Thursday, June 20, 2013

A fury spender that ignores unit colision


As tornados spin, they tick – meaning they do dmg, proc LoH and other effects. More ticks mean more dps, healing and fury Diablo III account.
The amount of ticks can be increased, by increasing your APS to certain breakpoints.
The important ones are:

each of these breakpoints will add 2-3 ticks to your tornados.

While the dmg of RLTW comes only from your MH weapon, the APS ticks are calculated from, comes from the weapon that was swung last to buy Diablo 3 items.

Diablofans user Nubtro made an extensive research and a thread regarding RLTW breakpoints, all credits for the above go to him, please visit his thread if you wish to learn more or just upvote him.


A fury spender that ignores unit colision, making you very mobile and good at avoiding ground effects. WW alternates weapons, so RLTW benefits, when activated at a time of your fast weapon being in use.

As you hold down your right mouse button (most common WW binding) diablo 3 gold for sale, simply move your mouse and your character will move where you point. If there are no mobs in your vicinity, but they are following you, there's no need to keep Wwing – to save fury, unless you are capped and need to spend the fury for WotB uptime.

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