Tuesday, August 30, 2016

how Blade & Soul PVP works

I stop playing this game since I found out how its PVP works!
PVP everywhere you want when equip with suit? and no gain for killing someone? pathetic!  There's an arena for PVP oriented people only :) There's 1v1s, 3v3s, and outside of the arena there is a battleground 6v6.  I don't do pvp but uh, kudos to those who do : Buy Blade and Soul Gold )
Lemme know when you guys get more Hongmoon fashion xD. Like, really good fashion.

and what you get for pawning so much opponent? Will you be able to buy a rare skills that cost like 200K kills? will you be able to buy gears? weapons? or just plain PVP? guess its a game for carebears. When it comes to graphics and skill effects then its another story.... Actually you can buy a variety of things with Zen Beans... You're well rewarded for being good in PvP in this game...

He's not expressing himself right, but I think Blade and Soul Gold I understand what he's trying to say. PvP isn't rewarding enough in this game. What about the mechanic where an item can drop from the enemy player when killed?  So you're saying, I wanna be able to equip pve items to my character thought only doing pvp content ? the global release is FAR behind the korean and japanese. give it time and more updates will come.

Find a game that suits for your taste then, we don't care. Open world pvp is meant to just be for fun if you play in the arena however, you do get beans to spend in the vendor and there are seasonal rewards if you do well. Ishimaru Masaki you got it right.

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