Wednesday, September 14, 2016

how accessory upgrades work in BNS

Bartek Maćkowski i know its called pay to win but u can play most dang with exp not only gear i speak about gems and legendary acc. If game is dead why can i still que for a dungoun and commenly instintly find a team, what about ssp, its not dead pepole just like to think its dead once a pay to win aspect is shown.

Games dead, nerds. Blade and Soul Gold game is dead, but you're still here lol nerd logic. Still get BnS posts on FB. Garbage game is dead. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Keep up your nerd grind for a trash game, kids. LoL . Last chance to see a reason not to quit for RO. Do they read the comments we post???? no cause all people do is bitch. I will play on Christmas any from yunwa crimson clan playing I'm there.

Are you trying to say you wanna join a crims clan in yunwa? is there anyway i can download the game manually ? Yaw game since yesterday I downloaded pach, but it still isn't over doing it like this, how do I start oyunaü. Yaw somebody help me I downloaded the game, I've entered my password update said she went over to this. Q updatesi. We’re changing how accessory upgrades work, starting with the new Legendary Oath Necklace.

after MT, it's kept says wrong PIN when I obviously enter the right PIN, why is that happen? the website cant login either cuz it's still MT, I only do nothing and cry in corner, please help. guys i have a account has been locked.....i dont know what to do....i was truing to enter to the main page in blade and soul, with another account but i can´t....i get a message....error, i can´t summit a ticket

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