Friday, January 8, 2016

You can play Blade and Soul NA/EU

Kylian Van de VenDid you play the so called Russian sever (its a private server you realise) on that Acer laptop? If so then it will work as the NA/EU is pretty much the same. You can play Blade and Soul NA/EU, just don't expect a smooth experince due to high latency as you are from SEA.The Korean version is P2P and you also need a KSSN to play. North America server is located in Dallas, Texas, USA the European server is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Though that laptop has a few variants, what exact model is it? By the looks of it it is pretty week and is not even a gaming laptop. I would reccomend getting another laptop or desktop pc to play Blade and Soul. I see well thanks for the info also on the russian server i played the game on a small screen in windowed with medium quality Blade & Soul Gold . Marshano Nathie it's not a closed beta, it's only early access to the game. Kylian Van de Ven should work but don't expect a smooth experince as that laptop isint really powerful enough. Though play on lowest settings and should be okay..

 I see well than i will search for a game laptop. just hoping one day got oceanic server... for sea and aus.  Need some official information on when and where to download the client headstart..Boo for the redownload, but yay for saving the char creations!  Buy Blade and Soul Gold Too bad it's NA Server here at SEA I'll have about 200-250ms stable ping.  Pretty excited that i dont have school till that Wednesday should be ok to make the launch event. So phillipines have this also please,huhuhu i want to play it, You can play Blade and Soul NA/EU. The only IP block is for CIS region (Russia).Note that playing on either server will not be a great experience. This will be due to high latency as you are far from the server.There is no plan currently to have a local server in your region.

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