigger staff, but quarterly patch cycles are almost too fast in a vertical progression game.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Blade and Soul PvP colonthree

I'm curious. The problem of this game is that if u play it hardcore than u find urself really bored farming dailies over and over and have nothing else to do Blade and Soul Gold and if u play it like 3 Hours a day you have too Much to do keep up With the updates. The bots in the faction camps are making the soulstone farming even harder....and some classes are rather broken on the PvP colonthree emoticon. that is why i stoped playing 2 months ago, will come back when everything is setled. Alex Sanchez that's not even his point? He's saying updates are coming too fast to actually keep up with. No one is asking for anything to be easily obtained.

You have to grind. Some do it more than others. I'm doing OK considering I work full time and don't get to play too much. It's like getting mad because you aren't able to do things you're not ready to do yet. Makes no sense. You'll do them later, you just won't be the first. Does that bother you?

Watch them ignore ALL the things that matter in BnS at the moment and just rub their chins about all the new and shiny things to farm and to spend your money on. where can i find instructions on how to play this game? buy Blade and Soul Gold A more comprehensive tutorial would be nice. Also how do i get rid of all the gold spammers in chat? i cant even ask a question it's so over run with spam.

The prime time looks awesome smile emoticon Definitely gonna buy that. I love this game even tho there are so many issue but you gotta look on the bright side of things. Do what you gotta do to make it fun instead of bitching about everything XD game habe flaws but this is a true mmo. Tell me 1 game that has no hackers or bots xd i love this game even tho it has them both. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Blade and Soul FPS Problem

And what are those 45s you have? Their gears? I kill Junghado with Awakened Siren Bangle and True Infernal Accessories.. JungHado isnt that hard if you spec your cc skills right. I beat him with awakened siren 10 staff , pirate bracelet 10, siren belt 10 and the rest is infernal. Just need to learn his mechs. Got his outfit in one try cheap Blade & Soul Gold when i was doing his daily. If you dont do enough dps, he'll go into resistant mode and thats game over and i've done 3rd time with summoner. Good luck.

What's going on? The junghado dummy is much stronger than junghado himself. I cant kill the dummy. Hi.! i just leveled my character warlock to 45 yesterday before the maintenance. why i didnt get the costume? and other rewards. They didnt give the rewards right after the maintainance finishes, but few hours after that, can be half day. The forums said rewards will be out Thursday. This game should've changed to BLADE AND BOTS! So many cheaters in this game.

And any good and popular game. Bots will flock to the masses. It's just the MMO life. Hai Nguyen Competitive gamers will complain and care about the community. Noobs does nothing. Cant wait! Love to watch you guys showing us the tour on silverfrost mountain. I been there before on private server and the new continent is amazingly beautiful.Some FPS Problem.Been using 2.5ghz i5 Nvidia GT 630M 2gb...Should I get new sysytem? 

Though this one is Laptop, Been using for diff. Game , I think this one cant handle it maybe Blade and Soul Gold in low end nor mid range. I should buy Desktop now, can you give Some good system that will play BnS awesome and some other future games,?Regardless the price. 630m is a pretty old gpu. You should be having 20-30 fps by now or lower.Im using 840m and have 40+ fps, goes lower during boss fight.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blade and Soul is wonderful

Blade and Soul is wonderful. its sad that NCwest lied to and deceived the playerbase who have waited years for the game. some of us have gone back to playing the Korean version, dealing with bots is better than bots, gold sellers, greifing, censorship, terrible voice overs, and 3 week content cycles at 45 in a level 50 game. Blade & Soul Gold Raymond Villanueva The Taiwanese version is in Taiwanese. SEA version needs to be in English with support of the other languages spoken.

Plus a server in Singapore would still help lower latency as it will be basically central of all of SEA and will help Oceania as well. Though a server in Australia and Singapore would be ideal. Anyway those petitions always are useless.  the goal is too far, i dont think there will be any SEA server soon. but i really wish they release it. its too painful playing fast paced game with 200-280ping.

Nah ncsoft wouldn't make the same mistake as to have another sea server again seeing how l2sea ended! and neither will most others who played in that server. lel ive just stopped playing this game.. have no time for blade and soul - this game won't give me a distinction in art and design at uni... FFS, please ban all those stupid dg door exploiter. they're worse then bots, gold seller, afk, hacker, and master loot ninja.i reported more then 100 player each day, and i still see them around and doing the exploit.i'm getting tired running the dg half-way, leaving an exploit group to a find a legit group and found i'm in another exploit group.

Played 4 chars with dailies gives me 50g a day in total. Just doin 24 man raid, misty and 6man dung is enuf to get some stuff. Buy Blade and Soul Gold But i just play it mostly on weekends coz of work. And yeah it is addictive specially when you know youll get some good stuff after the level challenge and events.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Blade and Soul level guide

I think it would be better for OCE AND SEA players if the server is located in Singapore and also more relevant for an English speaking server. Let's just hope that it would copy the Taiwan model. The only reason i say JP is because they have a JP setup already therefore adding a server there would be more cost effective, since thats why they dont want to do it.

I hope they can give us a good reason why not and I hope they wont say we have bns in tw,cn, kr because these servers doesnt have a decent english patch and english players are on na now. Just wanted to say thank you for making the pin code window bigger. I allways accidently pressed Blade and Soul Gold "cancel" lol.

i love the game.. but i hope you'll have f3 function accessible without buying premium membership.. (other versions have it for free.) Especially that some costumes have to be kept for certain functions on mobs on the map. Also, i hope u guys will add(?) to the game the in-game voice chat function, clan or party. (Lvl3 clan in one of the versions allow that) not unless u have an acceptable"/"valid" reason y u dont want it in the game. So far the bot spamming have been worked on. But like what other people said already.. most likely 70% of the game population (starting launch date until they got the bot spam fix) was all bot spammers.

 I have an i7 6700k 8gb ddr4 and gtx 970 and game Buy Blade and Soul Gold installed on an ssd getting 10/15fps in many areas (i.e blackram narrows 24 players) , and have lowered a lot of graphic settings not very well optimized frown emoticon otherwise enjoying the game.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blade and Soul launcher

I'm premium member in game but my hp regen too slow for leveling (16) , i cant buy any food and Potion too expensive on npc.  This gold-bot chat is becoming way too severe. I'm seeing the chat pages fly at around 10 pages/second.

Would you mind to FIX damn 'disconnected from the server'? Thank you. Ah and maybe try to make stable servers are too laggy Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

Please help.. im in Juwol server.. everytime i enter Blackram narrow dungeon, i always get disconnected... i already disconnected almost 7 times this day. Why fps rate dropped after the last patch! also some freezes for like 0.01sec it's really annoying when u have a very powerful gaming pc but u face these problems! How come I cant play Blade and Soul right now I spend so much time installing it & sacrificed some of my life to get. so WHY?

Can you add one shot NPC's to the faction main locations like you do for the rez points... sick of getting 5 v1'd or more and just having them break my weapon because the revive point is the camping location BNS Gold. I can't open game. Keep saying that the NCsoft launcher has stopped working and freezes. Thoughts needed. Don't know if I should delete the game then re-download it but then I go to log into NCsoft and the website continually crashes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blade & Soul Gold selling "companies"

I'm normally good at criticizing gaming companies for their crude behavior when it comes to keeping promises, and you guys are by no means exempt (what with censoring etc), but here I must applaud you. You promised you'd deliver new content fast, so that we active non-casual players might be entertained more often than once every 3 months, and you've delivered exactly as promised. Thank you for being so quick about it, NCsoft! Good job, keep it up.

What happened to that moron yesterday who was stating AAMOF there were only 20 gold sellers and they just kept changing their names. But the same 20 and only that 20. Called us all idiots for telling him or her they were full of it. haha., I believe the individual meant to point out that there are only approximately twenty -successful- video game Blade & Soul Gold selling "companies", if you will, a mere handful in an otherwise very populated market. It's likely that many of these gold selling accounts are actually just bots and such set up by these very same companies, and few to none of them are legitimate players- as those are too busy out collecting the gold from said bots to re-sell on their sites.

Does this mean Warlock will be coming out too? And as for the cheap Blade & Soul Gold spammers, it would be great to get control of it because I have to admit the problem is one of the worst I've seen. I changed my chat settings to only see my clan, combat, npc, and party, but I only use party when I need to go in a dungeon because the gold spammers are all over party chat too.

How about fixing server crashes long queue times before releasing more content, I have a premium membership & still have long ass queue time before I can login & my friend who wasn't able to get premium has been able to play since CBT.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Blade and Soul launch client is now available for download

The launch client is now available for download! Visit our Launch Guide to start installing. Who wants to bet that we'll see a lot of Kirito wannabes when launch happens? I won't bet cause if I do, I'm gonna lose tongue emoticon hahahaha ppl really think they could be like him, but he's a myth ! colonthree emoticon Blade and Soul Gold .

I am kirito i participe at the beta test im a beta tester smile emoticon xKiritoMasterx69. Oh god... we're going to see Kirito with numbers and x's. I'm expecting Kiritos, Asunas, Naruto, Clouds and Sephiroths because no one is original, except those that can make original names. Yo, im asunaxuzumaki2, it is original im sorry.& Buy Blade and Soul Gold ; I dunno why but seeing names with numbers in games makes my day coz they make me chuckle xD.

Kids Nicks includes Numbers and x's. Deal whit it.  I used 3 unorginal names and 3 original names in beta i think im pretty balanced... i do question Burreto because thats just bullet in japanese. if this bothers you, just hide other players nick, problem solved, don't be a kid and complain about every single thing. Charle by combining asunaxuzumaki2 together doesnt make it original. your still using character names from the anime. there nothing wrong with Kirito name... if youre saying soloer as kirito.. perhaps due to lack of people want to party with... i almost go solo during the CBT.. no PT to begin with unless using cross server dungeon one.

You guys can have your Kirito and Asuna names...It just bothers me when I see a lack of creativity and originality...  the game will be full with Kirito and Asuna xD .  Christian Sandoval Pulchny Not really going to stop them lol, I played an mmo that has dual wielding and there was still Kiritos using Bows, swords, and even Odachis for pete sake lol. It's not exactly a good idea to solo everything. "If someone you know or trust invites you to join a guild, join them."

Friday, January 8, 2016

You can play Blade and Soul NA/EU

Kylian Van de VenDid you play the so called Russian sever (its a private server you realise) on that Acer laptop? If so then it will work as the NA/EU is pretty much the same. You can play Blade and Soul NA/EU, just don't expect a smooth experince due to high latency as you are from SEA.The Korean version is P2P and you also need a KSSN to play. North America server is located in Dallas, Texas, USA the European server is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Though that laptop has a few variants, what exact model is it? By the looks of it it is pretty week and is not even a gaming laptop. I would reccomend getting another laptop or desktop pc to play Blade and Soul. I see well thanks for the info also on the russian server i played the game on a small screen in windowed with medium quality Blade & Soul Gold . Marshano Nathie it's not a closed beta, it's only early access to the game. Kylian Van de Ven should work but don't expect a smooth experince as that laptop isint really powerful enough. Though play on lowest settings and should be okay..

 I see well than i will search for a game laptop. just hoping one day got oceanic server... for sea and aus.  Need some official information on when and where to download the client headstart..Boo for the redownload, but yay for saving the char creations!  Buy Blade and Soul Gold Too bad it's NA Server here at SEA I'll have about 200-250ms stable ping.  Pretty excited that i dont have school till that Wednesday should be ok to make the launch event. So phillipines have this also please,huhuhu i want to play it, You can play Blade and Soul NA/EU. The only IP block is for CIS region (Russia).Note that playing on either server will not be a great experience. This will be due to high latency as you are far from the server.There is no plan currently to have a local server in your region.