Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Blade & Soul design for outfit

 You are overreacting... I think you were one of the designers who joined the contest and you don't know how to lose. As long there is no copy-paste, there shouldn't be any issue. Of course there are similar things from an anime, movie or something, but this is normal because everybody got this - it's called inspiration. Buy Blade and Soul Gold If you believe there is something original, never seen before link me the image/entry and I'll try to prove that there is something similar out there.

Don't ask for something "original" if you will not even try to bother about it. It's rude to those who participated and tried to do something more original. Different from some "winners" wich have been showed to us, community.

Pay more attention in the works people have sent to you, they lost time doing it, let's be honest, the prize is nothing compared to the money NC will do with the winner costume. Blade and Soul Gold So at least put more effort when analyzing the works. Everyone noticed this negligence. Don't need to say more than an art thief in the runner ups right? Give the mininum attention to the players.

Well spoken. Exactly how I feel. It's heart breaking for people who thought so hard at making something original. Something not similar to things already in the game or from other games...they even mentioned that one of the finalists reminded them of Monster Hunter. So...yeah that's unique.

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