Monday, May 23, 2016

expanding current content for midcore and casual players in FFXIV

I should have said if it wants to stay relevant. I was driving and was rushing my thoughts. But seriously. If you really want ff14 to be that wow killer then you're going to need SE to give yoshi p a bigger team. Plain and simple. The small staff can't do it. Three month between each major patchs is one of the fastest rythm FFXIV Gil you'll see in the pay to play MMO scene. And the game's focus isn't only about the hardcore raiding scene, the game during 3.X is trying new game modes and expanding current content for midcore and casual players. While the content for midcore is scarce, the content added each patch is quite big. And that's a fact.

If you want a 4 turn raiding tier every 3 month, no MMO ever will provide you what you want. Plus, they rushed Gordias in 3.0 and look the mess it was. While Midas was better in every aspect. Same thing for the job in 2.4 which was originally intended to go with Heavensward and was apparently a mess to tune. You don't really seem to understand how those games are developped if you think just having a bigger team makes people create good content faster.

Midcore.. There is literally no Midcore scene. The content is either painfully brainless or really challenging. Midcore scene has never existed in 14. Cry more. The game doesn't cater to a single specific group and that's the beauty of it. Its for everyone who wants a solid MMO experience. Alternate solution: if you want more become an employee under Yoshida and ask him directly. Otherwise, enjoy what you get, Buy FFXIV Gil or beat the current content, unsub for three months and come back. Promised content every 3 months, and it takes exactly three months, who knew. This is far better than other mmos in terms of content coming out.

 The point is the patches don't have 3 months worth of content in it. With a bigger team they could.. You know.. Make a meaty patch.  They definitely do need a bigger staff, but quarterly patch cycles are almost too fast in a vertical progression game.

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