Monday, February 1, 2016

Blade and Soul launcher

I'm premium member in game but my hp regen too slow for leveling (16) , i cant buy any food and Potion too expensive on npc.  This gold-bot chat is becoming way too severe. I'm seeing the chat pages fly at around 10 pages/second.

Would you mind to FIX damn 'disconnected from the server'? Thank you. Ah and maybe try to make stable servers are too laggy Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

Please help.. im in Juwol server.. everytime i enter Blackram narrow dungeon, i always get disconnected... i already disconnected almost 7 times this day. Why fps rate dropped after the last patch! also some freezes for like 0.01sec it's really annoying when u have a very powerful gaming pc but u face these problems! How come I cant play Blade and Soul right now I spend so much time installing it & sacrificed some of my life to get. so WHY?

Can you add one shot NPC's to the faction main locations like you do for the rez points... sick of getting 5 v1'd or more and just having them break my weapon because the revive point is the camping location BNS Gold. I can't open game. Keep saying that the NCsoft launcher has stopped working and freezes. Thoughts needed. Don't know if I should delete the game then re-download it but then I go to log into NCsoft and the website continually crashes.

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