Monday, June 24, 2013

PvP in Burning Crusade

I choked down a lot of PvP in Burning Crusade.  I'll never step foot in another Battleground.  There really is nothing that Blizzard could do to change my mind about it.  I figure players like me -- who will not PvP at all, ever, no matter what -- probably make up a vanishingly small percentage of WoW players, though... a low single digit percentage, most likely.  Thus, for all those people who live in the BGs or who just like to buy wow gold dabble, I really hope these changes in 5.3 are making it more fun for you.  More fun means more people signing on, and I benefit from that even if the PvP changes themselves mean nothing to me.

Personally I have started going back to raiding on my Survival Hunter. I don't pvp with him. My PvP character is my Frost DK and I'm getting more then a little tired of playing cat and mouse till the 2's match ends up coming to a draw versus mages, warlocks, hunters, holy pallies, resto druids, resto shamans, etc. Frost DK is in a bad spot as is most of the other melee classes. All the caster classes now have kiting abilities and we can't catch em. Its irritating. I'm not the type to rage because I couldn't win a match but getting more then sell wow accounts tired of the whole class is greater then skill idea. So I may put my DK out in the sun till he ripens enough for pvp to be enjoyable again.

Part of the legendary in MoP had 2 BG's - I'v tried them several times - and it just strengthen my oppinion that PvP is wher all the nasty, rude, intolerant 12-year old people in Wow gather! :( No teamwork, no explanation - just be as bad as you can and if you write anything in chats, is is insults... No, I don't PvP and legendary wil never be mine...

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