Wednesday, April 1, 2015

good Dragon Quest

 Is this the part where i ask people to throw money at Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires so DW Heroes can be on Steam?   I'll just import the PS3 version. Too bad you don't want to buy cheap FFXIV Gil build upon fan bases that already own previous gen consoles that you've unreleased titles for.... While we may not be getting the PS3 Version, at least this is a start. Thank you all the same, Square Enix.

 I had my doubts at first when I heard it would be made with Dynasty Warrior in mind, but after watching plenty of streams on Twitch and UStream, it does feel like a good Dragon Quest spinoff FFXIV Gil. I will get it, however I do hope that you will bring us Dragon Quest 7 3DS one day or at least put the old version "Dragon Warrior 7" on PSN someday. I'm pretty sure a lot of fans would agree with me that the PSone version deserves its spot in the classics section of the Sony Entertainment Network. Good afternoon guys, my question is , already has release date in North America? Pardon me Square Enix but why is there no PS3 version release of Dragon Quest Heroes can you tell me a very honest truth about it.

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