Thursday, June 13, 2013

who actually liked ladder on d2

I am not really on either side of this debate, but one thing I will say is that before they bring out a ladder, they need to fix more core issues in the game. Honestly we all know itemization is garbage right now (and they are in the process of fixing it, hopefully for 1.09  Diablo 3 item but I am not holding my breath). I honestly believe (imo) that if they don't fix some things before bringing in a ladder the people that everyone claims will come back will not stay.Go play D2 if you want the ladder diablo 3 accounts for sale  ! It was littered with dupes in the ladder. I know, I bought some.

Is it just me or does any one else find it hilarious that 90% of the people that want a ladder reset, all have less then 5k elite kills or less then 10k  cheap d3 gold lol. (This is equivalent to like 50 hours of gameplay lol)

You noobs shouldnt have quit when the game first came out and maybe u would have the same godly gear as me and others and u wouldnt have to be here crying for a ladder reset.

Bots? Don't you remember almost EVERY Baal game was run by a bot? They would pop into every game you were in and spam the whole screen with ads to go buy duped runes. Either you never played D2 or you fell and hit your head really hard.
Am i the only one here who actually liked ladder on d2? It looks like it from the amount of negativity i'm seeing here. However i do agree with one of the posts about, if you add ladder-only things, it does force the vast majority to play ladder for those benefits. Ladder-only Runewords much?

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