Friday, October 28, 2016

get the FFXV DLC for free

What, you better get the DLC for free, even will be in development, so I guess a cooperative hesperus With a story and battles with huge creatures and lots of fighting and the 4 playing exchanging potions customizing the clothes of the character, k we can take the car the 4! Etc.... and I hope there's a part that you come hordes of criauturas I holding my comrade the rounds and then get to a point etc... I hope that this very entertaining. I hope we can talk among colleagues for microphone and fence well the I hope it functions the ccoperativovantes k losepisodios will be more coupling.

I just cried watch this trailer!! FFXIV Gil It's EPIC and the music is a perfect match!! Thank you Square Enix and FFXV team, you've done a great job! It's beyond my expectation! I'll buy it for sure. I'm in tears because of how excited I am. Also I haven't liked Luna at all, but seeing this made me feel like I COULD like her.

Yo why does the demonic voice at the end sound EXACTLY like bhunivlse in lightning returns? Then he talks about resting which bhunivlse did in the 13 series before and after his defeat. Omg, so soon. Buy FFXIV Gil You can expect my divided attention for just about anything when I get my hands on this haha  Will Lunafreya be playable? Seems like its just a sausage fest with some obligatory eye candy here and there, not the typical FF I'm used to. Not every one gets what they want, and in the end, it's about story, not what some horny men want.

my point is horny men will be happy with the ridiculous female characters in this game but theres no diversity in gameplay, its just some bro party the whole dam time. I've never played such a 1 dimensional FF game before, its sad. Never really played that one, not a fan of the sequel games. Doesn't make me any less excited though. All the lore they've pumped into this game makes me want to go through it and play it all out. Can't wait!

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