Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blade and Soul GameGuard

GameGuard is spyware, it tracks every running process on your computer and checks it to a dumb-ass database and will boot you to no fault of your own, It does not stop hacking at all. DDOS is not linked to hacking of code in anyway, all it does is ping your server to oblivion until it can't take anymore.

Gameguard does not stop hackers. Go to soul stone plains and tell me it's working. Lmao. to do list : Daily > make some money > upgrade gear until max > ohh look new update Cheap Blade and Soul Gold > repeat. Pinnacle of challenging of end-game I use GTX750ti, i5 and 8gb ram but I get more than 60fps here.. you probably need to check your mobo.

 I'm pretty sure it's not an issue of optimization, but that the client conflicts with fairly common things found on the systems of many. That's why some people with systems right around min requirements can run it better than some with rather solid gaming rigs. If it was a straight issue of poor optimization, everyone would have problems, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold it's just that those with weaker systems would be harder hit. I'm also pretty sure that some complaints people make against the servers, like with disconnects, are actually issues with these same client conflicts instead.

People have been complaining about such issues since our alpha tests almost a year ago. NCSoft have ignored all such complaints outright, and just blame our systems, not the game, if you send a ticket, just as they do with server issues. I don't expect them to ever fix these issues, and they've lost a lot of players due to them.

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