Monday, June 24, 2013

Beserker's Rage improves ALL damage by 25%

Notice there is no big Fury spender only generators and survival. This is where I'd tweak your Passives slightly.

Your passives are excellent choices, but as I said earlier, you don't need to rely on Relentless to keep you alive when you are doing the Seismic shuffle trying to regain the fury you quickly used up. Beserker's Rage improves ALL damage by 25% when sitting at full fury. This is basically a free Battle Rage and will allow you to stack more Vitality in your sockets which I promise you will be short of if you go through Hell mode without Diablo 3 account sell spending ridiculous amounts of gold on overpriced gear. After Hell Mode I entered Inferno with 37k hp, gemmed for straight strength. Not good.

The rest of your guide is good. Resists are paramount and your goals per Act are in line in a decent survival rate. You just need to d3 items remember, unless you have 10 million gold at your disposal to blow on the AH after Hell mode, you will be entering Inferno with gear that can only support very few builds.

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