Wednesday, May 20, 2015

EOS Whispering Dawn

Okay so I'm curious what everyone thinks. I've been given some hateful feedback about using Eos, but in all honesty I don't see anything wrong with using her. Her Whispering Dawn and Fey Illumination have helped out on numerous occasions and her Fey Covenant has saved my party's ass before I get that Selene can increase spell speed and skill speed, but if the dps buy FFXIV Gil need help then there is something wrong there. So tell me why it's bad to use her?

Eos is mainly for heavy healing parts of the fight. (adds of T11 &12, T13 while learning it) Selene helps push the phases with the speed boosts. Which helps out with less healing in pushing phases. Less healing is more MP. But when I see a sch use Eos, I only complain to myself and let them play their way. Cause I am only a black mage(Selene + Fey Glow= Love). I'll let people who actually play their job help others out. As long as people aren't dying you are doing your job.

If you're not comfortable using Selene then use Eos, however if your co-healer isn't too bad or you have confidence solo healing in dungeons she's a bit 'meh'. It's not that her skills aren't good but Eos isn't exactly FFXIV Gil helpful unless you are directly controlling her or the party is taking a shite load of damage. For example if i'm healing with a white mage i'm always going to use Selene. Eos's skills have a 2 minute CD and they don't stack together either. Her Whispering Dawn is only 1 minute long, however if it's popped at the wrong time it can be really annoying for tanks as it's the equivilent of a Medica II. I don't know your ilvl or your experience in the game so I can't judge it but unless your co-healer is really bad or you're in a low level (Selene's skills are useless unless your party is full casters til about 40, that spell speed buff isn't gonna do shit for a low level anyway) Eos isn't really going to help you. If you have double SCH, one of you has to use Eos or should rather because their buffs do not stack. Otherwise you should just use Selene most of the time to help the party kill things quicker.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

lowest DPS and OT on cannons

 I just want to see the CE pre-order on the PSN. That's the challenge I'm looking for.

probably wont see that til early june probably more likely a week b4 early access starts lol sony charges fees to have games on preorder longer its in the shop more fees SE has to pay lmao buy FFXIV Gil . Ravana should be interesting. FFXIV gil I want to see the Magus Sisters ingame next please! Steps ex would just be like it was before the last update considering how much it was nerfed probably lol.

 It's wasnt that hard if u were in a group who knew what to do.  It wasn't that hard if YOU knew what to do. Got tired of failing, went into one and told the group what to do. 95% fail the first time, breeze the second time finishing FFXIV Gil . Hint: lowest DPS and OT on cannons, only idiots put healer on a cannon. I went in with a raidgroup from my FC n they knew what to do ! So we wipe 1-2 times n than we killed it ! And bcs of the wipes wasnt bcs of any dps n stuff it was about the snares  we didnt use them in time so she dodge the attack from the tower.
Steps of faith ex = they'll take away the sides from The bridge, twintania randomly comes in to divebomb and suddenly rafflesia will spawn doing blighted bouquet x') without echo or the nerfs tongue emoticon to many would complain tho just look at latest nerfs for easy steps of faith P.

I dont want Echo in Fcob either !! buy FFXIV gil It should be hard thats why we have coils. My group beat steps by keeping 1 healer and both tanks at the very beginning. Dps just drained down the boss and the dragon killers for biggest damage. Didn't even need the cannons. Well i beat it the firdt Day it came out n we didnt know how to do it either than with the mechanics who are !

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

DFO gold trading

Why don't you guys just make only awakened classes can use ah so we don't have this time restriction any class that is awakened can freely use the ah but those that are not awakened will get some error message.

Pepi Oranski There are better methods that would leave the AH open but still prevent botting/gold buying. One problem with limiting the AH is limiting the money people can make which could potentially lead to someoen resorting to gold buying. There simply needs to be a better solution.  You guys are easily my favorite gaming company thus far.
You interact and take suggestions from your players.
You take drastic actions when needed.

The materials is the best part of this. That's 80% of the reason I ever came to the AH. The problem with what you guys are doing si you're trying to STOP DFO Gold sellers. Unfortunately, people are too greedy and manipulative. Every MMO I've been on with any kind of commerce or gold trading has ALWAYS had cheap DFO Gold sellers. Don't let them be the focus of your game. It's ok to slow them down but don't change your entire game just to focus on the group of negative people. Remember, your game won't be successful without a stream of new players along with the loyal fans.

 That's why I sent some suggestions to them including setting/capping prices for tiems based on the Korean version; I figure such a thing would stifle goldbots, help remove the need to buy gold, and not drive players off. Most people playing the market game don't know how bad their prices look towards the average player who either don't know or don't care to play the market.

Monday, May 4, 2015

FP battery/Growing FP

It wasn't improved though, it was here from the start.  Early nexon period didn't have it, I'm pretty sure. Let's just say it's less of a hassle than I remember . FP battery/Growing FP was a S3 addition, thus DFO Gold not in old DFO.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck and incompetence from Nexon America caused DFO’s potential lifespan to shorten. The only thing they missed are that your command keys as well as your skills are fully customizable. That's pretty important, and it's one of my favorite things about this game. It can be made to fit everyone's chosen playstyle.

 When will we get buy DFO Gold our next month AVAS!!! Mine expired. The game is amazing and everything but the FP system is a big turn off.. Lots of my friends exited the game cause they played for 30m and then they couldnt play until next day.. I´m not saying u guys should take it off but atleast make way more fp points avaible.