Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'd split Summoner and Scholar finally in FFXIV

Some class\job related overhaul is required for 4.0, I guess. I can agree on that one with people. Introducing new classes\jobs won't help much as next step. Introducing "Support" role, as example, could work a bit, since there are already 3 (!) jobs that suit it: Bard and Machinist as "buffers" and Summoner as "debuffer". Astrologian could fit, as well, buy FFXIV Gil but then we'd need another healer. But they would need some skill changes for the role.

I guess. Also, I'd split Summoner and Scholar finally, this needs to be done. More grind, yes, but it does make sense, IMHO. At least Summoner could be introduced as an "extra" job at Arcanist's 30, similar to how Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian were. This won't require change in plot, even. Don't you mean need more dungeons and not just raids ? Lol four raids from Alexander one, four from Midas and four from the next one.

Plus savage mode off all 4? That's enough raids seeing as most of the player base cannot even do final coil let alone Midas savage ?? raid wise there is enough.  4 raids? Cheap FFXIV Gil Alexander only has 3 parts lol. Paul Gearing Alexander floor ( that's four ) Midas ( that's also four).

Next one ( hey look another four) I'm speaking how many we HAVE not the set in what comes They do sets of 3 but four raids in a set for Alexander.Coil was first set 5 raids. Second set 4 raids. Third set .4 .  It's one whole raid lmao not 4 separate 1s. 1st floor then midas then new 1. 3 separate raids. cannot agree with that tbh you won't clear a1s or a5s and say you finish Midas and Alexander savage would you lol you do all floors.

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