Monday, January 11, 2016

Blade and Soul launch client is now available for download

The launch client is now available for download! Visit our Launch Guide to start installing. Who wants to bet that we'll see a lot of Kirito wannabes when launch happens? I won't bet cause if I do, I'm gonna lose tongue emoticon hahahaha ppl really think they could be like him, but he's a myth ! colonthree emoticon Blade and Soul Gold .

I am kirito i participe at the beta test im a beta tester smile emoticon xKiritoMasterx69. Oh god... we're going to see Kirito with numbers and x's. I'm expecting Kiritos, Asunas, Naruto, Clouds and Sephiroths because no one is original, except those that can make original names. Yo, im asunaxuzumaki2, it is original im sorry.& Buy Blade and Soul Gold ; I dunno why but seeing names with numbers in games makes my day coz they make me chuckle xD.

Kids Nicks includes Numbers and x's. Deal whit it.  I used 3 unorginal names and 3 original names in beta i think im pretty balanced... i do question Burreto because thats just bullet in japanese. if this bothers you, just hide other players nick, problem solved, don't be a kid and complain about every single thing. Charle by combining asunaxuzumaki2 together doesnt make it original. your still using character names from the anime. there nothing wrong with Kirito name... if youre saying soloer as kirito.. perhaps due to lack of people want to party with... i almost go solo during the CBT.. no PT to begin with unless using cross server dungeon one.

You guys can have your Kirito and Asuna names...It just bothers me when I see a lack of creativity and originality...  the game will be full with Kirito and Asuna xD .  Christian Sandoval Pulchny Not really going to stop them lol, I played an mmo that has dual wielding and there was still Kiritos using Bows, swords, and even Odachis for pete sake lol. It's not exactly a good idea to solo everything. "If someone you know or trust invites you to join a guild, join them."

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