Friday, May 27, 2016

Blade & Soul 2.2 Vengeance Breaks update on June 1

im from vietnam,sea. my internet speed about 1,8MB/S
I can play this game with how much ping?? based on geographical distance, roughly around 150ms ++ on EU and 200ms++ for NA. Better stick to TW if you can't endure high ping.  keep up your good work BLADE and SOUL NA for mass ban coz of razer your regular player is suffering and Blade and Soul Gold GOOD LUCK to your BOTS.  thanks for banning my account...stupid company! yeah keep banning legit player while bot hacker still running free ingame...their support also a bot copy paste auto answer GM.

The Dark Emissary herself, Jinsoyun, has joined the MXM roster! See her in action this Thursday on the MXM Kickoff Tournament livestream. I thought she was already in MxM. She was already in it, but they use BnS reference for the post to make it look cooler. Is this game for na too? can i download it now? or is only for korea like every cool game lol.

Pets are arriving with the 2.2 Vengeance Breaks update on June 1! Get to learn more about how these little guys and gals can boost your defensive capabilities. So Summoners get to have one more animal on their tail (pun intended for us Lyns XD).While I personally cherish the idea of a dragon pet, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I'm sure the "feeding" factor will quickly become a nightmare. Hope I'm wrong.

Great that pets will join our advantage but take care of the bots and spammers would be even better! Petnip will cost. How long before they start selling add-ons to decrease stamina burn or increase Chi, fetch drops automatically, etc? Maybe a max-ed out pet will glow or do some other trick to make it clear THAT pet comes with a credit card swiper attached. All of this stuff can be set to require constant payments and make lots of .

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